Famous Deaths on March 24, Who Died on March 24

Here is a list who died on March 24. Famous deaths for the 24th of March. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on March 24. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in March 24th?
Who died on the 24th March?
Who died on March 24?

Date Name
1284 Hugh III of Cyprus (b. 1235)
1296 Odon de Pins, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller
1381 Catherine of Vadstena, Swedish saint (b. 1332)
1394 Constance of Castile, claimant to the throne of Castile
1396 Walter Hilton, English mystic and saint (b. 1340)
1399 Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk (b.c. 1320)
1443 James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas (b. 1371)
1455 Pope Nicholas V (b. 1397)
1499 Edward Stafford, 2nd Earl of Wiltshire, English nobleman (b. 1470)
1563 Hosokawa Harumoto, Japanese daimyō (b. 1514)
1575 Joseph ben Ephraim Karo, Spanish-Portuguese rabbi and author (b. 1488)
1603 Elizabeth I of England (b. 1533)
1653 Samuel Scheidt, German organist and composer (b. 1587)
1684 Pieter de Hooch, Dutch painter (b. 1629)
1773 Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, English politician, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard (b. 1694)
1776 John Harrison, English carpenter and clockmaker, invented the Marine chronometer (b. 1693)
1824 Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux, French lawyer (b. 1753)
1838 Abraham Hume, English floriculturist and Tory politician (b. 1748/49)[260]
1866 Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily, Queen of France (b. 1782)
1869 Antoine-Henri Jomini, French-Russian general (b. 1779)
1881 Achille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse, French geologist and mineralogist (b. 1817)
1882 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet and educator (b. 1807)
1887 Ivan Kramskoi, Russian painter and critic (b. 1837)
1888 Vsevolod Garshin, Russian author (b. 1855)[267]
1905 Jules Verne, French novelist, poet, and playwright (b. 1828)[269]
1909 John Millington Synge, Irish playwright and poet (b. 1871)[271]
1915 Margaret Lindsay Huggins, Anglo-Irish astronomer (b. 1848)[273]
1916 Enrique Granados, Spanish pianist and composer (b. 1867)[276]
1926 Phan Châu Trinh, Vietnamese activist (b. 1872)[278]
1932 Frantz Reichel, French rugby player and hurdler (b. 1871)
1938 Yondonwangchug, Mongolian politician (b. 1870)
1940 Édouard Branly, French physicist and academic (b. 1844)[282]
1944 Orde Wingate, Indian-English general (b. 1903)
1946 Alexander Alekhine, Russian chess player (b. 1892)[285]
1948 Sigrid Hjertén, Swedish painter and illustrator (b. 1885)
1950 James Rudolph Garfield, American lawyer and politician, 23rd United States Secretary of the Interior (b. 1865)
1951 Lorna Hodgkinson, Australian educator and educational psychologist (b. 1887)[290]
1953 Mary of Teck (b. 1867)
1956 E. T. Whittaker, British mathematician and physicist (b. 1873)
1962 Jean Goldkette, French-American pianist and bandleader (b. 1899)[294]
1968 Alice Guy-Blaché, American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1873)
1971 Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect, designed the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and Aarhus City Hall (b. 1902)[298]
1973 Bertram Stevens, Australian accountant and politician, 25th Premier of New South Wales (b. 1889)
1976 Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, English field marshal (b. 1887)[302]
1978 Park Mok-wol, influential Korean poet and academic (b. 1916)
1980 Óscar Romero, Salvadoran archbishop (b. 1917)
1984 Sam Jaffe, American actor (b. 1891)
1988 Turhan Feyzioğlu, Turkish academic and politician, 27th Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (b. 1922)
1990 Ray Goulding, American comedian and radio host (b. 1922)
1991 John Kerr, Australian lawyer and politician, 18th Governor-General of Australia (b. 1914)
1993 Albert Arlen, Australian pianist, composer, actor, and playwright (b. 1905)
1995 Joseph Needham, English historian and academic (b. 1900)[314]
1999 Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, German politician (b. 1902)
2001 Muriel Young, English television host and producer (b. 1928)[318]
2002 César Milstein, Argentinian-English biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1927)[320][321]
2003 Hans Hermann Groër, Austrian cardinal (b. 1919)[324]
2006 Rudra Rajasingham, Sri Lankan police officer and diplomat (b. 1926)
2007 Shripad Narayan Pendse, Indian Marathi novelist (b. 1913)
2008 Chalmers Alford, American guitarist (b. 1955)
2009 George Kell, American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1922)[334][335]
2010 Robert Culp, American actor (b. 1930)
2012 Paul Callaghan, New Zealand physicist and academic (b. 1947)
2013 Barbara Anderson, New Zealand author (b. 1926)[345]
2014 Oleksandr Muzychko, Ukrainian activist (b. 1962)[353]
2015 Yehuda Avner, English-Israeli diplomat (b. 1928)
2016 Johan Cruyff, Dutch footballer (b. 1947)
2018 Lys Assia, Swiss singer and First Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest (b. 1924)[366]
2019 Joseph Pilato, American film and voice actor (b. 1949)
2020 Albert Uderzo, French comic book artist (b. 1927)
2021 Jessica Walter, American actress and voice artist (b. 1941)
2022 Dagny Carlsson, Swedish blogger and influencer (b. 1912)
809 Harun al-Rashid, Arab caliph (b. 763)
832 Wulfred, archbishop of Canterbury