Famous People Born on April 6, April 6 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on April 6. Famous birthdays for the 6th of April. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on April 6. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 6th of April?
Which celebrities are born in April?
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What famous person has a birthday on April 6?

April 6 Birthdays, Famous People born on April 6th

Year Name
2009 Shaylee Mansfield, deaf American actress and YouTuber
2009 Valentina Tronel, French child singer, winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020
2002 Leyre Romero Gormaz, Spanish tennis player[29]
2000 Shaheen Afridi, Pakistani cricketer
1998 Peyton List, American actress and model
1998 Spencer List, American actor
1995 Darya Lebesheva, Belarusian tennis player[24]
1994 Adrián Alonso, Mexican actor
1992 Ken, South Korean singer
1992 Julie Ertz, American soccer player
1990 Lachlan Coote, Australian rugby league player
1990 Charlie McDermott, American actor
1990 Andrei Veis, Estonian footballer
1988 Jucilei, Brazilian footballer
1988 Leigh Adams, Australian footballer
1988 Daniele Gasparetto, Italian footballer
1988 Carlton Mitchell, American football player
1988 Fabrice Muamba, Congolese-English footballer
1988 Ivonne Orsini, Puerto Rican model and television host, Miss World Puerto Rico 2008
1987 Benjamin Corgnet, French footballer
1987 Heidi Mount, American model
1987 Juan Adriel Ochoa, Mexican footballer
1987 Levi Porter, English footballer
1987 Hilary Rhoda, American model
1986 Nikolas Asprogenis, Cypriot footballer
1986 Aaron Curry, American football player
1986 Goeido Gotaro, Japanese sumo wrestler
1986 Ryota Moriwaki, Japanese footballer
1985 Clarke MacArthur, Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Frank Ongfiang, Cameroonian footballer
1985 Sinqua Walls, American basketball player and actor
1984 Max Bemis, American singer-songwriter
1984 Michaël Ciani, French footballer
1984 Siboniso Gaxa, South African footballer
1984 Diana Matheson, Canadian soccer player
1983 Mehdi Ballouchy, Moroccan footballer
1983 Jerome Kaino, New Zealand rugby player
1983 Mitsuru Nagata, Japanese footballer
1983 Remi Nicole, English singer-songwriter and actress
1983 James Wade, English darts player
1983 Katie Weatherston, Canadian ice hockey player
1982 Travis Moen, Canadian ice hockey player
1982 Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Spanish actor
1981 Robert Earnshaw, Welsh footballer
1981 Jeff Faine, American football player
1981 Lucas Licht, Argentine footballer
1981 Alex Suarez, American bass player
1980 Tommi Evilä, Finnish long jumper
1980 Tanja Poutiainen, Finnish skier
1980 Antonio Thomas, American wrestler
1979 Lord Frederick Windsor, English journalist and financier
1979 Clay Travis, American sports journalist, blogger, and broadcaster
1978 Imani Coppola, American singer-songwriter and violinist
1978 Robert Glasper, American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer
1978 Tim Hasselbeck, American football player and sportscaster
1978 Myleene Klass, Austrian/Filipino-English singer, pianist, and model
1978 Martín Méndez, Uruguayan bass player and songwriter
1978 Blaine Neal, American baseball player
1978 Igor Semshov, Russian footballer
1977 Ville Nieminen, Finnish ice hockey player
1977 Andy Phillips, American baseball player and coach
1976 Candace Cameron Bure, American actress and talk show panelist
1976 James Fox, Welsh singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor
1976 Chris Hoke, American football player
1976 Georg Hólm, Icelandic bass player
1976 Hirotada Ototake, Japanese author and educator
1975 Zach Braff, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1975 Hal Gill, American ice hockey player
1973 Donnie Edwards, American football player
1973 Randall Godfrey, American football player
1973 Rie Miyazawa, Japanese model and actress
