Famous People Born on December 24, December 24 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on December 24. Famous birthdays for the 24th of December. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on December 24. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 24th of December?
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What famous person has a birthday on December 24?

December 24 Birthdays, Famous People born on December 24th

Year Name
1995 Anett Kontaveit, Estonian tennis player[60][61]
1994 Miguel Castro, Dominican baseball player
1994 Matt Frawley, Australian rugby league player
1994 Han Seung-woo, South Korean singer
1994 Seola, South Korean singer and actress
1992 Davante Adams, American football player
1991 Lara Michel, Swiss tennis player
1991 Louis Tomlinson, English singer
1990 Brigetta Barrett, American high jumper
1990 Marcus Jordan, American basketball player
1990 Ryo Miyake, Japanese fencer
1988 Stefanos Athanasiadis, Greek footballer
1988 Emre Özkan, Turkish footballer
1988 Simon Zenke, Nigerian footballer
1987 Jane Summersett, American ice dancer
1986 Tim Elliott, American mixed martial artist
1986 Kyrylo Fesenko, Ukrainian basketball player
1985 Alexey Dmitriev, German ice hockey player
1985 David Ragan, American race car driver
1984 Isaac De Gois, Australian rugby league player
1981 Dima Bilan, Russian singer-songwriter and actor
1980 Stephen Appiah, Ghanaian footballer
1980 Tomas Kalnoky, Czech-American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1980 Maarja Liis-Ilus, Estonian pop musician
1979 Chris Hero, American wrestler and trainer
1978 Yıldıray Baştürk, German-Turkish footballer
1978 Warren Tredrea, Australian footballer and sportscaster
1977 Michael Raymond-James, American actor
1976 Linda Ferga, French hurdler
1974 Thure Lindhardt, Danish actor
1974 Paal Nilssen-Love, Norwegian drummer and composer
1974 Marcelo Salas, Chilean footballer
1974 Ryan Seacrest, American radio host and television personality, and producer
1974 J.D. Walsh, American actor, director, and producer
1973 Liu Dong, Chinese-Spanish runner
1973 Paul Foot, English comedian
1973 Stephenie Meyer, American author and film producer
1973 Ali Salem Tamek, Moroccan activist
1972 Álvaro Mesén, Costa Rican footballer
1972 Klaus Schnellenkamp, Chilean businessman and author
1971 Geoff Allott, New Zealand cricketer
1971 Sascha Fischer, German rugby player
1971 Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and actor
1970 Adam Haslett, American author and academic
1970 Amaury Nolasco, Puerto Rican-American actor
1969 Brad Anderson, American wrestler
1969 Milan Blagojevic, Australian footballer and manager
1969 Pernille Fischer Christensen, Danish director and screenwriter
1969 Taro Goto, Japanese soccer player
1969 Leavander Johnson, American boxer (d. 2005)
1969 Ryuji Kato, Japanese soccer player
1969 Nick Love, English director and screenwriter
1969 Clinton McKinnon, American saxophonist and keyboard player
1969 Ed Miliband, English academic and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office
1969 Mark Millar, Scottish author
1969 Luis Musrri, Chilean footballer and manager
1969 Oleg Skripochka, Russian astronaut and engineer
1969 Gintaras Staučė, Lithuanian footballer and manager
1969 Michael Zucchet, American economist and politician
1968 Doyle Bramhall II, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1968 Marleen Renders, Belgian runner
1967 Mikhail Shchennikov, Russian race walker
1967 Pernilla Wahlgren, Swedish singer and actress
1966 Diedrich Bader, American actor
1965 Millard Powers, American bass player, songwriter, and producer
1964 Mark Valley, American actor
1963 Caroline Aherne, English actress, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2016)
1963 Jay Bilas, American basketball player and sportscaster
1963 Timo Jutila, Finnish ice hockey player and sportscaster
1963 Mary Ramsey, American singer-songwriter and violinist
1963 Neil Turbin, American singer-songwriter
1962 Kate Spade, American fashion designer (d. 2018)
1961 Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijani businessman and politician, 4th President of Azerbaijan
1961 Mary Barra, American businesswoman, current CEO and chairwoman of General Motors
1961 Eriko Kitagawa, Japanese director and screenwriter
1961 Darren Wharton, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player
1961 Wade Williams, American actor
1961 Jay Wright, American basketball player and coach
1960 Glenn McQueen, Canadian-American animator (d. 2002)
1960 Carol Vorderman, Welsh television host
