Famous Deaths on September 16, Who Died on September 16

Here is a list who died on September 16. Famous deaths for the 16th of September. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on September 16. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in September 16th?
Who died on the 16th September?
Who died on September 16?

Date Name
1087 Pope Victor III (b. 1026)
1100 Bernold of Constance, German priest and historian (b. 1054)
1226 Pandulf Verraccio, Roman ecclesiastical politician
1343 Philip III of Navarre (b. 1306)
1345 John IV, Duke of Brittany (b. 1295)
1360 William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton (b. 1319)
1380 Charles V of France (b. 1338)
1394 Antipope Clement VII (b. 1342)
1406 Cyprian, Metropolitan of Moscow (b. 1336)
1498 Tomás de Torquemada, Spanish friar (b. 1420)
1581 Peter Niers, notorious German bandit (date of birth unknown)
1583 Catherine Jagiellon, queen of John II of Sweden (b. 1526)
1589 Michael Baius, Belgian theologian and academic (b. 1513)
1607 Mary Stuart, English-Scottish princess (b. 1605)
1672 Anne Bradstreet, English poet (b. 1612)
1701 James II of England (b. 1633)
1736 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Polish-Dutch physicist and engineer, invented the thermometer (b. 1686)
1792 Nguyễn Huệ, Vietnamese emperor (b. 1753)
1803 Nicolas Baudin, French explorer, hydrographer, and cartographer (b. 1754)
1819 John Jeffries, American physician and surgeon (b. 1744)
1824 Louis XVIII of France (b. 1755)
1843 Ezekiel Hart, Canadian businessman and politician (b. 1770)
1845 Thomas Davis, Irish poet and publisher (b. 1814)
1865 Christian de Meza, Danish general (b. 1792)
1887 Sakaigawa Namiemon, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 14th Yokozuna (b. 1841)
1896 Antônio Carlos Gomes, Brazilian composer (b. 1836)
1898 Ramón Emeterio Betances, Puerto Rican surgeon and politician (b. 1827)
1911 Edward Whymper, English-French mountaineer, explorer, and author (b. 1840)
1914 C. X. Larrabee, American businessman (b. 1843)
1919 Maria Nikiforova, Ukrainian anarchist partisan leader (b. 1885)
1925 Leo Fall, Czech-Austrian composer (b. 1873)
1931 Omar Mukhtar, Libyan theorist and educator (b. 1862)
1932 Millicent Lilian "Peg" Entwistle, British stage and screen actress (b. 1908)
1933 George Gore, American baseball player and manager (b. 1857)
1936 Jean-Baptiste Charcot, French physician and explorer (b. 1867)
1940 Charles Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington, English-Scottish politician, 8th Governor of Queensland (b. 1860)
1944 Gustav Bauer, German journalist and politician, 11th Chancellor of Germany (b. 1870)
1945 John McCormack, Irish tenor and actor (b. 1884)
1946 James Hopwood Jeans, English physicist, astronomer, and mathematician (b. 1877)
1950 Pedro de Cordoba, American actor (b. 1881)
1955 Leo Amery, Indian-English journalist and politician, Secretary of State for the Colonies (b. 1873)
1961 Hasan Polatkan, Turkish politician, 15th Turkish Minister of Finance (b. 1915)
1965 Ahn Eak-tai, North Korean composer and conductor (b. 1906)
1973 Víctor Jara, Chilean singer-songwriter, teacher and theatre director (b. 1932)
1976 Bertha Lutz, Brazilian feminist and scientist (b. 1894)
1977 Marc Bolan, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1947)
1980 Jean Piaget, Swiss psychologist and philosopher (b. 1896)
1984 Louis Réard, French engineer and fashion designer, created the bikini (b. 1897)
1987 Christopher Soames, English soldier and politician, Governor of Southern Rhodesia (b. 1920)
1991 Olga Spessivtseva, Russian-American ballerina (b. 1895)
1992 Millicent Fenwick, American journalist and politician (b. 1910)
1993 František Jílek, Czech conductor (b. 1913)
1996 McGeorge Bundy, American intelligence officer and diplomat, 6th United States National Security Advisor (b. 1919)
2001 Samuel Z. Arkoff, American producer (b. 1918)
2002 James Gregory, American actor (b. 1911)
2003 Sheb Wooley, American singer-songwriter (b. 1921)
2004 Michael Donaghy, American-English poet and author (b. 1954)
2005 Harry Freedman, Canadian horn player, composer, and educator (b. 1922)
2006 Floyd Curry, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (b. 1925)
2007 Robert Jordan, American engineer and author (b. 1948)
2008 Norman Whitfield, American songwriter and producer (b. 1940)
2009 Myles Brand, American philosopher and academic (b. 1942)
2010 George N. Parks, American educator and bandleader (b. 1953)
2011 Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, American singer-songwriter, harmonica player, and drummer (b. 1936)
2012 Roman Kroitor, Canadian director and producer, co-founded IMAX (b. 1926)
2013 Scott Adams, American football player (b. 1966)
2015 Guy Béart, Egyptian-French singer-songwriter (b. 1930)
2016 Edward Albee, American director and playwright (b. 1928)
2017 Marcelo Rezende, Brazilian journalist (b. 1951)
2018 James Burdette Thayer, American brigadier general (b. 1920)
2019 H. S. Dillon, Indonesian politician and human rights defender (b. 1945)
2020 Maxim Martsinkevich, Russian social activist and media personality (b. 1984)
2021 Jane Powell, American actress (b. 1929)
307 Flavius Valerius Severus, Roman emperor
655 Pope Martin I