Famous People Born on November 19, November 19 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on November 19. Famous birthdays for the 19th of November. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on November 19. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 19th of November?
Which celebrities are born in November?
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What famous person has a birthday on November 19?

November 19 Birthdays, Famous People born on November 19th

Year Name
1999 Evgenia Medvedeva, Russian figure skater
1997 Kotonowaka Masahiro, Japanese sumo wrestler
1997 The McCaughey septuplets
1995 Vanessa Axente, Hungarian model
1994 Ibrahima Mbaye, Senegalese footballer
1993 Kerim Frei, Austrian footballer
1993 Suso, Spanish footballer
1992 Cameron Bancroft, Australian cricketer
1991 Marina Marković, Serbian basketball player
1991 Fabien Antunes, French footballer
1990 Marquise Goodwin, American football player
1990 John Moore, American ice hockey player
1990 Benedikt Schmid, German footballer
1989 John McCarthy, Australian footballer (d. 2012)
1989 Roman Sergeevich Trofimov, Russian ski jumper
1989 Tyga, American rapper
1988 Timo Eichfuss, Estonian basketball player
1988 Patrick Kane, American ice hockey player
1987 Sílvia Soler Espinosa, Spanish tennis player
1986 Sam Betty, English rugby player
1986 Jeannie Ortega, American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress
1986 Michael Saunders, Canadian baseball player
1986 Jessicah Schipper, Australian swimmer
1986 Milan Smiljanić, Serbian footballer
1985 Chris Eagles, English footballer
1985 Alex Mack, American football player
1984 Dawid Kucharski, Polish footballer
1984 Brittany Maynard, American activist (d. 2014)
1983 Chandra Crawford, Canadian skier
1983 Adam Driver, American actor
1983 Daria Werbowy, Polish-Canadian model
1981 Marcus Banks, American basketball player
1981 André Lotterer, German race car driver
1981 Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe, Argentine rugby player
1981 DJ Tukutz, South Korean DJ, producer, and songwriter
1981 Mark Wallace, Welsh-English cricketer
1980 Courtney Anderson, American football player
1980 Otis Grigsby, American football player
1980 Vladimir Radmanović, Serbian basketball player
1979 Keith Buckley, American singer-songwriter
1979 Mahé Drysdale, New Zealand rower
1979 John-Ford Griffin, American baseball player
1979 Ryan Howard, American baseball player
1979 Larry Johnson, American football player
1979 Leam Richardson, English footballer and manager
1978 Dries Buytaert, Belgian computer programmer
1978 Matt Dusk, Canadian singer
1978 Věra Pospíšilová-Cechlová, Czech discus thrower and shot putter
1977 Kerri Strug, American gymnast and runner
1976 Jack Dorsey, American businessman, co-founded Twitter
1976 Robin Dunne, Canadian actor, producer, and screenwriter
1976 Jun Shibata, Japanese singer-songwriter
1976 Petr Sýkora, Czech ice hockey player
1976 Stylianos Venetidis, Greek footballer and manager
1975 Toby Bailey, American basketball player and agent
1975 Sushmita Sen, Indian actress, model and Miss Universe 1994
1973 Billy Currington, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1973 Savion Glover, American dancer and choreographer
1972 Sandrine Holt, English-American model and actress
1971 Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur, American author and activist
1971 Justin Chancellor, English bass player
1971 Jeremy McGrath, American motorcycle racer
1971 Alice Peacock, American singer-songwriter
