Famous Deaths on September 5, Who Died on September 5

Here is a list who died on September 5. Famous deaths for the 5th of September. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on September 5. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in September 5th?
Who died on the 5th September?
Who died on September 5?

Date Name
1165 Nijō, emperor of Japan (b. 1143)
1235 Henry I, duke of Brabant (b. 1165)
1311 Amadeus Aba, Hungarian oligarch
1526 Alonso de Salazar, Spanish explorer
1548 Catherine Parr, Sixth and last Queen of Henry VIII of England (b. c. 1512)
1562 Katharina Zell, German Protestant reformer (b. 1497)
1569 Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London (b. c. 1500)
1607 Pomponne de Bellièvre, French politician, Chancellor of France (b. 1529)
1629 Domenico Allegri, Italian singer-songwriter (b. 1585)
1734 Nicolas Bernier, French composer (b. 1664)
1786 Jonas Hanway, English merchant and philanthropist (b. 1712)
1803 Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, French general and author (b. 1741)
1836 Ferdinand Raimund, Austrian actor and playwright (b. 1790)
1838 Charles Percier, French architect and interior decorator (b. 1764)
1857 Auguste Comte, French sociologist and philosopher (b. 1798)
1876 Manuel Blanco Encalada, Chilean admiral and politician, 1st President of Chile (b. 1790)
1877 Crazy Horse, American tribal leader (b. 1849)
1894 George Stoneman, Jr., United States Army cavalry officer (b. 1822)
1898 Sarah Emma Edmonds, Canadian-American nurse, soldier, and spy (b. 1841)
1901 Ignacij Klemenčič, Slovenian physicist and academic (b. 1853)
1902 Rudolf Virchow, German anthropologist, pathologist, and biologist (b. 1821)
1906 Ludwig Boltzmann, Austrian physicist and philosopher (b. 1844)
1909 Louis Bouveault, French chemist (b. 1864)
1912 Arthur MacArthur, Jr., American LTG (Army), Medal of Honor recipient (b. 1845)
1917 Marian Smoluchowski, Austrian-Polish physicist and mountaineer (b. 1872)
1920 Robert Harron, American actor (b. 1893)
1922 Georgette Agutte, French painter (b. 1867)
1926 Karl Harrer, German journalist and politician (b. 1890)
1930 Robert Means Thompson, American soldier, businessman, and philanthropist (b. 1849)
1931 John Thomson, Scottish footballer (b. 1909)
1932 Francisco Acebal, Spanish journalist, author, and playwright (b. 1866)
1934 Sidney Myer, Russian-Australian businessman, founded Myer Stores (b. 1878)
1936 Gustave Kahn, French poet and critic (b. 1859)
1942 François de Labouchère, French soldier and pilot (b. 1917)
1945 Clem Hill, Australian cricketer and footballer (b. 1877)
1948 Richard C. Tolman, American physicist and chemist (b. 1881)
1953 Richard Walther Darré, Argentinian-German agronomist and politician (b. 1895)
1954 Eugen Schiffer, German lawyer and politician, Vice-Chancellor of Germany (b. 1860)
1955 Haydn Bunton, Sr., Australian footballer and coach (b. 1911)
1965 Thomas Johnston, Scottish journalist and politician, Secretary of State for Scotland (b. 1882)
1966 Dezső Lauber, Hungarian golfer, tennis player, and architect (b. 1879)
1970 Jochen Rindt, German-Austrian race car driver (b. 1942)
1972 Alan Kippax, Australian cricketer and businessman (b. 1897)
1973 Jack Fournier, American baseball player and coach (b. 1889)
1975 Alice Catherine Evans, American microbiologist (b. 1881)
1977 Marcel Thiry, Belgian poet and activist (b. 1897)
1979 Alberto di Jorio, Italian cardinal (b. 1884)
1980 Don Banks, Australian composer and educator (b. 1923)
1982 Douglas Bader, English captain and pilot (b. 1910)
1984 Adam Malik, Indonesian politician and diplomat, 3rd Vice President of Indonesia (b. 1917)
1985 Johannes Hint, Estonian engineer (b. 1914)
1988 Gert Fröbe, German actor and singer (b. 1913)
1989 Philip Baxter, Welsh-Australian chemical engineer (b. 1905)
1990 Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon, English academic and diplomat (b. 1907)
1991 Sharad Joshi, Indian author and poet (b. 1931)
1992 Fritz Leiber, American author and poet (b. 1910)
1993 Claude Renoir, French cinematographer (b. 1914)
1994 Shimshon Amitsur, Israeli mathematician and scholar (b. 1921)
1995 Benyamin Sueb, Indonesian comedian, actor, and singer (b. 1939)
1997 Leon Edel, American author and critic (b. 1907)
1998 Ferdinand Biondi, Canadian radio host (b. 1909)
1999 Alan Clark, English historian and politician, Minister for Defence Procurement (b. 1928)
2000 Roy Fredericks, Guyanese cricketer and politician (b. 1942)
2001 Justin Wilson, American chef and author (b. 1914)
2002 David Todd Wilkinson, American cosmologist and astronomer (b. 1935)
2003 Gisele MacKenzie, Canadian-American singer and actress (b. 1927)
2005 Roberto Viaux, Chilean general (b. 1917)
2007 Jennifer Dunn, American engineer and politician (b. 1941)
2009 Gani Fawehinmi, Nigerian lawyer and activist (b. 1938)
2010 Hedley Beare, Australian author and academic (b. 1932)
2012 Ediz Bahtiyaroğlu, Turkish-Bosnian footballer (b. 1986)
2013 Edwin Bideau, American lawyer and politician (b. 1950)
2014 Bruce Morton, American journalist (b. 1930)
2015 Goh Eng Wah, Malaysian-Singaporean businessman, founded Eng Wah Global (b. 1923)
2016 Phyllis Schlafly, American lawyer, writer, and political activist (b. 1924)
2018 Bhagwatikumar Sharma, Indian Gujarati writer and journalist (b. 1934)
2019 Francisco Toledo, Mexican painter, sculptor, and graphic artist (b. 1940)
2021 Sarah Harding, English singer, member of Girls Aloud (b. 1981)
590 Authari, Lombard king (b. 540)
714 Shang, emperor of the Tang Dynasty