Famous Deaths on April 10, Who Died on April 10

Here is a list who died on April 10. Famous deaths for the 10th of April. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on April 10. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in April 10th?
Who died on the 10th April?
Who died on April 10?

Date Name
1008 Notker of Liège, French bishop (b. 940)
1216 Eric X, king of Sweden (b. 1180)
1282 Ahmad Fanakati, chief minister under Kublai Khan
1309 Elisabeth von Rapperswil, Swiss countess (b. 1261)
1362 Maud, English noblewoman (b. 1339)
1500 Michael Tarchaniota Marullus, Greek scholar and poet
1533 Frederick I, king of Denmark and Norway (b. 1471)
1545 Costanzo Festa, Italian composer
1585 Gregory XIII, pope of the Catholic Church (b. 1502)
1598 Jacopo Mazzoni, Italian philosopher (b. 1548)
1601 Mark Alexander Boyd, Scottish soldier and poet (b. 1562)
1619 Thomas Jones, English-Irish archbishop and politician, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b. 1550)
1640 Agostino Agazzari, Italian composer and theorist (b. 1578)
1644 William Brewster, English official and pilgrim leader (b. 1566)
1646 Santino Solari, Swiss architect and sculptor (b. 1576)
1667 Jan Marek Marci, Czech physician and author (b. 1595)
1704 Wilhelm Egon von Fürstenberg, German cardinal (b. 1629)
1756 Giacomo Antonio Perti, Italian composer (b. 1661)
1760 Jean Lebeuf, French historian and author (b. 1687)
1786 John Byron, English admiral and politician, 24th Commodore Governor of Newfoundland (b. 1723)
1806 Horatio Gates, English-American general (b. 1727)
1813 Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Italian mathematician and astronomer (b. 1736)
1821 Gregory V of Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (b. 1746)
1823 Karl Leonhard Reinhold, Austrian philosopher and academic (b. 1757)
1871 Lucio Norberto Mansilla, Argentinian general and politician (b. 1789)
1889 William Crichton, Scottish engineer and shipbuilder (b. 1827)[30]
1909 Algernon Charles Swinburne, English poet, playwright, novelist, and critic (b. 1837)
1919 Emiliano Zapata, Mexican general (b. 1879)
1920 Moritz Cantor, German mathematician and historian (b. 1829)
1931 Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese-American poet, painter, and philosopher (b. 1883)
1935 Rosa Campbell Praed, Australian novelist (b. 1851)
1938 King Oliver, American cornet player and bandleader (b. 1885)
1942 Carl Schenstrøm, Danish actor and director (b. 1881)
1943 Andreas Faehlmann, Estonian-German sailor and engineer (b. 1898)
1945 Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, Dutch printer and typographer (b. 1882)
1947 Charles Nordhoff, English-American lieutenant and author (b. 1887)
1950 Fevzi Çakmak, Turkish field marshal and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Turkey (b. 1876)
1954 Auguste Lumière, French director and producer (b. 1862)
1955 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French priest, theologian, and philosopher (b. 1881)
1958 Chuck Willis, American singer-songwriter (b. 1928)
1960 André Berthomieu, French director and screenwriter (b. 1903)
1962 Michael Curtiz, Hungarian-American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1886)
1965 Lloyd Casner, American race car driver, founded Casner Motor Racing Division (b. 1928)
1966 Evelyn Waugh, English soldier, novelist, journalist and critic (b. 1903)
1968 Gustavs Celmiņš, Latvian lieutenant and politician (b. 1899)
1969 Harley Earl, American businessman (b. 1893)
1975 Walker Evans, American photographer (b. 1903)
1978 Hjalmar Mäe, Estonian politician (b. 1901)
1979 Nino Rota, Italian pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1911)
1980 Kay Medford, American actress and singer (b. 1919)
1981 Howard Thurman, American author, philosopher and civil rights activist (b. 1899)
1983 Issam Sartawi, Palestinian activist (b. 1935)
1985 Zisis Verros, Greek chieftain of the Macedonian Struggle (b. 1880)
1986 Linda Creed, American singer-songwriter (b. 1948)
1988 Ezekias Papaioannou, Greek Cypriot politician (b. 1908)
1991 Kevin Peter Hall, American actor (b. 1955)
1992 Sam Kinison, American comedian and actor (b. 1953)
1993 Chris Hani, South African activist and politician (b. 1942)
1994 Sam B. Hall, Jr., American lawyer, judge, and politician (b. 1924)
1995 Morarji Desai, Indian politician, 4th Prime Minister of India (b. 1896)
1997 Michael Dorris, American author and academic (b. 1945)
1998 Seraphim of Athens, Greek archbishop (b. 1913)
1999 Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat, German-American biochemist and physician (b. 1910)
2000 Peter Jones, English actor and screenwriter (b. 1920)
2003 Little Eva, American singer (b. 1943)
2004 Jacek Kaczmarski, Polish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and poet (b. 1957)
2005 Norbert Brainin, Austrian violinist (b. 1923)
2006 Kleitos Kyrou, Greek poet and translator (b. 1921)
2007 Charles Philippe Leblond, French-Canadian biologist and academic (b. 1910)
2009 Deborah Digges, American poet and educator (b. 1950)
2010 Casualties in the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash included:
2012 Raymond Aubrac, French engineer and activist (b. 1914)
2013 Lorenzo Antonetti, Italian cardinal (b. 1922)
2014 Dominique Baudis, French journalist and politician (b. 1947)
2015 Richie Benaud, Australian cricketer and sportscaster (b. 1930)
2016 Howard Marks, Welsh cannabis smuggler, writer, and legalisation campaigner (b. 1945)
879 Louis the Stammerer, king of West Francia (b. 846)
943 Landulf I, prince of Benevento and Capua
948 Hugh of Arles, king of Italy