1959 Chris Blackhurst, English journalist
1959 Lee Daniels, American director and producer
1958 Munetaka Higuchi, Japanese drummer and producer (d. 2008)
1958 Paul Pressey, American basketball player and coach
1958 Gene Sperling, American economist
1958 Diane Tell, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1957 Hamid Karzai, Afghan politician, 12th President of Afghanistan
1956 Anil Kapoor, Indian actor and producer
1956 Shim Hwa-jin, South Korean academic and educator
1955 Scott Fischer, American mountaineer and guide (d. 1996)
1955 Clarence Gilyard, American actor and educator (d. 2022)
1954 Yves Debay, Congolese-French commander and journalist (d. 2013)
1954 José María Figueres, Costa Rican businessman and politician, President of Costa Rica
1954 Helen Jones, English lawyer and politician
1953 Timothy Carhart, American actor
1952 Michael Ray, American jazz musician
1951 Nick Kent, English-French journalist and author
1950 Dana Gioia, American poet and critic
1950 Hiroshi Ikushima, Japanese businessman and academic
1950 Libby Larsen, American composer
1950 Tommy Turtle, British soldier (d. 2020)
1949 Warwick Brown, Australian race car driver
1949 Randy Neugebauer, American accountant and politician
1948 Stan Bowles, English footballer and sportscaster
1948 Frank Oliver, New Zealand rugby player and coach
1947 Kevin Sheedy, Australian footballer and coach
1946 Jan Akkerman, Dutch rock guitarist and songwriter
1946 Jeff Sessions, American lawyer and politician, 44th Attorney General of Alabama and 84th Attorney General of the United States
1945 Lemmy, English hard rock singer-songwriter and bass player (d. 2015)
1945 Steve Smith, Canadian-American actor and comedian
1944 Barry Elliott, English actor and screenwriter (d. 2018)
1944 Mike Curb, American businessman and politician, 42nd Lieutenant Governor of California
1944 Oswald Gracias, Indian cardinal
1944 Daniel Johnson, Jr., Canadian lawyer and politician, 25th Premier of Quebec
1944 Erhard Keller, German speed skater
1944 Bob Shaw, Australian golfer
1944 Woody Shaw, American trumpeter (d. 1989)
1943 Tarja Halonen, Finnish lawyer and politician, 11th President of Finland
1943 Suzy Menkes, English journalist and critic
1942 Indra Bania, Indian actor, director, and playwright (d. 2015)
1942 Jonathan Borofsky, American sculptor and painter
1942 Đoàn Viết Hoạt, Vietnamese journalist, educator, and activist
1941 Mike Hazlewood, English singer-songwriter (d. 2001)
1940 Janet Carroll, American actress and singer (d. 2012)
1940 Anthony Fauci, American physician, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
1938 Bobby Henrich, American baseball player
1938 Valentim Loureiro, Portuguese soldier and politician
1937 Félix Miélli Venerando, Brazilian footballer and manager (d. 2012)
1937 John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney, Northern Irish politician, Irish Minister of Home Affairs
1936 Ivan Lawrence, English lawyer and politician
1934 John Critchinson, English pianist and composer (d. 2017)
1934 Stjepan Mesić, Croatian lawyer and politician, 2nd President of Croatia
1934 Alex Hutchinson, Australian jazz musician
1932 Colin Cowdrey, Indian-English cricketer (d. 2000)
1932 On Kawara, Japanese-American painter (d. 2014)
1931 Ray Bryant, American pianist and composer (d. 2011)
1931 Mauricio Kagel, Argentinian-German composer and scholar (d. 2008)
1930 Robert Joffrey, American dancer and choreographer (d. 1988)
1930 John J. Kelley, American runner (d. 2011)
1929 Lennart Skoglund, Swedish footballer (d. 1975)
1929 Philip Ziegler, English historian and author
1928 Lev Vlassenko, Georgian-Australian pianist and educator (d. 1996)
1928 Norman Rossington, English actor (d. 1999)
1927 Mary Higgins Clark, American author (d. 2020)
1924 Lee Dorsey, American singer-songwriter (d. 1986)
1924 Abdirizak Haji Hussein, Somalian soldier and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Somalia (d. 2014)
1924 Mohammed Rafi, Indian singer (d. 1980)
1923 George Patton IV, American general (d. 2004)
1923 William C. Schneider, American aerospace engineer (d. 1999)
1922 Ava Gardner, American actress (d. 1990)
1921 Bill Dudley, American football player (d. 2010)
1920 Franco Lucentini, Italian author and screenwriter (d. 2002)
1920 Yevgeniya Rudneva, Ukrainian-Russian lieutenant and navigator (d. 1944)
1919 Qateel Shifai, Pakistani poet and songwriter (d. 2001)
1919 Pierre Soulages, French artist (d. 2022)
1918 Dave Bartholomew, American bandleader, composer and arranger (d. 2019)
