Famous People Born on April 10, April 10 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on April 10. Famous birthdays for the 10th of April. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on April 10. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 10th of April?
Which celebrities are born in April?
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What famous person has a birthday on April 10?

April 10 Birthdays, Famous People born on April 10th

Year Name
2001 Ky Baldwin, Australian singer and actor
2001 Noa Kirel, Israeli singer
1998 Anna Pogorilaya, Russian figure skater
1997 Claire Wineland, American activist and author (d. 2018)
1996 Thanasi Kokkinakis, Australian tennis player
1996 Audrey Whitby, American actress
1995 Ian Nelson, American actor
1994 Siobhan Hunter, Scottish footballer
1993 Sofia Carson, American singer and actress
1992 Jack Buchanan, Australian rugby league player
1992 Sadio Mané, Senegalese footballer
1992 Chaz Mostert - Australian Supercars driver
1992 Daisy Ridley, English actress
1991 AJ Michalka, American actress and singer
1990 Ben Amos, English footballer
1990 Andile Jali, South African footballer
1990 Ricky Leutele, Australian-Samoan rugby league player
1990 Maren Morris, American singer
1990 Alex Pettyfer, English actor
1988 Chris Heston, American baseball pitcher
1988 Kareem Jackson, American football player
1988 Haley Joel Osment, American actor
1987 Shay Mitchell, Canadian actress and model
1987 Hayley Westenra, New Zealand soprano
1986 Olivia Borlée, Belgian sprinter
1986 Fernando Gago, Argentine footballer
1986 Corey Kluber, American baseball pitcher
1986 Vincent Kompany, Belgian footballer
1986 Tore Reginiussen, Norwegian footballer
1985 Barkhad Abdi, Somali-American actor and director
1985 Willo Flood, Irish footballer
1985 Jesús Gámez, Spanish footballer
1985 Dion Phaneuf, Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Faustina Agolley, Australian television host
1984 Jeremy Barrett, American figure skater
1984 Mandy Moore, American singer-songwriter and actress
1984 David Obua, Ugandan footballer
1984 Damien Perquis, French-Polish footballer
1984 Gonzalo Javier Rodríguez, Argentinian footballer
1983 Jamie Chung, American actress
1983 Andrew Dost, American guitarist and songwriter
1983 Ryan Merriman, American actor
1983 Hannes Sigurðsson, Icelandic footballer
1982 Andre Ethier, American baseball player
1982 Chyler Leigh, American actress and singer
1981 Laura Bell Bundy, American actress and singer
1981 Liz McClarnon, English singer and dancer
1981 Michael Pitt, American actor, model and musician
1981 Alexei Semenov, Russian ice hockey player
1980 Sean Avery, Canadian ice hockey player and model
1980 Charlie Hunnam, English actor
1980 Shao Jiayi, Chinese footballer
1980 Kasey Kahne, American race car driver
1980 Andy Ram, Israeli tennis player
1980 Bryce Soderberg, American singer-songwriter and bass player
1979 Iván Alonso, Uruguayan footballer
1979 Kenyon Coleman, American football player
1979 Rachel Corrie, American author and activist (d. 2003)
1979 Tsuyoshi Domoto, Japanese singer-songwriter and actor
1979 Sophie Ellis-Bextor, English singer-songwriter
1979 Pavlos Fyssas, Greek rapper (d. 2013)
1979 Peter Kopteff, Finnish footballer
1978 Sir Christus, Finnish guitarist (d. 2017)
1977 Stephanie Sheh, Taiwanese-American voice actress, director, and producer
1976 Clare Buckfield, English actress
1976 Yoshino Kimura, Japanese actress and singer
1976 Sara Renner, Canadian skier
1975 Chris Carrabba, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1975 Terrence Lewis, Indian dancer and choreographer
1975 David Harbour, American actor
1974 Eric Greitens, American soldier, author and politician
1974 Petros Passalis, Greek footballer
1973 Guillaume Canet, French actor and director
1973 Roberto Carlos, Brazilian footballer and manager
1973 Aidan Moffat, Scottish singer-songwriter
1973 Christopher Simmons, Canadian-American graphic designer, author, and academic
1972 Ian Harvey, Australian cricketer
1972 Priit Kasesalu, Estonian computer programmer, co-created Skype
1972 Gordon Buchanan, Scottish film maker
1971 Brad William Henke, American football player and actor
1971 Indro Olumets, Estonian footballer and coach
1971 Al Reyes, Dominican-American baseball player
1970 Enrico Ciccone, Canadian ice hockey player
1970 Leonard Doroftei, Romanian-Canadian boxer
1970 Kenny Lattimore, American singer-songwriter
1970 Q-Tip, American rapper, producer, and actor
1969 Steve Glasson, Australian lawn bowler
1969 Ekaterini Koffa, Greek sprinter
1968 Metin Göktepe, Turkish photographer and journalist (d. 1996)
1968 Orlando Jones, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
1967 Donald Dufresne, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1967 David Rovics, American singer-songwriter
