Famous Deaths on February 27, Who Died on February 27

Here is a list who died on February 27. Famous deaths for the 27th of February. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on February 27. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in February 27th?
Who died on the 27th February?
Who died on February 27?

Date Name
1167 Robert of Melun, English theologian and bishop
1416 Eleanor of Castile, queen consort of Navarre (b. c. 1363)
1425 Prince Vasily I of Moscow (b. 1371)
1483 William VIII of Montferrat (b. 1420)
1558 Johann Faber of Heilbronn, controversial Catholic preacher (b. 1504)
1659 Henry Dunster, English-American clergyman and academic (b. 1609)
1699 Charles Paulet, 1st Duke of Bolton, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire (b. 1625)
1706 John Evelyn, English gardener and author (b. 1620)
1712 Sir William Villiers, 3rd Baronet, English politician (b. 1645)
1720 Samuel Parris, English-American minister (b. 1653)
1735 John Arbuthnot, Scottish physician and polymath (b. 1667)
1784 Count of St. Germain, European adventurer (b. 1710)
1795 Tanikaze Kajinosuke, Japanese sumo wrestler (b. 1750)
1844 Nicholas Biddle, American banker and politician (b. 1786)
1887 Alexander Borodin, Russian composer and chemist (b. 1833)
1892 Louis Vuitton, French fashion designer and businessman, founded Louis Vuitton (b. 1821)
1902 Harry "Breaker" Morant, English-Australian lieutenant (b. 1864)
1921 Schofield Haigh, English cricketer and umpire (b. 1871)
1931 Chandra Shekhar Azad, Indian revolutionary (b. 1906)
1936 Joshua W. Alexander, American judge and politician, 2nd United States Secretary of Commerce (b. 1852)
1937 Hosteen Klah, Navajo artist, medicine man, and weaver (b. 1867)
1943 Kostis Palamas, Greek poet and playwright (b. 1859)
1956 Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, Indian lawyer and politician, 1st Speaker of the Lok Sabha (b. 1888)
1964 Orry-Kelly, Australian-American costume designer (b. 1897)
1968 Frankie Lymon, American singer-songwriter (b. 1942)
1969 Marius Barbeau, Canadian ethnographer and academic (b. 1883)
1973 Bill Everett, American author and illustrator (b. 1917)
1977 John Dickson Carr, American author and playwright (b. 1905)
1980 George Tobias, American actor (b. 1901)
1985 Ray Ellington, English singer and drummer (b. 1916)
1986 Jacques Plante, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (b. 1929)
1987 Bill Holman, American cartoonist (b. 1903)
1989 Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist, Nobel laureate (b. 1903)
1992 S. I. Hayakawa, Canadian-American linguist and politician (b. 1906)
1993 Lillian Gish, American actress (b. 1893)
1998 George H. Hitchings, American pharmacologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1905)
1999 Horace Tapscott, American pianist and composer (b. 1934)
2002 Spike Milligan, Irish soldier, actor, comedian, and author (b. 1918)
2003 John Lanchbery, English-Australian composer and conductor (b. 1923)
2004 Yoshihiko Amino, Japanese historian and academic (b. 1928)
2006 Otis Chandler, American publisher (b. 1927)
2007 Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven, German general (b. 1914)
2008 William F. Buckley, Jr., American author and journalist, founded the National Review (b. 1925)
2010 Nanaji Deshmukh, Indian educator and activist (b. 1916)
2011 Frank Buckles, American soldier (b. 1901)
2012 Ma Jiyuan, Chinese general (b. 1921)
2013 Van Cliburn, American pianist (b. 1934)
2014 Aaron Allston, American game designer and author (b. 1960)
2015 Boris Nemtsov, Russian academic and politician, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (b. 1959)
2016 Yi Cheol-seung, South Korean lawyer and politician (b. 1922)
2018 Steve Folkes, Australian rugby league player and coach (b. 1959)
2019 France-Albert René, Seychellois politician, 2nd President of Seychelles (b. 1935)
2021 Ng Man-tat, Hong Kong actor (b. 1952)
640 Pepin of Landen, Frankish lord (b. 580)
906 Conrad the Elder, Frankish nobleman
956 Theophylact, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (b. 917)