Famous People Born on March 11, March 11 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on March 11. Famous birthdays for the 11th of March. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on March 11. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 11th of March?
Which celebrities are born in March?
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What famous person has a birthday on March 11?

March 11 Birthdays, Famous People born on March 11th

Year Name
1994 Martin Jurtom, Estonian basketball player
1994 Andrew Robertson, Scottish footballer
1993 Jodie Comer, British actress
1992 Austin Swift, American actor, brother of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift
1992 KZ Tandingan, Filipina singer and rapper
1991 Kamohelo Mokotjo, South African footballer
1990 Ayumi Morita, Japanese tennis player
1989 Anton Yelchin, Russian-born American actor (d. 2016)
1988 Fábio Coentrão, Portuguese footballer
1988 Cecil Lolo, South African footballer (d. 2015)
1988 Katsuhiko Nakajima, Japanese wrestler
1987 Marc-André Gragnani, Canadian ice hockey player
1987 Tanel Kangert, Estonian cyclist
1987 Ngonidzashe Makusha, Zimbabwean sprinter and long jumper
1987 Colin Munro, South African-New Zealand cricketer
1986 Dario Cologna, Swiss skier
1986 Mariko Shinoda, Japanese singer and actress, former AKB48 member
1985 Paul Bissonnette, Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Daniel Vázquez Evuy, Equatoguinean footballer
1985 Luis Hernández, Mexican figure skater
1985 Stelios Malezas, Greek footballer
1985 Ajantha Mendis, Sri Lankan cricketer
1985 Derek Schouman, American football player
1985 Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Australian footballer
1985 Hakuhō Shō, Mongolian sumo wrestler, the 69th Yokozuna
1983 Lucy DeVito, American actress, daughter of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman
1982 Brian Anderson, American baseball player
1982 Thora Birch, American actress
1982 Hasan Raza, Pakistani cricketer
1981 Heidi Cortez, American businesswoman and author
1981 Luke Johnson, English drummer and songwriter
1981 LeToya Luckett, American singer-songwriter and actress
1980 Paul Scharner, Austrian footballer
1980 Dan Uggla, American baseball player
1979 Elton Brand, American basketball player
1979 Fred Jones, American basketball player
1979 Benji Madden, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1979 Joel Madden, American singer-songwriter and producer
1979 Keren Peles, Israeli singer-songwriter and pianist
1979 Kirk Reynoldson, Australian rugby league player
1978 Scott Calderwood, English-Scottish footballer and manager
1978 Didier Drogba, Ivorian footballer
1978 Albert Luque, Spanish footballer
1977 Becky Hammon, American-Russian basketball player and coach
1976 Thomas Gravesen, Danish footballer
1976 Kotomitsuki Keiji, Japanese sumo wrestler
1975 João Barbosa, Portuguese racing driver
1975 Shawn Springs, American football player
1974 Bobby Abreu, Venezuelan baseball player
1973 Martin Hiden, Austrian footballer and coach
1972 Paolo Ponzo, Italian footballer (d. 2013)
1971 Johnny Knoxville, American actor, stuntman, and producer
1971 Martin Ručinský, Czech ice hockey player
1970 Andre Nickatina, American rapper and producer
1969 Terrence Howard, American actor and producer
1969 Soraya, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2006)
1968 Stéphane Bédard, Canadian lawyer and politician
1968 Simone Buchanan, Australian actress
1968 Lisa Loeb, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and actress
1967 John Barrowman, Scottish-American actor and singer
1967 Brad Carson, American lawyer and politician, United States Under Secretary of the Army
1967 Renzo Gracie, Brazilian-American mixed martial artist and trainer
1967 Cynthia Klitbo, Mexican actress
1966 Robbie Brookside, English wrestler and trainer
1966 John Thompson III, American basketball player and coach
1966 Ilias Zouros, Greek basketball player and coach
1965 Nigel Adkins, English footballer and manager
1965 Jesse Jackson, Jr., American lawyer and politician
1965 Wallace Langham, American actor
1965 Jenny Packham, English fashion designer
1965 Allan Vainola, Estonian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1964 Peter Berg, American actor, director, producer and screenwriter
1964 Vinnie Paul, American drummer, songwriter and producer (d. 2018)
1964 Shane Richie, English actor and singer
