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What happened in history on November 5th?

What Happened on November 5th This Day in History

Year Name
2021 The Astroworld Festival crowd crush results in 10 deaths and 25 people being hospitalized
2017 Devin Patrick Kelley kills 26 and injures 22 in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
2015 An iron ore tailings dam bursts in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, flooding a valley, causing mudslides in the nearby village of Bento Rodrigues and causing at least 17 deaths and two missing.
2015 Rona Ambrose takes over after Stephen Harper as the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
2013 India launches the Mars Orbiter Mission, its first interplanetary probe.
2009 U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan murders 13 and wounds 32 at Fort Hood, Texas in the deadliest mass shooting at a U.S. military installation.
2007 China's first lunar satellite, Chang'e 1, goes into orbit around the Moon.
2007 The Android mobile operating system is unveiled by Google.
2006 Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for their roles in the 1982 massacre of 148 Shia Muslims.
1996 Pakistani President Farooq Leghari dismisses the government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dissolves the National Assembly.
1996 Bill Clinton is reelected President of the United States.
1995 André Dallaire attempts to assassinate Prime Minister Jean Chrétien of Canada. He is thwarted when the Prime Minister's wife locks the door.
1991 Tropical Storm Thelma causes flash floods in the Philippine city of Ormoc, killing more than 4,900 people.
1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel.
1986 USS Rentz, USS Reeves and USS Oldendorf visit Qingdao, China; the first US naval visit to China since 1949.
1983 The Byford Dolphin diving bell accident kills five and leaves one severely injured.
1970 The Military Assistance Command, Vietnam reports the lowest weekly American soldier death toll in five years (24).
1968 Richard Nixon is elected as 37th President of the United States.
1956 Suez Crisis: British and French paratroopers land in Egypt after a week-long bombing campaign.
1955 After being destroyed in World War II, the rebuilt Vienna State Opera reopens with a performance of Beethoven's Fidelio.
1950 Korean War: British and Australian forces from the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade successfully halted the advancing Chinese 117th Division during the Battle of Pakchon.
1943 World War II: Bombing of the Vatican.
1940 World War II: The British armed merchant cruiser HMS Jervis Bay is sunk by the German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer.
1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt is the first and only President of the United States to be elected to a third term.
1925 Secret agent Sidney Reilly, the first "super-spy" of the 20th century, is executed by the OGPU, the secret police of the Soviet Union.
1917 Lenin calls for the October Revolution.
1917 Tikhon is elected the Patriarch of Moscow and of the Russian Orthodox Church.
1916 The Kingdom of Poland is proclaimed by the Act of 5th November of the emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary.
1916 The Everett massacre takes place in Everett, Washington as political differences lead to a shoot-out between the Industrial Workers of the World organizers and local police.
1914 World War I: France and the British Empire declare war on the Ottoman Empire.
1913 King Otto of Bavaria is deposed by his cousin, Prince Regent Ludwig, who assumes the title Ludwig III.
1912 Woodrow Wilson is elected the 28th President of the United States, defeating incumbent William Howard Taft.
1911 After declaring war on the Ottoman Empire on September 29, 1911, Italy annexes Tripoli and Cyrenaica.
1898 Negrese nationalists revolt against Spanish rule and establish the short-lived Republic of Negros.
1895 George B. Selden is granted the first U.S. patent for an automobile.
1872 Women's suffrage in the United States: In defiance of the law, suffragist Susan B. Anthony votes for the first time, and is later fined $100.
1862 American Civil War: Abraham Lincoln removes George B. McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac.
1862 American Indian Wars: In Minnesota, 303 Dakota warriors are found guilty of rape and murder of whites and are sentenced to death. Thirty-eight are ultimately hanged and the others reprieved.
1828 Greek War of Independence: The French Morea expedition to recapture Morea (now the Peloponnese) ends when the last Ottoman forces depart the peninsula.
1811 Salvadoran priest José Matías Delgado rings the bells of La Merced church in San Salvador, calling for insurrection and launching the 1811 Independence Movement.
1780 French-American forces under Colonel LaBalme are defeated by Miami Chief Little Turtle.
1768 The Treaty of Fort Stanwix is signed, the purpose of which is to adjust the boundary line between Indian lands and white settlements set forth in the Royal Proclamation of 1763 in the Thirteen Colonies.
1757 Seven Years' War: Frederick the Great defeats the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle of Rossbach.
1688 Prince William III of Orange lands with a Dutch fleet at Brixham to challenge the rule of King James II of England (James VII of Scotland).
1605 Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes is arrested in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament, where he had planted gunpowder in an attempt to blow up the building and kill King James I of England.
1556 Second Battle of Panipat: Fighting begins between the forces of Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, the Hindu king at Delhi and the forces of the Muslim emperor Akbar.
1499 The Catholicon, written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc in Tréguier, is published; this is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary.
1138 Lý Anh Tông is enthroned as emperor of Vietnam at the age of two, beginning a 37-year reign.
Famous People Born on November 5

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Year Name
1960 Tilda Swinton, English actress
1954 Jeffrey Sachs, American economist and academic
1947 Peter Noone, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1956 Jeff Watson, American guitarist and songwriter
1615 Ibrahim of the Ottoman Empire (d. 1648)
1739 Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton, Scottish composer and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire (d. 1819)
1932 Algirdas Lauritėnas, Lithuanian basketball player (d. 2001)
1930 Wim Bleijenberg, Dutch footballer and manager (d. 2016)
1984 John Sutton, Australian rugby league player
1971 Sergei Berezin, Russian ice hockey player
Famous People Deaths On November 5

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Date Name
1714 Bernardino Ramazzini, Italian physician and academic (b. 1633)
2012 Olympe Bradna, French-American actress and dancer (b. 1920)
1972 Alfred Schmidt, Estonian weightlifter (b. 1898)
1941 Arndt Pekurinen, Finnish activist (b. 1905)
1807 Angelica Kauffman, painter (b. 1741)
964 Fan Zhi, chancellor of the Song Dynasty (b. 911)
2013 Habibollah Asgaroladi, Iranian politician (b. 1932)
1991 Robert Maxwell, Czech-English captain, publisher, and politician (b. 1923)
1515 Mariotto Albertinelli, Italian painter and educator (b. 1474)
2001 Roy Boulting, English director and producer (b. 1913)