1966 Steve Claridge, English footballer, manager, and sportscaster
1965 Tim Alexander, American drummer and songwriter
1963 Warren DeMartini, American guitarist and songwriter
1963 Jeff Gray, American baseball player and coach
1963 Doris Leuthard, Swiss lawyer and politician, 162nd President of the Swiss Confederation
1962 Steve Tasker, American football player and sportscaster
1961 Nicky Campbell, Scottish broadcaster and journalist
1961 Carole Goble, English computer scientist and academic
1961 Mark Jones, American basketball player
1960 Steve Bisciotti, American businessman, co-founded Allegis Group
1960 Katrina Leskanich, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1960 Terry Teagle, American basketball player
1959 Babyface, American singer-songwriter and producer
1959 Yvan Loubier, Canadian economist and politician
1959 Brian Setzer, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1958 Bob Bell, Northern Irish engineer
1958 Yefim Bronfman, Uzbek-American pianist
1958 Brigitte Holzapfel, German high jumper
1957 Aliko Dangote, Nigerian businessman, founded Dangote Group
1957 John M. Ford, American author and poet (d. 2006)
1957 Steve Gustafson, Spanish-American bass player
1957 Rosemary Hill, English historian and author
1956 Carol V. Robinson, English chemist and academic
1955 Lesley Garrett, English soprano and actress
1954 Paul Bearer, American wrestler and manager (d. 2013)
1954 Anne Lamott, American author and educator
1954 Peter MacNicol, American actor
1954 Juan Williams, Panamanian-American journalist and author
1953 David Moorcroft, English runner and businessman
1953 Pamela Wallin, Swedish-Canadian journalist, academic, and politician
1952 Narayan Rane, Indian politician, 16th Chief Minister of Maharashtra
1952 Masashi Sada, Japanese singer, lyricist, composer, novelist, actor, and producer
1952 Steven Seagal, American actor, producer, and martial artist
1951 David Helvarg, American journalist and activist
1950 Ken Griffey, Sr., American baseball player and manager
1950 Eddie Hazel, American guitarist (d. 1992)
1949 Daniel Mangeas, French banker and sportscaster
1949 Eric Troyer, American singer-songwriter, keyboardist and guitarist
1948 Mel Blount, American football player
1947 David A. Adler, American author and educator
1947 Bunny Wailer, Jamaican singer-songwriter and drummer (d. 2021)
1946 David Angell, American screenwriter and producer (d. 2001)
1946 Bob Watson, American baseball player and manager (d. 2020)
1946 Adolf Winkelmann, German director, producer, and screenwriter
1945 Kevin Berry, Australian swimmer (d. 2006)
1943 Andrzej Badeński, Polish-German sprinter (d. 2008)
1943 Margaret Pemberton, English author
1942 Nick Auf der Maur, Canadian journalist and politician (d. 1998)
1942 Ian Callaghan, English footballer
1942 Stuart Dybek, American novelist, short story writer, and poet
1941 Chrysostomos II of Cyprus, (d. 2022)
1941 Harold Long, Canadian politician (d. 2013)
1941 Paul Theroux, American novelist, short story writer, and travel writer
1940 Gloria Hunniford, British radio and television host
1939 Claudio Magris, Italian scholar, author, and translator
1938 Don Meredith, American football player and sportscaster (d. 2010)
1937 Bella Akhmadulina, Soviet and Russian poet, short story writer, and translator (d. 2010)
1936 John A. Bennett, American soldier (d. 1961)
1936 John Howell, English long jumper
1936 John Madden, American football player, coach, and sportscaster (d. 2021)
1936 Bobby Smith, American singer (d. 2013)
1935 Patrick Garland, English actor and director (d. 2013)
1935 Peter Hollingworth, Australian bishop, 23rd Governor General of Australia
1935 Christos Yannaras, Greek philosopher, theologian and author
1934 David Halberstam, American journalist and author (d. 2007)
1933 Rokusuke Ei, Japanese composer and author (d. 2016)
1933 Helen McElhone, Scottish politician (d. 2013)
1932 Delphine Seyrig, Swiss/Alsatian French actress (d. 1990)
1932 Omar Sharif, Egyptian actor and screenwriter (d. 2015)
1931 Kishori Amonkar, Indian classical vocalist (d. 2017)
1930 Claude Bolling, French pianist, composer, and actor (d. 2020)
1930 Dolores Huerta, American activist, co-founded the United Farm Workers
1930 Spede Pasanen, Finnish film director and producer, comedian, and inventor (d. 2001)
1929 Mike Hawthorn, English race car driver (d. 1959)
1929 Liz Sheridan, American actress (d. 2022)
1929 Max von Sydow, Swedish-French actor (d. 2020)
1927 Norma Candal, Puerto Rican actress (d. 2006)
1927 Marshall Warren Nirenberg, American biochemist and geneticist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2010)
1926 Jacques Castérède, French pianist and composer (d. 2014)
1926 Junior Samples, American comedian (d. 1983)
1925 Angelo Poffo, American wrestler and promoter (d. 2010)