1971 Tony Rich, American R&B singer-songwriter and musician
1969 Philippe Adams, Belgian race car driver
1969 Erika Alexander, American actress and screenwriter
1969 Ertuğrul Sağlam, Turkish footballer and coach
1969 Richard Virenque, Moroccan-French cyclist and sportscaster
1967 Yaroslav Blanter, Russian physicist
1967 Randi Kaye, American journalist
1966 Shmuley Boteach, American rabbi and author
1966 Gail Devers, American sprinter and hurdler
1966 Rocco DiSpirito, American chef and author
1966 Kakhaber Kacharava, Georgian footballer and manager
1966 Jason Scott Lee, American actor and martial artist
1965 Laurent Blanc, French footballer and manager
1965 Douglas Henshall, Scottish actor
1965 Jason Pierce, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1965 Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, Brazilian cryptographer and academic
1965 Paul Weitz, American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and playwright
1964 Fred Diamond, American-English mathematician and academic
1964 Vincent Herring, American saxophonist and flute player
1964 Phil Hughes, Irish footballer and coach
1964 Jung Jin-young, South Korean actor
1964 Irina Laricheva, Russian target shooter (d. 2020)
1964 Eric Musselman, American basketball player and coach
1964 Nicholas Patrick, English-American engineer and astronaut
1964 Peter Rohde, Australian footballer and coach
1964 Tony Ryall, New Zealand banker and politician, 38th New Zealand Minister of Health
1964 Ronnie Sinclair, Scottish footballer and coach
1964 Alfredo Zaiat, Argentine economist and journalist
1964 Shawn Holman, American baseball pitcher
1963 Terry Farrell, American actress
1963 Jon Potter, English-American field hockey player
1962 Jodie Foster, American actress, director, and producer
1962 Sean Parnell, American lawyer and politician, 12th Governor of Alaska
1962 Dodie Boy Peñalosa, Filipino boxer and trainer
1961 Jim L. Mora, American football player and coach
1961 Meg Ryan, American actress and producer
1961 Pernille Svarre, Danish athlete
1960 Miss Elizabeth, American wrestler and manager (d. 2003)
1960 Matt Sorum, American drummer, songwriter, and producer
1959 Robert Barron, American bishop, author, and theologian
1959 Jo Bonner, American politician
1959 Allison Janney, American actress
1958 Isabella Blow, English magazine editor (d. 2007)
1958 Algirdas Butkevičius, Lithuanian sergeant and politician, 12th Prime Minister of Lithuania
1958 Terrence C. Carson, American actor and singer
1958 Annette Gordon-Reed, American historian, author, and academic
1958 Charlie Kaufman, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1958 Michael Wilbon, American sportscaster and journalist
1957 Ofra Haza, Israeli singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2000)
1957 Tom Virtue, American actor
1956 Peter Carter, English diplomat, British Ambassador to Estonia (d. 2014)
1956 Eileen Collins, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut
1956 Ann Curry, Guamanian-American journalist
1956 Sergiy Vilkomir, Ukrainian-born computer scientist (d. 2020)
1955 Sam Hamm, American screenwriter and producer
1954 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Egyptian field marshal and politician, 6th President of Egypt
1954 Réjean Lemelin, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1954 Kathleen Quinlan, American actress
1953 Robert Beltran, American actor
1953 Tom Villard, American actor (d. 1994)
1951 Charles Falconer, Baron Falconer of Thoroton, Scottish lawyer and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain
1950 Peter Biyiasas, Greek-Canadian chess player
1949 Raymond Blanc, French chef and author
1949 Ahmad Rashad, American football player and sportscaster
1947 Bob Boone, American baseball player and manager
1947 Anfinn Kallsberg, Faroese politician, 10th Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands
1947 Lamar S. Smith, American lawyer and politician
1945 Hans Monderman, Dutch engineer (d. 2008)
1945 Bobby Tolan, American baseball player and manager
1944 Agnes Baltsa, Greek soprano and actress
1944 Dennis Hull, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster
1943 Fred Lipsius, American saxophonist and educator
1943 Aurelio Monteagudo, Cuban-American baseball player and manager (d. 1990)
1942 Roland Clift, English engineer and academic
1942 Larry Gilbert, American golfer (d. 1998)
1942 Calvin Klein, American fashion designer, founded Calvin Klein Inc.
1942 Sharon Olds, American poet and academic
1941 Denny Doherty, Canadian singer-songwriter (d. 2007)
1941 Dan Haggerty, American actor and producer (d. 2016)
1941 Tommy Thompson, American captain and politician, 19th United States Secretary of Health and Human Services
1940 Gary Gruber, author and expert on test-prep (d. 2019)
1939 Emil Constantinescu, Romanian academic and politician, 3rd President of Romania
1939 Tom Harkin, American lawyer and politician
1939 Jane Mansbridge, American political scientist and academic
1939 Warren "Pete" Moore, American singer-songwriter and record producer (d. 2017)
1939 Richard Zare, American chemist and academic
1938 Len Killeen, South African rugby league player (d. 2011)
1938 Frank Misson, Australian cricketer
1938 Ted Turner, American businessman and philanthropist, founded Turner Broadcasting System
1937 Penelope Leach, English psychologist and author
1936 Dick Cavett, American actor and talk show host
1936 Ray Collins, American singer (d. 2012)
1936 Yuan T. Lee, Taiwanese-American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1935 Rashad Khalifa, Egyptian-American biochemist and scholar (d. 1990)
1935 Jack Welch, American engineer, businessman, and author (d. 2020)
1934 Kurt Hamrin, Swedish footballer and scout
1934 Valentin Ivanov, Russian footballer and manager (d. 2011)
1934 David Lloyd-Jones, English conductor (d. 2022)
1933 Larry King, American journalist and talk show host (d. 2021)[24]
1933 Jerry Sheindlin, American judge and author
1932 Eleanor F. Helin, American astronomer (d. 2009)
1930 Kurt Nielsen, Danish tennis player, referee, and sportscaster (d. 2011)
1929 Norman Cantor, Canadian-American historian and scholar (d. 2004)
1928 Dara Singh, Indian wrestler, actor, and politician (d. 2012)
1926 Jeane Kirkpatrick, American academic and diplomat, 16th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (d. 2006)
1926 Pino Rauti, Italian journalist and politician (d. 2012)
1926 Barry Reckord, Jamaican playwright and screenwriter (d. 2011)
1925 Zygmunt Bauman, Polish-English sociologist, historian, and academic (d. 2017)
1924 Jane Freilicher, American painter and poet (d. 2014)
1924 William Russell, English actor
1924 Knut Steen, Norwegian-Italian sculptor (d. 2011)
1924 Margaret Turner-Warwick, English physician and academic (d. 2017)
1923 Louis D. Rubin, Jr., American author, critic, and academic (d. 2013)
1922 Salil Chowdhury, Indian director, playwright, and composer (d. 1995)
1922 Yuri Knorozov, Ukrainian-Russian linguist, epigrapher, and ethnographer (d. 1999)
1922 Rajko Mitić, Serbian footballer and coach (d. 2008)
1921 Roy Campanella, American baseball player and coach (d. 1993)
1921 Peter Ruckman, American pastor and educator (d. 2016)
1920 Gene Tierney, American actress and singer (d. 1991)
1919 Gillo Pontecorvo, Italian director and screenwriter (d. 2006)
1919 Alan Young, English-Canadian actor, singer, and director (d. 2016)
1919 Lolita Lebrón, Puerto Rican nationalist (d. 2010)
1917 Indira Gandhi, Indian politician, Prime Minister of India (d. 1984)
1915 Earl Wilbur Sutherland, Jr., American pharmacologist and biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1974)
1912 Bernard Joseph McLaughlin, American bishop (d. 2015)
1912 George Emil Palade, Romanian-American biologist and physician, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2008)
