Historical Events on February 16, Special Events on This Day

Important Events From This day in History February 16th. Find Out What happened 16th February This Day in History on your birthday. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
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What happened on February 16th in history?
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What happened in history on February 16th?

What Happened on February 16th This Day in History

Year Name
2021 Five thousand people gathered in the town of Kherrata, Bejaia Province to mark the two year anniversary of the Hirak protest movement. Demonstrations had been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Algeria.
2013 A bomb blast at a market in Hazara Town, Quetta, Pakistan kills more than 80 people and injures 190 others.
2006 The last Mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) is decommissioned by the United States Army.
2005 The Kyoto Protocol comes into force, following its ratification by Russia.
2005 The National Hockey League cancels the entire 2004–05 regular season and playoffs.
2000 Emery Worldwide Airlines Flight 17 crashes near Sacramento Mather Airport in Rancho Cordova, California, killing all three aboard.
1998 China Airlines Flight 676 crashes into a road and residential area near Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taiwan, killing all 196 aboard and seven more on the ground.
1996 A Chicago-bound Amtrak train, the Capitol Limited, collides with a MARC commuter train bound for Washington, D.C., killing 11 people.
1991 Nicaraguan Contras leader Enrique Bermúdez is assassinated in Managua.
1986 The Soviet liner MS Mikhail Lermontov runs aground in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.
1986 China Airlines Flight 2265 crashes into the Pacific Ocean near Penghu Airport in Taiwan, killing all 13 aboard.
1985 Hezbollah is founded.
1983 The Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia kill 75.
1978 The first computer bulletin board system is created (CBBS in Chicago).
1968 In Haleyville, Alabama, the first 9-1-1 emergency telephone system goes into service.
1968 Civil Air Transport Flight 010 crashes near Shongshan Airport in Taiwan, killing 21 of the 63 people on board and one more on the ground.
1962 The Great Sheffield Gale impacts the United Kingdom, killing nine people; the city of Sheffield is devastated, with 150,000 homes damaged.
1962 Flooding in the coastal areas of West Germany kills 315 and destroys the homes of about 60,000 people.
1961 Explorer program: Explorer 9 (S-56a) is launched.
1960 The U.S. Navy submarine USS Triton begins Operation Sandblast, setting sail from New London, Connecticut, to begin the first submerged circumnavigation of the globe.
1959 Fidel Castro becomes Premier of Cuba after dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown on January 1.
1945 World War II: American forces land on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.
1945 The Alaska Equal Rights Act of 1945, the first anti-discrimination law in the United States, was signed into law.
1943 World War II: In the early phases of the Third Battle of Kharkov, Red Army troops re-enter the city.
1942 World War II: In Athens, the Greek People's Liberation Army is established
1942 World War II: Attack on Aruba, first World War II German shots fired on a land based object in the Americas.
1940 World War II: Altmark incident: The German tanker Altmark is boarded by sailors from the British destroyer HMS Cossack. A total of 299 British prisoners are freed.
1937 Wallace H. Carothers receives a United States patent for nylon.
1936 The Popular Front wins the 1936 Spanish general election.
1934 The Austrian Civil War ends with the defeat of the Social Democrats and the Republikanischer Schutzbund.
1930 The Romanian Football Federation joins FIFA.
1923 Howard Carter unseals the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.
1918 The Council of Lithuania unanimously adopts the Act of Independence, declaring Lithuania an independent state.
1900 The Southern Cross expedition led by Carsten Borchgrevink achieved a new Farthest South of 78° 50'S, making the first landing at the Great Ice Barrier.
1899 Iceland's first football club, Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur, is founded.
1881 The Canadian Pacific Railway is incorporated by Act of Parliament at Ottawa (44th Vic., c.1).
1866 Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington becomes British Secretary of State for War.
1862 American Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Donelson, Tennessee.
1804 First Barbary War: Stephen Decatur leads a raid to burn the pirate-held frigate USS Philadelphia.
1796 Colombo in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) falls to the British, completing their invasion of Ceylon.
1742 Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington, becomes British Prime Minister.
1699 First Leopoldine Diploma is issued by the Holy Roman Emperor, recognizing the Greek Catholic clergy enjoyed the same privileges as Roman Catholic priests in the Principality of Transylvania.
1646 Battle of Torrington, Devon: The last major battle of the first English Civil War.
1630 Dutch forces led by Hendrick Lonck capture Olinda in what was to become part of Dutch Brazil.
1270 Grand Duchy of Lithuania defeats the Livonian Order in the Battle of Karuse.
1249 Andrew of Longjumeau is dispatched by Louis IX of France as his ambassador to meet with the Khagan of the Mongol Empire.
Famous People Born on February 16

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Year Name
1543 Kanō Eitoku, Japanese painter and educator (d. 1590)
1698 Pierre Bouguer, French mathematician, geophysicist, and astronomer (d. 1758)
1868 Edward S. Curtis, American ethnologist and photographer (d. 1952)
1981 Jerry Owens, American baseball player
1973 Cathy Freeman, Australian sprinter
1821 Heinrich Barth, German explorer and scholar (d. 1865)
1929 Peter Porter, Australian-English poet and educator (d. 2010)
1935 Bradford Parkinson, American colonel and engineer
1920 Anna Mae Hays, American general (d. 2018)
1954 Michael Holding, Jamaican cricketer and sportscaster
Famous People Deaths On February 16

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Date Name
1957 Josef Hofmann, Polish-American pianist and composer (b. 1876)
1899 Félix Faure, French merchant and politician, 7th President of France (b. 1841)
1820 Georg Carl von Döbeln, Swedish general (b. 1758)
2006 Johnny Grunge, American wrestler (b. 1966)
1531 Johannes Stöffler, German mathematician and astronomer (b. 1452)
2019 Bruno Ganz, Swiss actor (b. 1941)
2002 Walter Winterbottom, English footballer and manager (b. 1913)
2013 Colin Edwards, Guyanese footballer (b. 1991)
1721 James Craggs the Younger, English politician, Secretary of State for the Southern Department (b. 1686)
2021 Gustavo Noboa, Ecuadorian politician, 42nd President of Ecuador