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What happened in history on November 2nd?

What Happened on November 2nd This Day in History

Year Name
2018 The Milwaukee Streetcar opens in Milwaukee
2016 The Chicago Cubs defeat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, ending the longest Major League Baseball championship drought at 108 years.
1999 Xerox murders: Bryan Koji Uyesugi shot at eight people, killing six of his co-workers and his supervisor. This is the worst mass murder in the history of Hawaii.
1990 British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television plc merge to form BSkyB as a result of massive losses.
1988 The Morris worm, the first Internet-distributed computer worm to gain significant mainstream media attention, is launched from MIT.
1986 US Hostage, David Jacobsen, is released in Beirut after 17 months in captivity.
1984 Capital punishment: Velma Barfield becomes the first woman executed in the United States since 1962.
1983 U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
1967 Vietnam War: US President Lyndon B. Johnson and "The Wise Men" conclude that the American people should be given more optimistic reports on the progress of the war.
1966 The Cuban Adjustment Act comes into force, allowing 123,000 Cubans the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the United States.
1965 Norman Morrison, a 31-year-old Quaker, sets himself on fire in front of the river entrance to the Pentagon to protest the use of napalm in the Vietnam war.
1964 King Saud of Saudi Arabia is deposed by a family coup, and replaced by his half-brother Faisal.
1963 South Vietnamese President Ngô Đình Diỿm is assassinated following a military coup.
1960 Penguin Books is found not guilty of obscenity in the trial R v Penguin Books Ltd, the Lady Chatterley's Lover case.
1959 Quiz show scandals: Twenty-One game show contestant Charles Van Doren admits to a Congressional committee that he had been given questions and answers in advance.
1959 The first section of the M1 motorway, the first inter-urban motorway in the United Kingdom, is opened between the present junctions 5 and 18, along with the M10 motorway and M45 motorway.
1956 Hungarian Revolution: Imre Nagy requests UN aid for Hungary. Nikita Khrushchev meets with leaders of other Communist countries to seek their advice on the situation in Hungary, selecting János Kádár as the country's next leader on the advice of Josip Broz Tito.
1956 Suez Crisis: Israel occupies the Gaza Strip.
1951 Six thousand British Troops flown into Egypt to quell unrest in the Suez Canal zone.
1951 Canada in the Korean War: A platoon of The Royal Canadian Regiment defends a vital area against a full battalion of Chinese troops in the Battle of the Song-gok Spur. The engagement lasts into the early hours the next day.
1949 The Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference ends with the Netherlands agreeing to transfer sovereignty of the Dutch East Indies to the United States of Indonesia.
1947 In California, designer Howard Hughes performs the maiden (and only) flight of the Hughes H-4 Hercules (also known as the "Spruce Goose"), the largest fixed-wing aircraft ever built.
1940 World War II: First day of Battle of Elaia-Kalamas between the Greeks and the Italians.
1936 The British Broadcasting Corporation initiates the BBC Television Service, the world's first regular, "high-definition" (then defined as at least 200 lines) service. Renamed BBC1 in 1964, the channel still runs to this day.
1920 In the United States, KDKA of Pittsburgh starts broadcasting as the first commercial radio station. The first broadcast is the result of the 1920 United States presidential election.
1917 The Balfour Declaration proclaims British support for the "establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" with the clear understanding "that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities".
1917 The Military Revolutionary Committee of the Petrograd Soviet, in charge of preparation and carrying out the Russian Revolution, holds its first meeting.
1914 World War I: The Russian Empire declares war on the Ottoman Empire and the Dardanelles are subsequently closed.
1912 Bulgaria defeats the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Lule Burgas, the bloodiest battle of the First Balkan War, which opens her way to Constantinople.
1899 The Boers begin their 118-day siege of British-held Ladysmith during the Second Boer War.
1889 North Dakota and South Dakota are admitted as the 39th and 40th U.S. states.
1868 Time zone: New Zealand officially adopts a standard time to be observed nationally.
1795 The French Directory, a five-man revolutionary government, is created.
1675 Plymouth Colony governor Josiah Winslow leads a colonial militia against the Narragansett during King Philip's War.
1410 The Peace of Bicêtre suspends hostilities in the Armagnac-Burgundian Civil War.
619 A qaghan of the Western Turkic Khaganate is assassinated in a Chinese palace by Eastern Turkic rivals after the approval of Tang emperor Gaozu.
Famous People Born on November 2

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Year Name
1914 Ray Walston, American actor (d. 2001)
1926 Charlie Walker, American country music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and DJ (d. 2008)
1942 Stefanie Powers, American actress
1893 Battista Farina, Italian businessman, founded the Pininfarina Company (d. 1966)
1980 Diego Lugano, Uruguayan footballer
1967 Kurt Elling, American singer-songwriter
1777 Fortunat Alojzy Gonzaga Żóſkowski, Polish actor and translator (d. 1822)
1235 Henry of Almain, King of the Romans (d. 1271)
1914 Johnny Vander Meer, American baseball player and manager (d. 1997)
1924 David Bauer, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 1988)
Famous People Deaths On November 2

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Date Name
1483 Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, English politician, Lord High Constable of England (b. 1454)
1905 Albert von Kölliker, Swiss anatomist and physiologist (b. 1817)
1961 James Thurber, American humorist and cartoonist (b. 1894)
1618 Maximilian III, Archduke of Austria (b. 1568)
2012 Robert Morton Duncan, American soldier and judge (b. 1927)
2015 Roy Dommett, English scientist and engineer (b. 1933)
2014 Shabtai Teveth, Israeli historian and author (b. 1925)
1996 John G. Crommelin, American admiral and politician (b. 1902)
1887 Jenny Lind, Swedish operatic soprano (b. 1820)
1852 Pyotr Kotlyarevsky, Russian general (b. 1782)