1973 Sun Wen, Chinese footballer
1972 Anders Thomas Jensen, Danish director and screenwriter
1972 Dickey Simpkins, American basketball player and sportscaster
1970 Olaf Kölzig, South African-German ice hockey player and coach
1970 Roy Mayorga, American drummer, songwriter, and producer
1970 Huang Xiaomin, Chinese swimmer
1969 Bret Boone, American baseball player and manager
1969 Bison Dele, American basketball player (d. 2002)
1969 Philipp Peter, Austrian race car driver
1969 Paul Rudd, American actor
1969 Spencer Wells, American geneticist and anthropologist
1968 Archon Fung, American political scientist, author, and academic
1968 Affonso Giaffone, Brazilian race car driver
1967 Julian Anderson, English composer and educator
1967 Kathleen Barr, Canadian voice actress and singer
1967 Tanya Byron, English psychologist and academic
1967 Jonathan Firth, English actor
1966 Vince Flynn, American author (d. 2013)
1966 Young Man Kang, South Korean-American director and producer
1965 Black Francis, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1965 Sterling Sharpe, American football player and sportscaster
1964 David Woodard, American conductor and writer
1963 Rafael Correa, Ecuadorian economist and politician, 54th President of Ecuador
1962 Iris Häussler, German sculptor and academic
1962 Marco Schällibaum, Swiss footballer, coach, and manager
1961 Rory Bremner, Scottish impressionist and comedian
1961 Peter Jackson, English footballer and manager
1960 Warren Haynes, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1960 Richard Loe, New Zealand rugby player
1960 John Pizzarelli, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1959 Gail Shea, Canadian politician
1958 Graeme Base, Australian author and illustrator
1957 Giorgio Damilano, Italian race walker and coach
1957 Maurizio Damilano, Italian race walker and coach
1957 Jaroslava Maxová, Czech soprano and educator
1957 Paolo Nespoli, Italian soldier, engineer, and astronaut
1956 Michele Bachmann, American lawyer and politician
1956 Normand Corbeil, Canadian composer (d. 2013)
1956 Mudassar Nazar, Pakistani cricketer
1956 Lee Scott, English politician
1956 Sebastian Spreng, Argentinian-American painter and journalist
1956 Dilip Vengsarkar, Indian cricketer and coach
1955 Rob Epstein, American director and producer
1955 Michael Rooker, American actor, director, and producer
1955 Cathy Jones, Canadian actress, comedian, and writer
1953 Patrick Doyle, Scottish actor and composer
1953 Christopher Franke, German-American drummer and songwriter
1952 Udo Dirkschneider, German singer-songwriter
1952 Marilu Henner, Greek-Polish American actress and author
1952 Michel Larocque, Canadian ice hockey player and manager (d. 1992)
1951 Bert Blyleven, Dutch-American baseball player and sportscaster
1951 Jean-Marc Boivin, French skier, mountaineer, and pilot (d. 1990)
1951 Pascal Rogé, French pianist
1950 Claire Morissette, Canadian cycling activist (d. 2007)
1950 Cleo Odzer, American anthropologist and author (d. 2001)
1949 Alyson Bailes, English academic and diplomat (d. 2016)
1949 Patrick Hernandez, French singer-songwriter
1949 Ng Ser Miang, Singaporean athlete, entrepreneur and diplomat
1949 Horst Ludwig Störmer, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1947 John Ratzenberger, American actor and director
1947 André Weinfeld, French-American director, producer, and screenwriter
1947 Mike Worboys, English mathematician and computer scientist
1946 Paul Beresford, New Zealand-English dentist and politician
1945 Rodney Bickerstaffe, English trade union leader (d. 2017)
1945 Peter Hill, English journalist
1944 Felicity Palmer, English operatic soprano
1943 Max Clifford, English journalist and publicist (d. 2017)
1943 Roger Cook, New Zealand-English journalist and academic
1943 Ian MacRae, New Zealand rugby player
1943 Mitchell Melton, American lawyer and politician (d. 2013)
