Famous Deaths on April 23, Who Died on April 23

Here is a list who died on April 23. Famous deaths for the 23rd of April. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on April 23. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in April 23rd?
Who died on the 23rd April?
Who died on April 23?

Date Name
1014 Brian Boru, Irish king (b. 941)
1016 Æthelred the Unready, English son of Edgar the Peaceful (b. 968)
1124 Alexander I of Scotland (b. 1078)
1151 Adeliza of Louvain (b. 1103)
1170 Minamoto no Tametomo, Japanese samurai (b. 1139)
1196 Béla III of Hungary (b. c.1148)
1200 Zhu Xi, Chinese philosopher (b. 1130)
1217 Inge II of Norway (b. 1185)
1262 Aegidius of Assisi, companion of Saint Francis of Assisi
1307 Joan of Acre (b. 1272)
1400 Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford, English politician and nobleman (b. c. 1338)
1407 Olivier de Clisson, French soldier (b. 1326)
1501 Domenico della Rovere, Catholic cardinal (b. 1442)
1554 Gaspara Stampa, Italian poet (b. 1523)
1605 Boris Godunov, Russian ruler (b. 1551)
1616 William Shakespeare, English playwright and poet (b. 1564)
1625 Maurice, Prince of Orange (b. 1567)
1695 Henry Vaughan, Welsh poet and author (b. 1621)
1702 Margaret Fell, English religious leader, founded the Religious Society of Friends (b. 1614)
1781 James Abercrombie, Scottish general and politician (b. 1706)
1784 Solomon I of Imereti (b. 1735)
1792 Karl Friedrich Bahrdt, German theologian and author (b. 1741)
1794 Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, French lawyer and politician (b. 1721)
1827 Georgios Karaiskakis, Greek general (b. 1780)
1839 Jacques Félix Emmanuel Hamelin, French admiral and explorer (b. 1768)
1850 William Wordsworth, English poet and author (b. 1770)
1895 Carl Ludwig, German physician and physiologist (b. 1815)
1905 Gédéon Ouimet, Canadian politician, 2nd Premier of Quebec (b. 1823)
1907 Alferd Packer, American prospector (b. 1842)
1915 Rupert Brooke, English poet (b. 1887)
1936 Teresa de la Parra, French-Venezuelan author (b. 1889)
1951 Jules Berry, French actor and director (b. 1883)
1959 Bak Jungyang, Korean politician
1965 George Adamski, Polish-American ufologist and author (b. 1891)
1966 George Ohsawa, Japanese founder of the Macrobiotic diet (b. 1893)
1981 Josep Pla, Catalan journalist and author (b. 1897)
1983 Buster Crabbe, American swimmer and actor (b. 1908)
1984 Red Garland, American pianist (b. 1923)
1985 Sam Ervin, American lawyer and politician (b. 1896)
1986 Harold Arlen, American composer (b. 1905)
1990 Paulette Goddard, American actress (b. 1910)
1991 Johnny Thunders, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1952)
1992 Satyajit Ray, Indian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1921)
1993 Cesar Chavez, American activist, co-founded the United Farm Workers (b. 1927)
1995 Douglas Lloyd Campbell, Canadian farmer and politician, 13th Premier of Manitoba (b. 1895)
1996 Jean Victor Allard, Canadian general (b. 1913)
1997 Denis Compton, English cricketer and footballer (b. 1918)
1998 Konstantinos Karamanlis, Greek lawyer and politician, 172nd Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1907)
2003 Fernand Fonssagrives, French-American photographer (b. 1910)
2004 Herman Veenstra, Dutch water polo player (b. 1911)
2005 Joh Bjelke-Petersen, New Zealand-Australian politician, 31st Premier of Queensland (b. 1911)
2006 Phil Walden, American record producer and manager, co-founder of Capricorn Records (b. 1940)
2007 Paul Erdman, Canadian-American economist and author (b. 1932)
2010 Peter Porter, Australian-born British poet (b. 1929)
2011 James Casey, English comedian, radio scriptwriter and producer (b. 1922)
2012 Lillemor Arvidsson, Swedish trade union leader and politician, 34th Governor of Gotland (b. 1943)
2013 Bob Brozman, American guitarist (b. 1954)
2014 Benjamín Brea, Spanish-Venezuelan saxophonist, clarinet player, and conductor (b. 1946)
2015 Richard Corliss, American journalist and critic (b. 1944)
2016 Inge King, German-born Australian sculptor (b. 1915)
2019 Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, American soprano singer and presenter (b. 1983)
2021 Dan Kaminsky, American internet security researcher (b. 1979)
2022 Orrin Hatch, American politician, President pro tempore of the United States Senate (b. 1934)
303 Saint George, Roman soldier and martyr
711 Childebert III, Frankish king (b. 670)
725 Wihtred of Kent (b. 670)
871 Æthelred of Wessex (b. 837)
915 Yang Shihou, Chinese general
944 Wichmann the Elder, Saxon nobleman
990 Ekkehard II, Swiss monk and abbot
997 Adalbert of Prague, Czech bishop, missionary, and saint (b. 956)