1924 Kenneth Noland, American soldier and painter (d. 2010)
1923 Roger Gaillard, Haitian historian and author (d. 2000)
1923 Jane Kean, American actress and singer (d. 2013)
1923 Floyd Simmons, American decathlete and actor (d. 2008)
1923 Sid Tickridge, English footballer (d. 1997)
1923 John Watkins, South African cricketer (d. 2021)
1921 Chuck Connors, American baseball player and actor (d. 1992)
1921 Jake Warren, Canadian soldier and diplomat, Canadian Ambassador to the United States (d. 2008)
1921 Sheb Wooley, American singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2003)
1919 John Houbolt, American engineer and academic (d. 2014)
1917 Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri, Indian politician (d. 2013)
1917 Robert Burns Woodward, American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1979)
1916 Lee Jung-seob, Korean painter (d. 1956)
1915 Harry Morgan, American actor and director (d. 2011)
1915 Leo Vroman, Dutch-American hematologist, poet, and illustrator (d. 2014)
1914 Jack Badcock, Australian cricketer (d. 1982)
1913 Stefan Heym, German-American soldier and author (d. 2001)
1912 Boris Kidrič, Austrian-Slovenian politician, 1st Prime Minister of Slovenia (d. 1953)
1911 Martin Denny, American pianist and composer (d. 2005)
1911 Maurice Schumann, French journalist and politician, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs for France (d. 1998)
1910 Margaret Clapp, American scholar and academic (d. 1974)
1910 Helenio Herrera, Argentinian footballer and manager (d. 1997)
1910 Paul Sweezy, American economist and publisher, founded the Monthly Review (d. 2004)
1906 Steve Anderson, American hurdler (d. 1988)
1903 Patroklos Karantinos, Greek architect (d. 1976)
1903 Clare Turlay Newberry, American author and illustrator (d. 1970)
1901 Dhananjay Ramchandra Gadgil, Indian economist (d. 1971)
1900 Arnold Orville Beckman, American chemist, inventor, and philanthropist (d. 2004)
1897 Prafulla Chandra Sen, Indian accountant and politician, 3rd Chief Minister of West Bengal (d. 1990)
1894 Ben Nicholson, British painter (d. 1982)
1893 Otto Steinböck, Austrian zoologist (d. 1969)
1891 Frank Barson, English footballer and coach (d. 1968)
1889 Louis Rougier, French philosopher from the Vienna Circle (d. 1982)
1887 Bernardo Houssay, Argentinian physiologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1971)
1886 Johnny Hayes, American runner and trainer (d. 1965)
1880 Frances Perkins, American sociologist, academic, and politician, United States Secretary of Labor (d. 1965)
1880 Montague Summers, English clergyman and author (d. 1948)
1879 Bernhard Gregory, Estonian-German chess player (d. 1939)
1879 Coenraad Hiebendaal, Dutch rower and physician (d. 1921)
1877 Alfred Kubin, Austrian author and illustrator (d. 1959)
1875 George Clawley, English footballer (d. 1920)
1873 Kyösti Kallio, Finnish farmer, banker, and politician, 4th President of Finland (d. 1940)
1868 George Arliss, English actor and playwright (d. 1946)
1868 Asriel Günzig, Moravian rabbi (d. 1931)
1867 George William Russell, Irish author, poet, and painter (d. 1935)
1865 Jack Miner, American-Canadian farmer, hunter, and environmentalist (d. 1944)
1847 Joseph Pulitzer, Hungarian-American journalist, publisher, and politician, founded Pulitzer, Inc. (d. 1911)
1829 William Booth, English minister, founded The Salvation Army (d. 1912)
1827 Lew Wallace, American general, lawyer, and politician, 11th Governor of New Mexico Territory (d. 1905)
1806 Juliette Drouet, French actress (d. 1883)
1806 Leonidas Polk, Scottish-American general and bishop (d. 1884)
1794 Matthew C. Perry, English-Scottish American commander (d. 1858)
1778 William Hazlitt, English essayist and critic (d. 1830)
1769 Jean Lannes, French marshal (d. 1809)
1762 Giovanni Aldini, Italian physicist and academic (d. 1834)
1755 Samuel Hahnemann, German-French physician and academic (d. 1843)
1713 John Whitehurst, English geologist and clockmaker (d. 1788)
1707 Michel Corrette, French organist, composer, and author (d. 1795)
1704 Benjamin Heath, English scholar and author (d. 1766)
1656 René Lepage de Sainte-Claire, French-Canadian settler, founded Rimouski (d. 1718)
1651 Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, German mathematician, physicist, and physician (d. 1708)
1603 Christian, Prince-Elect of Denmark (d. 1647)
1583 Hugo Grotius, Dutch philosopher and jurist (d. 1645)
1579 Augustus II, duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (d. 1666)
1512 James V, king of Scotland (d. 1542)
1487 William I, count of Nassau-Siegen (d. 1559)
1480 Philibert II, duke of Savoy (d. 1504)
1472 Margaret of York, English princess (d. 1472)
1018 Nizam al-Mulk, Persian scholar and vizier (d. 1092)
401 Theodosius II, Roman emperor (d. 450)