1942 Barry Levinson, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
1942 Anita Pallenberg, Italian-English model, actress, and fashion designer (d. 2017)
1941 Christopher Allsopp, English economist and academic
1941 Phil Austin, American comedian, actor, and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1941 Hans W. Geißendörfer, German director and producer
1941 Angeliki Laiou, Greek-American Byzantinist and politician (d. 2008)
1941 Don Prudhomme, American race car driver and manager
1941 Gheorghe Zamfir, Romanian flute player and composer
1940 Homero Aridjis, Mexican journalist, author, and poet
1940 Pedro Armendáriz, Jr., Mexican-American actor and producer (d. 2011)
1939 André Ouellet, Canadian lawyer and politician, 1st Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
1939 John Sculley, American businessman, co-founded Zeta Interactive
1938 Paul Daniels, English magician and television host (d. 2016)
1938 Roy Thinnes, American television and film actor
1937 Merle Haggard, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2016)
1937 Tom Veivers, Australian cricketer and politician
1937 Billy Dee Williams, American actor, singer, and writer
1936 Helen Berman, Dutch-Israeli painter and illustrator
1936 Jean-Pierre Changeux, French neuroscientist, biologist, and academic
1935 Douglas Hill, Canadian author and critic (d. 2007)
1934 Enrique Álvarez Félix, Mexican actor (d. 1996)
1934 Anton Geesink, Dutch martial artist and wrestler (d. 2010)
1934 Guy Peellaert, Belgian painter, illustrator, and photographer (d. 2008)
1933 Roy Goode, English lawyer and academic
1933 Tom C. Korologos, American journalist and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Belgium
1933 Eduardo Malapit, American lawyer and politician, Mayor of Kauai (d. 2007)
1932 Connie Broden, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2013)
1932 Helmut Griem, German actor and director (d. 2004)
1931 Ram Dass, American author and educator (d. 2019)
1931 Ivan Dixon, American actor, director, and producer (d. 2008)
1929 Willis Hall, English playwright and author (d. 2005)
1929 Joi Lansing, American model, actress and nightclub singer (d. 1972)
1929 André Previn, American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 2019)
1929 Christos Sartzetakis, Greek jurist, supreme justice and President of Greece (d. 2022)
1928 James Watson, American biologist, geneticist, and zoologist, Nobel Prize laureate
1927 Gerry Mulligan, American saxophonist, clarinet player, and composer (d. 1996)
1926 Sergio Franchi, Italian-American singer and actor (d. 1990)
1926 Gil Kane, Latvian-American author and illustrator (d. 2000)
1926 Ian Paisley, Northern Irish evangelical minister and politician, 2nd First Minister of Northern Ireland (d. 2014)
1926 Randy Weston, American jazz pianist and composer (d. 2018)
1923 Herb Thomas, American race car driver (d. 2000)
1922 Gordon Chater, English-Australian comedian and actor (d. 1999)
1921 Wilbur Thompson, American shot putter (d. 2013)
1920 Jack Cover, American pilot and physicist, invented the Taser gun (d. 2009)
1920 Edmond H. Fischer, Swiss-American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2021)
1919 Georgios Mylonas, Greek politician, 11th Greek Minister of Culture (d. 1998)
1918 Alfredo Ovando Candía, Bolivian general and politician, 56th President of Bolivia (d. 1982)
1917 Leonora Carrington, English-Mexican painter and author (d. 2011)
1916 Phil Leeds, American actor (d. 1998)
1916 Vincent Ellis McKelvey, American geologist and author (d. 1987)
1915 Tadeusz Kantor, Polish director, painter, and set designer (d. 1990)
1913 Shannon Boyd-Bailey McCune, American geographer and academic (d. 1993)
1911 Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen, German biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1979)
1910 Barys Kit, Belarusian-American rocket scientist (d. 2018)
1909 William M. Branham, American minister and theologian (d. 1965)
