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What happened on March 26th in history?
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What happened in history on March 26th?

What Happened on March 26th This Day in History

Year Name
2017 Russia-wide anti-corruption protests in 99 cities. The Levada Center survey showed that 38% of surveyed Russians supported protests and that 67 percent held Putin personally responsible for high-level corruption.
2010 The South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan is torpedoed, killing 46 sailors. After an international investigation, the President of the United Nations Security Council blames North Korea.
2005 Around 200,000 to 300,000 Taiwanese demonstrate in Taipei in opposition to the Anti-Secession Law of China.
1998 During the Algerian Civil War, the Oued Bouaicha massacre sees fifty-two people, mostly infants, killed with axes and knives.
1997 Thirty-nine bodies are found in the Heaven's Gate mass suicides.
1991 Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay sign the Treaty of Asunción, establishing Mercosur, the South Common Market.
1982 A groundbreaking ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is held in Washington, D.C.
1981 Social Democratic Party (UK) is founded as a party.
1979 Anwar al-Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter sign the Egypt–Israel peace treaty in Washington, D.C.
1975 The Biological Weapons Convention comes into force.
1971 East Pakistan declares its independence from Pakistan to form Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Liberation War begins.
1970 South Vietnamese President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu implements a land reform program to solve the problem of land tenancy.
1967 Ten thousand people gather for one of many Central Park be-ins in New York City.
1958 The United States Army launches Explorer 3.
1958 The African Regroupment Party is launched at a meeting in Paris.
1954 Nuclear weapons testing: The Romeo shot of Operation Castle is detonated at Bikini Atoll. Yield: 11 megatons.
1945 World War II: The Battle of Iwo Jima ends as the island is officially secured by American forces.
1942 World War II: The first female prisoners arrive at Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland.
1939 Spanish Civil War: Nationalists begin their final offensive of the war.
1934 The United Kingdom driving test is introduced.
1931 Swissair is founded as the national airline of Switzerland.
1931 Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is founded in Vietnam.
1922 The German Social Democratic Party is founded in Poland.
1917 World War I: First Battle of Gaza: British troops are halted after 17,000 Turks block their advance.
1915 The Vancouver Millionaires win the 1915 Stanley Cup Finals, the first championship played between the Pacific Coast Hockey Association and the National Hockey Association.
1913 First Balkan War: Bulgarian forces capture Adrianople.
1896 An explosion at the Brunner Mine near Greymouth, New Zealand kills 65 coal miners in the country's worst industrial accident.
1885 The Métis people of the District of Saskatchewan under Louis Riel begin the North-West Rebellion against Canada.
1871 The elections of Commune council of the Paris Commune are held.
1839 The first Henley Royal Regatta is held.
1830 The Book of Mormon is published in Palmyra, New York.
1812 An earthquake devastates Caracas, Venezuela.
1812 A political cartoon in the Boston Gazette coins the term "gerrymander" to describe oddly shaped electoral districts designed to help incumbents win reelection.
1700 William Dampier is the first European to circumnavigate New Britain, discovering it is an island (which he names Nova Britannia) rather than part of New Guinea.
1697 Safavid government troops take control of Basra.
1651 Silver-loaded Spanish ship San José is pushed south by strong winds, subsequently it wrecks in the coast of southern Chile and its surviving crew is killed by indigenous Cuncos.[5]
1640 The Royal Academy of Turku, the first university of Finland, is founded in the city of Turku by Queen Christina of Sweden at the proposal of Count Per Brahe.[3]
1636 Utrecht University is founded in the Netherlands.
1552 Guru Amar Das becomes the Third Sikh guru.
1484 William Caxton prints his translation of Aesop's Fables.
1351 Combat of the Thirty: Thirty Breton knights call out and defeat thirty English knights.
1344 The Siege of Algeciras, one of the first European military engagements where gunpowder was used, comes to an end.
1169 Saladin becomes the emir of Egypt.
1027 Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor.
1021 On the feast of Eid al-Adha, the death of the Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, kept secret for six weeks, is announced, along with the succession of his son, al-Zahir li-i'zaz Din Allah. On the same day, al-Hakim's designated heir, Abd al-Rahim ibn Ilyas, is arrested in Damascus and brought to Egypt.
590 Emperor Maurice proclaims his son Theodosius as co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
Famous People Born on March 26

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Year Name
1974 Irina Spîrlea, Romanian tennis player
1857 Théodore Tuffier, French surgeon (d. 1929)
1983 Floriana Lima, American actress
1984 Marco Stier, German footballer
1971 Martyn Day, Scottish politician
1979 Pierre Womé, Cameroonian footballer
1979 Nacho Novo, Spanish footballer
1985 Matt Grevers, American swimmer
1949 Ernest Lee Thomas, American actor
1904 Joseph Campbell, American mythologist and author (d. 1987)
Famous People Deaths On March 26

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Date Name
2013 Tom Boerwinkle, American basketball player and sportscaster (b. 1945)
2009 Shane McConkey, Canadian skier and BASE jumper (b. 1969)
2008 Robert Fagles, American poet and academic (b. 1933)
1772 Charles Pinot Duclos, French author and politician (b. 1704)
2016 Jim Harrison, American novelist, essayist, and poet (b. 1937)
1954 Charles Perrin, French rower (b. 1875)
1566 Antonio de Cabezón, Spanish organist and composer (b. 1510)
1827 Ludwig van Beethoven, German pianist and composer (b. 1770)
1697 Godfrey McCulloch, Scottish politician (b. 1640)
1957 Édouard Herriot, French politician, Prime Minister of France (b. 1872)