Historical Events on April 20, Special Events on This Day

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What happened in history on April 20th?

What Happened on April 20th This Day in History

Year Name
2021 State of Minnesota v. Derek Michael Chauvin: Derek Chauvin is found guilty of all charges in the murder of George Floyd by the Fourth Judicial District Court of Minnesota.
2020 For the first time in history, oil prices drop below zero.
2015 Ten people are killed in a bomb attack on a convoy carrying food supplies to a United Nations compound in Garowe in the Somali region of Puntland.
2013 A 6.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Lushan County, Ya'an, in China's Sichuan province, killing more than 150 people and injuring thousands.
2012 One hundred twenty-seven people are killed when a plane crashes in a residential area near the Benazir Bhutto International Airport near Islamabad, Pakistan.
2010 The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers and beginning an oil spill that would last six months.
2008 Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 becoming the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race.
2007 Johnson Space Center shooting: William Phillips with a handgun barricades himself in NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas before killing a male hostage and himself.
1999 Columbine High School massacre: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 13 people and injure 24 others before committing suicide at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado.
1998 Air France Flight 422 crashes after taking off from El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia, killing all 53 people on board.
1972 Apollo program: Apollo 16 lunar module, commanded by John Young and piloted by Charles Duke, lands on the moon.
1968 English politician Enoch Powell makes his controversial "Rivers of Blood" speech.
1968 South African Airways Flight 228 crashes near the Hosea Kutako International Airport in South West Africa (now Namibia), killing 123 people.
1961 Cold War: Failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of US-backed Cuban exiles against Cuba.
1946 The League of Nations officially dissolves, giving most of its power to the United Nations.
1945 World War II: U.S. troops capture Leipzig, Germany, only to later cede the city to the Soviet Union.
1945 World War II: Führerbunker: On his 56th birthday Adolf Hitler makes his last trip to the surface to award Iron Crosses to boy soldiers of the Hitler Youth.
1945 Twenty Jewish children used in medical experiments at Neuengamme are killed in the basement of the Bullenhuser Damm school.
1922 The Soviet government creates South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within Georgian SSR.
1918 Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims, his final victories before his death the following day.
1914 Nineteen men, women, and children participating in a strike are killed in the Ludlow Massacre during the Colorado Coalfield War.
1902 Pierre and Marie Curie refine radium chloride.
1898 U.S. President William McKinley signs a joint resolution to Congress for declaration of war against Spain, beginning the Spanish–American War.
1884 Pope Leo XIII publishes the encyclical Humanum genus, condemning Freemasonry.
1876 The April Uprising begins. Its suppression shocks European opinion, and Bulgarian independence becomes a condition for ending the Russo-Turkish War.
1865 Astronomer Angelo Secchi demonstrates the Secchi disk, which measures water clarity, aboard Pope Pius IX's yacht, the L'Immaculata Concezion.
1862 Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard complete the experiment disproving the theory of spontaneous generation.
1861 American Civil War: Robert E. Lee resigns his commission in the United States Army in order to command the forces of the state of Virginia.
1861 Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, attempting to display the value of balloons, makes record journey, flying 900 miles from Cincinnati to South Carolina.
1836 U.S. Congress passes an act creating the Wisconsin Territory.
1828 René Caillié becomes the second non-Muslim to enter Timbuktu, following Major Gordon Laing. He would also be the first to return alive.
1809 Two Austrian army corps in Bavaria are defeated by a First French Empire army led by Napoleon at the Battle of Abensberg on the second day of a four-day campaign that ended in a French victory.
1800 The Septinsular Republic is established.
1792 France declares war against the "King of Hungary and Bohemia", the beginning of the French Revolutionary Wars.
1789 George Washington arrives at Grays Ferry, Philadelphia, while en route to Manhattan for his inauguration.
1775 American Revolutionary War: The Siege of Boston begins, following the battles at Lexington and Concord.
1770 The Georgian king, Erekle II, abandoned by his Russian ally Count Totleben, wins a victory over Ottoman forces at Aspindza.
1752 Start of Konbaung–Hanthawaddy War, a new phase in the Burmese Civil War (1740–57).
1657 English Admiral Robert Blake destroys a Spanish silver fleet, under heavy fire from the shore, at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
1657 Freedom of religion is granted to the Jews of New Amsterdam (later New York City).
1653 Oliver Cromwell dissolves England's Rump Parliament.
1303 The Sapienza University of Rome is instituted by a bull of Pope Boniface VIII.
Famous People Born on April 20

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Year Name
1952 Louka Katseli, Greek economist and politician
1924 Guy Rocher, Canadian sociologist and academic
1946 Sandro Chia, Italian painter and sculptor
1836 Eli Whitney Blake, Jr., American scientist and academic (d. 1895)
1889 Tonny Kessler, Dutch footballer (d. 1960)
1840 Odilon Redon, French painter and illustrator (d. 1916)
1925 Elena Verdugo, American actress (d. 2017)
1914 Betty Lou Gerson, American actress (d. 1999)
1920 John Paul Stevens, American lawyer and jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (d. 2019)
1748 Georg Michael Telemann, German composer and theologian (d. 1831)
Famous People Deaths On April 20

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Date Name
1982 Archibald MacLeish, American poet, playwright, and lawyer (b. 1892)
1931 Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th Baronet, Scottish-English fencer and businessman (b. 1862)
2002 Alan Dale, American singer (b. 1925)
1912 Bram Stoker, Anglo-Irish novelist and critic, created Count Dracula (b. 1847)
1995 Milovan Đilas, Yugoslav communist, politician, theorist and author (b. 1911)
1902 Joaquim de Sousa Andrade, Brazilian poet and educator (b. 1833)
2004 Lizzy Mercier Descloux, French musician, singer-songwriter, composer, actress, writer and painter (b. 1956)
2010 Dorothy Height, American educator and activist (b. 1912)
1703 Lancelot Addison, English clergyman and educator (b. 1632)
1558 Johannes Bugenhagen, German priest and theologian (b. 1485)