1914 Ralph Marterie, Italian-American trumpet player and bandleader (d. 1978)
1914 Herbert Reinecker, German author and screenwriter (d. 2007)
1913 Ad Reinhardt, American painter and academic (d. 1967)
1910 Ellen Braumüller, German javelin thrower and triathlete (d. 1991)
1910 Fritz Leiber, American author and poet (d. 1992)
1910 Max Miedinger, Swiss typeface designer, created Helvetica (d. 1980)
1907 I. F. Stone, American journalist and author (d. 1989)
1906 Franz Waxman, German-American composer and conductor (d. 1967)
1905 Howard Hughes, American businessman, engineer, and pilot (d. 1976)
1904 Joseph M. Juran, Romanian-American engineer and businessman (d. 2008)
1903 Joseph Cornell, American sculptor and director (d. 1972)
1903 Ernst Krenkel, Polish-Russian geographer and explorer (d. 1971)
1903 Ava Helen Pauling, American humanitarian and activist (d. 1981)
1900 Joey Smallwood, Canadian journalist and politician, 1st Premier of Newfoundland (d. 1991)
1900 Hawayo Takata, Japanese-American teacher and master practitioner of Reiki (d. 1980)
1898 Baby Dodds, American drummer (d. 1959)
1897 Ville Pörhölä, Finnish shot putter and discus thrower (d. 1964)
1897 Väinö Sipilä, Finnish runner (d. 1987)
1895 E. Roland Harriman, American financier and philanthropist (d. 1978)
1895 Noel Streatfeild, English author (d. 1986)
1895 Marguerite Williams, American geologist (d. 1991)
1894 Georges Guynemer, French captain and pilot (d. 1917)
1894 Jack Thayer, American businessman (d. 1945)
1893 Harry Warren, American pianist and composer (d. 1981)
1892 Ruth Chatterton, American actress (d. 1961)
1891 Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky, Russian illustrator and painter (d. 1970)
1887 Louis Jouvet, French actor and producer (d. 1951)
1886 Michael Curtiz, Hungarian-American actor, director, and producer (d. 1962)
1885 Paul Manship, American sculptor (d. 1966)
1883 Stefan Jaracz, Polish actor and producer (d. 1945)
1882 Hans Rebane, Estonian journalist and politician, 8th Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1961)
1882 Georges Legagneux, French aviator (d. 1914)
1881 Charles Wakefield Cadman, American composer and critic (d. 1946)
1880 Johnny Gruelle, American author and illustrator (d. 1939)
1879 Émile Nelligan, Canadian poet (d. 1941)
1879 Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (d. 1952)
1877 Sigrid Schauman, Finnish painter and critic (d. 1979)
1875 Émile Wegelin, French rower (d. 1962)
1872 Frederick Semple, American golfer and tennis player (d. 1927)
1869 Henriette Roland Holst, Dutch poet, playwright, and politician (d. 1952)
1868 Charles Harvey Bollman, American naturalist (d. 1889)
1868 Emanuel Lasker, German chess player, mathematician, and philosopher (d. 1941)
1867 Tevfik Fikret, Turkish poet and educator (d. 1915)
1865 Szymon Askenazy, Polish historian, educator, and diplomat, founded the Askenazy school (d. 1935)
1845 George I of Greece (d. 1913)
1843 Lydia Koidula, Estonian poet and playwright (d. 1886)
1837 Empress Elisabeth of Austria (d. 1898)
1827 Alexander von Oettingen, German theologian and statistician (d. 1905)
1822 Matthew Arnold, English poet and critic (d. 1888)
1818 James Prescott Joule, English physicist and brewer (d. 1889)
1812 Karl Eduard Zachariae von Lingenthal, German lawyer and jurist (d. 1894)
1810 Wilhelm Marstrand, Danish painter and illustrator (d. 1873)
1809 Kit Carson, American general (d. 1868)
1798 Adam Mickiewicz, Polish poet and playwright (d. 1855)
1797 Carl Georg von Wächter, German jurist (d. 1880)
1761 Selim III, Ottoman sultan (d. 1808)
1761 Jean-Louis Pons, French astronomer (d. 1831)
1754 George Crabbe, English priest, surgeon, and poet (d. 1832)
1731 Julie Bondeli, Swiss salonist and lady of letters (d. 1778)
1726 Johann Hartmann, Danish composer (d. 1793)
1698 William Warburton, English bishop (d. 1779)
1679 Domenico Sarro, Italian composer and educator (d. 1744)
1635 Mariana of Austria (d. 1696)
1625 Johann Rudolph Ahle, German organist, composer, and theorist (d. 1673)
1597 Honoré II, Prince of Monaco (d. 1662)
1596 Leonaert Bramer, Dutch painter (d. 1674)
1588 Constance of Austria (d. 1631)
1549 Kaspar Ulenberg, German theologian (d. 1617)
1537 Willem IV van den Bergh, Stadtholder of Guelders and Zutphen (d. 1586)
1520 Martha Leijonhufvud, Swedish noble (d. 1584)
1508 Pietro Carnesecchi, Italian scholar (d. 1567)
1475 Thomas Murner, German poet and translator (d. 1537)
1474 Bartolomeo degli Organi, Italian musician (d. 1539)
1389 John V, Duke of Brittany (d. 1442)
1166 John, King of England (d. 1216)
3 Galba, Roman emperor (d. 69)