1912 Robert Simpson, American meteorologist and author (d. 2014)
1910 Adrian Conan Doyle, English race car driver, author, and explorer (d. 1970)
1909 Peter Drucker, Austrian-American theorist, educator, and author (d. 2005).
1909 Carlos López Moctezuma, Mexican actor (d. 1980).
1907 Jack Schaefer, American author (d. 1991)
1907 Hans Liska, Austrian-German artist (d. 1983)
1906 Franz Schädle, German SS officer (d. 1945)
1905 Eleanor Audley, American actress (d. 1991)
1905 Tommy Dorsey, American trombonist, composer and bandleader (d. 1956)
1904 Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr., American murderer (d. 1971)
1901 Nina Bari, Russian mathematician (d. 1961)
1900 Bunny Ahearne, Irish-English ice hockey player and manager (d. 1985)
1900 Mikhail Lavrentyev, Russian mathematician and hydrodynamicist (d. 1980)
1900 Anna Seghers, German author and politician (d. 1983)
1899 Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei, Iranian religious leader and scholar (d. 1992)
1899 Allen Tate, American poet and critic (d. 1979)
1898 Klement Jug, Slovenian philosopher and mountaineer (d. 1924)
1898 Arthur R. von Hippel, German-American physicist and academic (d. 2003)
1897 Quentin Roosevelt, American lieutenant and pilot (d. 1918)
1895 Louise Dahl-Wolfe, American photographer (d. 1989)
1895 Evert van Linge, Dutch footballer and architect (d. 1964)
1894 Américo Tomás, Portuguese admiral and politician, 14th President of Portugal (d. 1987)
1893 René Voisin, French trumpet player (d. 1952)
1892 Thomas Clay, English footballer and coach (d. 1949)
1892 Huw T. Edwards, Welsh poet and politician (d. 1970)
1889 Clifton Webb, American actor, singer, and dancer (d. 1966)
1888 José Raúl Capablanca, Cuban-American chess player and theologian (d. 1942)
1887 James B. Sumner, American chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)
1883 Ned Sparks, Canadian-American actor and singer (d. 1957)
1877 Giuseppe Volpi, Italian businessman and politician, founded the Venice Film Festival (d. 1947)
1876 Tatyana Afanasyeva, Russian-Dutch mathematician and theorist (d. 1964)
1875 Mikhail Kalinin, Russian civil servant and politician, 1st Head of State of The Soviet Union (d. 1946)
1873 Elizabeth McCombs, the first woman elected to the Parliament of New Zealand (d. 1935)
1862 Billy Sunday, American baseball player and evangelist (d. 1935)
1859 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, Russian composer, conductor, and educator (d. 1935)
1845 Agnes Giberne, Indian-English astronomer and author (d. 1939)
1843 Richard Avenarius, German-Swiss philosopher and academic (d. 1896)
1843 C. X. Larrabee, American businessman (d. 1914)
1834 Georg Hermann Quincke, German physicist and academic (d. 1924)
1833 Wilhelm Dilthey, German psychologist, sociologist, and historian (d. 1911)
1831 James A. Garfield, American general, lawyer, and politician, 20th President of the United States (d. 1881)
1828 Rani Lakshmibai, Indian queen (d. 1858)
1812 Karl Schwarz, German theologian and politician (d. 1885)
1808 Janez Bleiweis, Slovenian journalist, physician, and politician (d. 1881)
1805 Ferdinand de Lesseps, French diplomat and engineer, developed the Suez Canal (d. 1894)
1802 Solomon Foot, American lawyer and politician (d. 1866)
1770 Bertel Thorvaldsen, Danish sculptor and academic (d. 1844)
1765 Filippo Castagna, Maltese politician (d. 1830)
1752 George Rogers Clark, American general (d. 1818)
1722 Leopold Auenbrugger, Austrian physician (d. 1809)
1722 Benjamin Chew, American lawyer and judge (d. 1810)
1711 Mikhail Lomonosov, Russian physicist, chemist, astronomer, and geographer (d. 1765)
1700 Jean-Antoine Nollet, French priest and physicist (d. 1770)
1617 Eustache Le Sueur, French painter and educator (d. 1655)
1600 Charles I of England, Scotland, and Ireland (d. 1649)
1600 Lieuwe van Aitzema, Dutch historian and diplomat (d. 1669)
1563 Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester, English poet and politician (d. 1626)
1503 Pier Luigi Farnese, Duke of Parma (d. 1547)
1464 Emperor Go-Kashiwabara of Japan (d. 1526)
1417 Frederick I, Count Palatine of Simmern (d. 1480)