1963 Alex Kingston, English actress
1963 David LaChapelle, American photographer and director
1962 Mary Gauthier, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1962 Matt Mead, American lawyer and politician, 32nd Governor of Wyoming
1961 Elias Koteas, Canadian actor
1961 Bruce Watson, Canadian-Scottish guitarist
1960 Christophe Gans, French director, producer, and screenwriter
1960 Junichi Sato, Japanese animator and director
1960 Warwick Taylor, New Zealand rugby player
1959 Manuel Negrete Arias, Mexican footballer and coach
1959 Nina Hartley, (born Marie Louise Hartman), American pornographic actress, pornographic film director, sex educator, sex-positive feminist, and author
1959 Margus Oopkaup, Estonian actor
1959 Dejan StojanoviĿ, Serbian-American journalist and poet
1958 Ian Horrocks, English computer scientist and academic
1958 Tetsurō Oda, Japanese singer-songwriter and producer
1958 James Pinkerton, American journalist and author
1958 Anissa Jones, American child actress (d. 1976)
1958 Flemming Rose, Danish journalist and author
1957 The Lady Chablis, American drag queen performer (d. 2016)
1956 Willie Banks, American triple jumper
1956 Curtis Brown, American colonel, pilot and astronaut
1956 Helen Rollason, English journalist and sportscaster (d. 1999)
1955 Leslie Cliff, Canadian swimmer
1955 Nina Hagen, German singer and actress
1955 D. J. MacHale, American author, director, and screenwriter
1954 David Newman, American composer and conductor
1954 Gale Norton, American lawyer and politician, 48th United States Secretary of the Interior
1953 László Bölöni, Romanian-Hungarian footballer and manager
1953 Derek Daly, Irish-American race car driver and sportscaster
1953 Jimmy Iovine, American record producer and businessman, co-founded Interscope Records and Beats Electronics
1953 Bernie LaBarge, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1952 Douglas Adams, English author and playwright (d. 2001)
1951 Andres Metspalu, Estonian geneticist and academic
1951 Dominique Sanda, French model and actress
1950 Sam Kekovich, Australian footballer and sportscaster
1950 Bobby McFerrin, American singer-songwriter, producer, and conductor
1950 Jerry Zucker, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1949 Griselda Pollock, South African-English historian and academic
1948 Roy Barnes, American lawyer and politician, 80th Governor of Georgia
1948 Jan Schelhaas, English keyboard player
1947 Geoff Hunt, Australian squash player
1947 Tristan Murail, French composer and educator
1947 Mark Stein, American singer-songwriter and keyboard player
1946 Mark Metcalf, American actor and producer
1945 Dock Ellis, American baseball player and coach (d. 2008)
1945 Harvey Mandel, American guitarist
1943 Arturo Merzario, Italian race car driver
1942 Marcus Borg, American scholar, theologian and author (d. 2015)
1942 Joel Steiger, American director, producer and screenwriter
1940 Alberto Cortez, Argentinian-Spanish singer-songwriter
1939 Lorraine Hunt, American lawyer and politician, 32nd Lieutenant Governor of Nevada
1939 Orlando Quevedo, Filipino cardinal
1938 Joseph Brooks, American director, producer, screenwriter, and composer (d. 2011)
1936 Hollis Frampton, American director, screenwriter, and photographer (d. 1984)
1936 Antonin Scalia, American lawyer and jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (d. 2016)
1934 Sam Donaldson, American journalist
1932 Leroy Jenkins, American violinist and composer (Revolutionary Ensemble) (d. 2007)
1932 Nigel Lawson, English journalist and politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer
1931 Janosch, Polish-German author and illustrator
1931 Marisa Del Frate, Italian actress and singer (d. 2015)
1931 Rupert Murdoch, Australian-American businessman, founded News Corporation
1930 David Gentleman, English illustrator and engraver
1930 Claude Jutra, Canadian actor, director and screenwriter (d. 1986)
1929 Timothy Carey, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1994)
1929 Jackie McGlew, South African cricketer (d. 1998)
1928 Albert Salmi, American actor (d. 1990)
1927 Joachim Fuchsberger, German actor and television host (d. 2014)
1927 Col Geelan, Australian rugby league player and coach (d. 1996)
1927 Freda Meissner-Blau, Austrian activist and politician (d. 2015)
1927 Robert Mosbacher, American sailor, businessman, and politician, 25th United States Secretary of Commerce (d. 2010)