1909 Hermann Lang, German race car driver (d. 1987)
1908 Marcel-Marie Desmarais, Canadian preacher, missionary, and author (d. 1994)
1904 Kurt Georg Kiesinger, German lawyer, politician and Chancellor of Germany (d. 1988)
1904 Erwin Komenda, Austrian car designer and engineer (d. 1966)
1903 Mickey Cochrane, American baseball player and manager (d. 1962)
1903 Harold Eugene Edgerton, American engineer and academic (d. 1990)
1902 Julien Torma, French author, poet, and playwright (d. 1933)
1901 Pier Giorgio Frassati, Italian activist (d. 1925)
1900 Leo Robin, American composer and songwriter (d. 1984)
1898 Jeanne Hébuterne, French painter and author (d. 1920)
1895 Dudley Nichols, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1960)
1892 Donald Wills Douglas, Sr., American businessman, founded the Douglas Aircraft Company (d. 1981)
1892 Lowell Thomas, American journalist and author (d. 1981)
1890 Anthony Fokker, Dutch engineer and businessman, founded Fokker Aircraft Manufacturer (d. 1939)
1888 Hans Richter, Swiss painter, illustrator, and director (d. 1976)
1888 Gerhard Ritter, German historian and academic (d. 1967)
1886 Athenagoras I of Constantinople (d. 1972)
1886 Walter Dandy, American physician and neurosurgeon (d. 1946)
1886 Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII, Indian ruler (d. 1967)
1884 J. G. Parry-Thomas, Welsh race car driver and engineer (d. 1927)
1881 Karl Staaf, Swedish pole vaulter and hammer thrower (d. 1953)
1878 Erich Mühsam, German author, poet, and playwright (d. 1934)
1869 Levon Shant, Armenian author, poet, and playwright (d. 1951)
1866 Felix-Raymond-Marie Rouleau, Canadian cardinal (d. 1931)
1864 William Bate Hardy, English biologist and academic (d. 1934)
1861 Stanislas de Guaita, French poet and author (d. 1897)
1860 René Lalique, French sculptor and jewellery designer (d. 1945)
1857 Arthur Wesley Dow, American painter and photographer (d. 1922)
1855 Charles Huot, Canadian painter and illustrator (d. 1930)
1852 Will Crooks, English trade unionist and politician (d. 1921)
1851 Guillaume Bigourdan, French astronomer and academic (d. 1932)
1844 William Lyne, Australian politician, 13th Premier of New South Wales (d. 1913)
1826 Gustave Moreau, French painter and academic (d. 1898)
1824 George Waterhouse, English-New Zealand politician, 7th Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 1906)
1823 Joseph Medill, Canadian-American publisher and politician, 26th Mayor of Chicago (d. 1899)
1820 Nadar, French photographer, journalist, and author (d. 1910)
1818 Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, Norwegian journalist and poet (d. 1870)
1815 Robert Volkmann, German organist, composer, and conductor (d. 1883)
1812 Alexander Herzen, Russian philosopher and author (d. 1870)
1810 Philip Henry Gosse, English biologist and academic (d. 1888)
1787 Celestina Cordero, Puerto Rican educator (d. 1862)
1773 James Mill, Scottish historian, economist, and philosopher (d. 1836)
1766 Wilhelm von Kobell, German painter and educator (d. 1853)
1741 Nicolas Chamfort, French author and playwright (d. 1794)
1726 Gerard Majella, Italian saint (d. 1755)
1725 Pasquale Paoli, French soldier and politician (d. 1807)
1708 Johann Georg Reutter, Austrian organist and composer (d. 1772)
1706 Louis de Cahusac, French playwright and composer (d. 1759)
1672 André Cardinal Destouches, French composer (d. 1749)
1671 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French poet and playwright (d. 1741)
1664 Arvid Horn, Swedish general and politician, Governor of Västerbotten County (d. 1742)
1660 Johann Kuhnau, German organist and composer (d. 1722)
1651 André Dacier, French scholar and academic (d. 1722)
1632 Maria Leopoldine of Austria (d. 1649)
1573 Margaret of Brunswick-Lüneburg, German noble (d. 1643)
1342 Infanta Maria, Marchioness of Tortosa
1135 Maimonides, Jewish philosopher, Torah scholar, physician and astronomer (March 30 also proposed, d. 1204)