Famous Deaths on February 12, Who Died on February 12

Here is a list who died on February 12. Famous deaths for the 12th of February. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on February 12. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in February 12th?
Who died on the 12th February?
Who died on February 12?

Date Name
1247 Ermesinde, Countess of Luxembourg, ruler (b. 1185)
1266 Amadeus of the Amidei, Italian saint
1517 Catherine of Navarre (b. 1468)
1538 Albrecht Altdorfer, German painter, engraver, and architect (b. 1480)
1554 Lord Guildford Dudley, English son of Jane Dudley, Duchess of Northumberland (b. 1536; executed)
1554 Lady Jane Grey, de facto monarch of England and Ireland for nine days (b. 1537; executed)
1571 Nicholas Throckmorton, English politician and diplomat (b. 1515)
1590 François Hotman, French lawyer and author (b. 1524)
1600 Edward Denny, Knight Banneret of Bishop's Stortford, English soldier, privateer and adventurer (b. 1547)
1612 Jodocus Hondius, Flemish cartographer (b. 1563)
1624 George Heriot, Scottish goldsmith and philanthropist, founded George Heriot's School (b. 1563)
1713 Jahandar Shah, Mughal emperor (b. 1664)
1728 Agostino Steffani, Italian priest and composer (b. 1653)
1763 Pierre de Marivaux, French author and playwright (b. 1688)
1771 Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden (b. 1710)
1789 Ethan Allen, American farmer, general, and politician (b. 1738)
1799 Lazzaro Spallanzani, Italian biologist and physiologist (b. 1729)
1804 Immanuel Kant, German anthropologist, philosopher, and academic (b. 1724)
1834 Friedrich Schleiermacher, German philosopher and scholar (b. 1768)
1886 Randolph Caldecott, English-American painter and illustrator (b. 1846)
1894 Hans von Bülow, German pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1830)
1896 Ambroise Thomas, French composer and academic (b. 1811)
1912 Gerhard Armauer Hansen, Norwegian physician (b. 1841)
1915 ÿmile Waldteufel, French pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1837)
1916 Richard Dedekind, German mathematician, philosopher, and academic (b. 1831)
1929 Lillie Langtry, English singer and actress (b. 1853)
1931 Samad bey Mehmandarov, Azerbaijani-Russian general and politician, 3rd Azerbaijani Minister of Defense (b. 1855)
1935 Auguste Escoffier, French chef and author (b. 1846)
1942 Eugene Esmonde, Irish-English lieutenant and pilot, Victoria Cross recipient (b. 1909)
1942 Avraham Stern, Polish-Israeli militant leader (b. 1907)
1942 Grant Wood, American painter and academic (b. 1891)
1947 Moses Gomberg, Ukrainian-American chemist and academic (b. 1866)
1949 Hassan al-Banna, Egyptian educator, founded the Muslim Brotherhood (b. 1906)
1954 Dziga Vertov, Polish-Russian director and screenwriter (b. 1896)
1958 Douglas Hartree, English mathematician and physicist (b. 1897)
1960 Oskar Anderson, Bulgarian-German mathematician and academic (b. 1887)
1970 Clare Turlay Newberry, American author and illustrator (b. 1903)
1971 James Cash Penney, American businessman and philanthropist, founded J. C. Penney (b. 1875)
1975 Carl Lutz, Swiss vice-consul to Hungary during WWII, credited with saving over 62,000 Jews (b. 1895)
1976 Sal Mineo, American actor (b. 1939)
1977 Herman Dooyeweerd, Dutch philosopher and scholar (b. 1894)
1979 Jean Renoir, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1894)
1980 Muriel Rukeyser, American poet and activist (b. 1913)
1982 Victor Jory, Canadian-American actor (b. 1902)
1983 Eubie Blake, American pianist and composer (b. 1887)
1984 Anna Anderson, Polish-American woman, who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (b. 1896)
1984 Julio Cortázar, Belgian-Argentinian author and poet (b. 1914)
1985 Nicholas Colasanto, American actor and director (b. 1924)
1989 Thomas Bernhard, Austrian playwright and author (b. 1931)
1991 Roger Patterson, American bass player (b. 1968)
1992 Bep van Klaveren, Dutch boxer (b. 1907)
1994 Donald Judd, American painter and sculptor (b. 1928)
1995 Philip Taylor Kramer, American bass player (b. 1952)
1998 Gardner Ackley, American economist and diplomat, United States Ambassador to Italy (b. 1915)
2000 Tom Landry, American football player and coach (b. 1924)
2000 Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist, created Peanuts (b. 1922)
2001 Kristina Söderbaum, Swedish-German actress and producer (b. 1912)
2002 John Eriksen, Danish footballer (b. 1957)
2005 Dorothy Stang, American-Brazilian nun and missionary (b. 1931)
2007 Ann Barzel, American writer and dance critic (b. 1905)
2007 Peggy Gilbert, American saxophonist and bandleader (b. 1905)
2008 David Groh, American actor (b. 1939)
2009 victims of Colgan Air Flight 3407: Alison Des Forges, American historian and activist (b. 1942) Beverly Eckert, American activist (b. 1951) Mat Mathews, Dutch accordion player (b. 1924) Coleman Mellett, American guitarist (b. 1974) Gerry Niewood, American saxophonist (b. 1943)
2010 Nodar Kumaritashvili, Georgian luger (b. 1988)
2011 Peter Alexander, Austrian singer and actor (b. 1926)
2011 Betty Garrett, American actress, singer, and dancer (b. 1919)
2011 Kenneth Mars, American actor and comedian (b. 1935)
2012 Zina Bethune, American actress, dancer, and choreographer (b. 1945)
2012 Denis Flannery, Australian rugby player and coach (b. 1928)
2012 David Kelly, Irish actor (b. 1929)
2012 John Severin, American illustrator (b. 1921)
2013 Sattam bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabian prince (b. 1941)
2013 Reginald Turnill, English journalist and author (b. 1915)
2013 Hennadiy Udovenko, Ukrainian politician and diplomat, 2nd Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ukraine (b. 1931)
2014 Sid Caesar, American actor and comedian (b. 1922)
2014 John Pickstone, English historian and author (b. 1944)
2015 Movita Castaneda, American actress and singer (b. 1916)
2015 Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Malaysian cleric and politician, 12th Menteri Besar of Kelantan (b. 1931)
2015 Gary Owens, American radio host and voice actor (b. 1934)
2015 Steve Strange, Welsh singer (b. 1959)
2016 Dominique D'Onofrio, Italian-Belgian footballer and coach (b. 1953)
2016 Yannis Kalaitzis, Greek cartoonist (b. 1945)
2016 Yan Su, Chinese general and composer (b. 1930)
2017 Al Jarreau, American singer (b. 1940)
2017 Anna Marguerite McCann, first female American underwater archaeologist (b. 1933)
2017 Ren Xinmin, Chinese rocket scientist (b. 1915)
2019 Gordon Banks, English footballer (b. 1937)
2019 Lyndon LaRouche, American political activist (b. 1922)
2019 Pedro Morales, Puerto Rican professional wrestler and commentator (b. 1942)
821 Benedict of Aniane, French monk and saint (b. 747)
890 Henjō, Japanese priest and poet (b. 816)
901 Antony II, patriarch of Constantinople
914 Li, empress of Yan
941 Wulfhelm, Archbishop of Canterbury
981 ÿlfstan, bishop of Ramsbury