Famous People Born on December 13, December 13 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on December 13. Famous birthdays for the 13th of December. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on December 13. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
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December 13 Birthdays, Famous People born on December 13th

Year Name
2000 Simona Waltert, Swiss tennis player[69]
1999 Marina Bassols Ribera, Spanish tennis player
1995 Emma Corrin, English actor
1993 Danielle Collins, American tennis player
1991 Dave Leduc, Lethwei World Champion
1990 Fletcher Cox, American football player
1990 Arantxa Rus, Dutch tennis player
1989 Hellen Obiri, Kenyan runner; twice world champion in the 5000 metres event
1989 Katherine Schwarzenegger, American author
1989 Taylor Swift, American singer-songwriter
1988 Rickie Fowler, American Ryder Cup golfer on the PGA Tour; three-time runner-up in major tournaments
1984 Santi Cazorla, Spanish international footballer
1984 Hanna-Maria Seppälä, Finnish freestyle swimmer; 2003 world champion in the 100 m freestyle
1981 Amy Lee, American singer, songwriter and pianist; co-founder and lead vocalist of Evanescence
1978 Cameron Douglas, American actor
1975 Tom DeLonge, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, author, and filmmaker
1967 Jamie Foxx, American actor, singer, songwriter, producer, and comedian
1964 Krišjānis Kariņš, American-born Latvian politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Latvia
1962 Rex Ryan, American football coach and analyst
1960 Richard Dent, American pro football player (NFL); MVP of Super Bowl XX; elected to Hall of Fame in 2011
1957 Steve Buscemi, American actor and director
1957 Morris Day, American musician and actor
1953 Ben Bernanke, American economist
1950 Wendie Malick, American actress
1948 Jeff Baxter, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer
1948 Lillian Board, British athlete; European champion at 400m and 800m (d. 1970)
1948 Ted Nugent, American musician
1942 Howard Brenton, English playwright and screenwriter
1942 Ferguson Jenkins, Canadian baseball player
1940 Sanjaya Lall, Indian economist and academic (d. 2005)
1938 Gus Johnson, American basketball player; elected to Hall of Fame in 2010 (d. 1987)
1936 Prince Karim al-Husayn Shāh, Aga Khan IV, Swiss humanitarian and religious leader
1935 Türkan Saylan, Turkish physician and academic (d. 2009)
1934 Richard D. Zanuck, American film producer (d. 2012)
1934 Antoinette Rodez Schiesler, American chemist (d. 1996)
1929 Christopher Plummer, Canadian actor and producer (d. 2021)[35]
1927 James Wright, American poet and academic (d. 1980)
1925 Dick Van Dyke, American actor, singer, and dancer
1923 Philip Warren Anderson, American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2020)
1923 Larry Doby, American baseball player (d. 2003)
1921 Turgut Demirağ, Turkish film producer, director and screenwriter (d. 1987)
1920 George P. Shultz, American economist and politician, 60th United States Secretary of State (d. 2021)[31]
1919 Hans-Joachim Marseille, German captain and pilot (d. 1942)
1916 Leonard Weisgard, American author and illustrator (d. 2000)
1915 B. J. Vorster, South African lawyer and politician, 4th State President of South Africa (d. 1983)
1914 Alan Bullock, English historian and author (d. 2004)
1914 Larry Noble, English comedian and actor (d. 1993)
1913 Archie Moore, American boxer and actor; world light-heavyweight champion (d. 1998)
1913 Arnold Brown, English-Canadian missionary, 11th General of The Salvation Army (d. 2002)
1912 Luiz Gonzaga, Brazilian singer-songwriter and accordion player (d. 1989)
1911 Trygve Haavelmo, Norwegian economist and mathematician, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1999)
1911 Kenneth Patchen, American poet and painter (d. 1972)
1908 Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Brazilian historian and activist (d. 1995)
1908 Van Heflin, American film actor (d. 1971)
1908 Elizabeth Alexander, British geologist, academic, and physicist (d. 1958)
1906 Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (d. 1968)
1906 Laurens van der Post, South African-English soldier and author (d. 1996)
1905 Ann Barzel, American writer and dance critic (d. 2007)
1903 Ella Baker, American activist (d. 1986)
1903 Carlos Montoya, Spanish guitarist and composer (d. 1993)
1902 Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Greek philosopher and politician, 138th Prime Minister of Greece (d. 1986)
1902 Talcott Parsons, American sociologist and academic (d. 1979)
1901 Olev Roomet, Estonian singer, violinist, and bagpipe player (d. 1987)
1900 Jonel Perlea, Romanian-American conductor and educator (d. 1970)
1897 Albert Aalbers, Dutch architect, designed the Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel (d. 1961)
1897 Drew Pearson, American journalist and author (d. 1969)
1887 George Pólya, Hungarian-American mathematician and academic (d. 1985)
1887 Alvin C. York, American colonel, Medal of Honor recipient (d. 1964)
1885 Annie Dale Biddle Andrews, American mathematician (d. 1940)
1884 Aimilios Veakis, Greek actor, director, and playwright (d. 1951)
1883 Belle da Costa Greene, American librarian and bibliographer (d. 1950)
1882 Jane Edna Hunter, African-American social worker (d. 1971)
1874 Josef Lhévinne, Russian pianist and educator (d. 1944)
1871 Emily Carr, Canadian painter and author (d. 1945)
1870 Edward LeSaint, American actor and director (d. 1940)
1867 Kristian Birkeland, Norwegian physicist and author (d. 1917)
1864 Emil Seidel, American woodcarver and politician, 36th Mayor of Milwaukee (d. 1947)
1860 Lucien Guitry, French actor (d. 1925)
1856 Svetozar Boroević, Croatian-Austrian field marshal (d. 1920)
1854 Herman Bavinck, Dutch philosopher, theologian, and academic (d. 1921)
1836 Franz von Lenbach, German painter and academic (d. 1904)
1830 Mathilde Fibiger, Danish feminist, novelist and telegraphist (d. 1892)
1818 Mary Todd Lincoln, 16th First Lady of the United States (d. 1882)
1816 Werner von Siemens, German engineer and businessman, founded Siemens (d. 1892)
1814 Ana Néri, Brazilian nurse and philanthropist (d. 1880)
1804 Joseph Howe, Canadian journalist and politician, 5th Premier of Nova Scotia (d. 1873)
1797 Heinrich Heine, German journalist, poet, and critic (d. 1856)
1784 Archduke Louis of Austria (d. 1864)
1769 James Scarlett Abinger, English judge (d. 1844)
1724 Franz Aepinus, German astronomer and philosopher (d. 1802)
1720 Carlo Gozzi, Italian playwright (d. 1804)
1678 Yongzheng Emperor of China (d. 1735)
1662 Francesco Bianchini, Italian astronomer and philosopher (d. 1729)
1640 Robert Plot, English chemist and academic (d. 1696)
1585 William Drummond of Hawthornden, Scottish poet (d. 1649)
1560 Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully, 2nd Prime Minister of France (d. 1641)
1553 Henry IV of France (d. 1610)
1533 Eric XIV of Sweden (d. 1577)
1521 Pope Sixtus V (d. 1590)
1499 Justus Menius, German Lutheran pastor (d. 1558)
1491 Martín de Azpilcueta, Spanish theologian and economist (d. 1586)
1484 Paul Speratus, German Lutheran (d. 1551)
1476 Lucy Brocadelli, Dominican tertiary and stigmatic (d. 1544)
1363 Jean Gerson, chancellor of the University of Paris (d. 1429)
1272 King Frederick III of Sicily (d. 1337)