1927 Josep Maria Subirachs, Spanish sculptor and painter (d. 2014)
1926 Ralph Abernathy, American minister and activist (d. 1990)
1925 Margaret Oakley Dayhoff, American biochemist and academic (d. 1983)
1925 İlhan Selçuk, Turkish lawyer, journalist, and author (d. 2010)
1923 Louise Brough, American tennis player (d. 2014)
1922 Cornelius Castoriadis, Greek economist and philosopher (d. 1997)
1922 José Luis López Vázquez, Spanish actor and director (d. 2009)
1922 Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysian lawyer and politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Malaysia (d. 1976)
1921 Frank Harary, American mathematician and academic (d. 2005)
1921 Jeff Stollmeyer, Trinidadian cricketer (d. 1989)
1921 Astor Piazzolla, Argentine tango composer and bandoneon player (d. 1992)
1920 Nicolaas Bloembergen, Dutch-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2017)
1919 Juan H. Cintrón García, Puerto Rican businessman and politician, 126th Mayor of Ponce (d. 2012)
1916 Ezra Jack Keats, American author and illustrator (d. 1983)
1916 Harold Wilson, English academic and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1995)
1915 Vijay Hazare, Indian cricketer (d. 2004)
1915 J. C. R. Licklider, American computer scientist and psychologist (d. 1990)
1913 Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke, German colonel and pilot (d. 1944)
1911 Sir Fitzroy Maclean, 1st Baronet, Egyptian-Scottish general and politician (d. 1996)
1910 Robert Havemann, German chemist and academic (d. 1982)
1908 Matti Sippala, Finnish javelin thrower (d. 1997)
1907 Jessie Matthews, English actress, singer, and dancer (d. 1981)
1903 Ronald Syme, New Zealand historian and scholar (d. 1989)
1903 Lawrence Welk, American accordion player and bandleader (d. 1992)
1900 Hanna Bergas, German teacher who contributed to the rescue of Jewish children during WWII (d. 1987)
1899 James H. Douglas, Jr., American colonel, lawyer, and politician, 9th United States Deputy Secretary of Defense (d. 1988)
1899 Frederick IX of Denmark (d. 1972)
1898 Dorothy Gish, American actress (d. 1968)
1897 Henry Cowell, American pianist and composer (d. 1965)
1896 Olivério Pinto, Brazilian zoologist and physician (d. 1981)
1895 Shemp Howard, American actor (d. 1955)
1893 Wanda Gág, American author and illustrator (d. 1946)
1890 Vannevar Bush, American engineer and academic (d. 1974)
1887 Raoul Walsh, American actor and director (d. 1980)
1887 Kâzım Orbay, Turkish general and politician (d. 1964)
1885 Malcolm Campbell, English race car driver and journalist (d. 1948)
1884 Lewi Pethrus, Swedish minister and hymn-writer (d. 1974)
1884 ÿmer Seyfettin, Turkish soldier, author, and educator (d. 1920)
1880 Harry H. Laughlin, American eugenicist and sociologist (d. 1943)
1878 Umegatani Tōtarō II, Japanese sumo wrestler (d. 1927)
1876 Carl Ruggles, American pianist and composer (d. 1971)
1873 David Horsley, English-American film producer, co-founded Universal Studios (d. 1933)
1872 Kathleen Clarice Groom, Australian-English author and screenwriter (d. 1954)
1870 Louis Bachelier, French mathematician and theorist (d. 1946)
1863 Andrew Stoddart, English cricketer and rugby player (d. 1915)
1854 Jane Meade Welch, American journalist and lecturer (d. 1931)
1822 Joseph Louis François Bertrand, French mathematician, economist, and academic (d. 1900)
1819 Henry Tate, English businessman and philanthropist, founded Tate & Lyle (d. 1899)
1818 Marius Petipa, French-Russian dancer and choreographer (d. 1910)
1815 Anna Bochkoltz, German operatic soprano, voice teacher and composer (d. 1879)
1815 Anna Bochkoltz, German operatic soprano, voice teacher and composer (d. 1879)
1811 Urbain Le Verrier, French mathematician and astronomer (d. 1877)
1806 Louis Boulanger, French Romantic painter, lithographer and illustrator (d. 1867)
1787 Ivan Nabokov, Russian general (d. 1852)
1785 John McLean, American jurist and politician, 6th United States Postmaster General (d. 1861)
1745 Bodawpaya, Burmese king (d. 1819)
1738 Benjamin Tupper, American general (d. 1792)
1634 Nicholas Gassaway, English colonial military and political leader (d. 1691)
1544 Torquato Tasso, Italian poet and educator (d. 1595)
1530 Johann Wilhelm, Duke of Saxe-Weimar (d. 1573)
1503 George Harper, English politician (d. 1558)
1279 Mary of Woodstock, daughter of Edward I of England (d. c.1332)
378 Pope Innocent I (d. 417)