Famous People Born on March 4, March 4 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on March 4. Famous birthdays for the 4th of March. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on March 4. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 4th of March?
Which celebrities are born in March?
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What famous person has a birthday on March 4?

March 4 Birthdays, Famous People born on March 4th

Year Name
2007 Miya Cech, American actress
2002 Jacob Hopkins, American actor
2001 Freya Anderson, English freestyle swimmer
1996 Lukas Webb, Australian rules footballer
1995 Chlöe Howl, British singer-songwriter
1995 Bill Milner, English actor
1994 Callum Harriott, English footballer
1994 AJ Tracey, British hip-hop artist and record producer
1993 Bobbi Kristina Brown, American singer and actress (d. 2015)
1993 Richard Peniket, English footballer
1992 Nick Castellanos, American baseball player
1992 Erik Lamela, Argentinian international footballer
1992 Bernd Leno, German footballer
1992 Karl Mööl, Estonian footballer
1990 Andrea Bowen, American actress
1990 Draymond Green, American basketball player
1990 Paddy Madden, Irish footballer
1990 Fran Mérida, Spanish footballer
1989 Benjamin Kiplagat, Ugandan long-distance runner
1988 Gal Mekel, Israeli basketball player
1988 Laura Siegemund, German tennis player
1988 Adam Watts, English footballer
1987 Ben McKinley, Australian footballer
1987 Cameron Wood, Australian footballer
1987 Tamzin Merchant, English actress
1986 Steven Burke, English road and track cyclist
1986 Tom De Mul, Belgian footballer
1986 Mike Krieger, Brazilian-American computer programmer and businessman, co-founded Instagram
1986 Park Min-young, South Korean actress[25]
1986 Siim Roops, Estonian footballer
1986 Bohdan Shust, Ukrainian footballer
1986 Manu Vatuvei, New Zealand rugby league player
1986 Margo Harshman, American actress
1985 Jake Buxton, English footballer
1985 Chinedum Ndukwe, American football player
1985 Whitney Port, American fashion designer and author
1984 Josh Bowman, English actor
1984 Tamir Cohen, Israeli footballer
1984 Anders Grøndal, Norwegian racing driver
1984 Spencer Larsen, American football player
1984 Jeremy Loops, South African singer-songwriter and record producer
1984 Raven Quinn, American singer-songwriter
1984 Zak Whitbread, American-English footballer
1983 Samuel Contesti, French-Italian figure skater
1983 Adam Deacon, English film actor, rapper, writer and director
1983 Jaque Fourie, South African rugby player
1983 Drew Houston, American Internet entrepreneur
1982 Landon Donovan, American soccer player and coach
1982 Cate Edwards, American lawyer and author
1982 Ludmila Ezhova, Russian gymnast
1982 Yasemin Mori, Turkish singer
1981 Ariza Makukula, Portuguese footballer
1981 Helen Wyman, English cyclist
1980 Rohan Bopanna, Indian tennis player
1980 Omar Bravo, Mexican footballer
1980 Suzanna Choffel, American singer-songwriter
1980 Giedrius Gustas, Lithuanian basketball player
1980 Scott Hamilton, New Zealand rugby player and coach
1980 Jack Hannahan, American baseball player
1980 Michael Henrich, American ice hockey player
1980 Phil McGuire, Scottish footballer and manager
1980 Aja Volkman, American singer-songwriter
1979 Sarah Stock, Canadian wrestler and trainer
1978 Pierre Dagenais, Canadian ice hockey player
1978 Denis Dallan, Italian rugby player and singer
1978 Jean-Marc Pelletier, American ice hockey player
1977 Nacho Figueras, Argentinian polo player and model
1977 Traver Rains, American fashion designer and photographer
1976 Robbie Blake, English footballer
1976 Tommy Jönsson, Swedish footballer
1975 Mats Eilertsen, Norwegian bassist and composer
1975 Patrick Femerling, German basketball player
1975 Antti Aalto, Finnish ice hockey player
1975 Kristi Harrower, Australian basketball player
1975 Hawksley Workman, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1974 Crowbar, American wrestler
1974 Mladen Krstajić, Serbian footballer and manager
1974 Karol Kučera, Slovak tennis player
1974 Ariel Ortega, Argentinian footballer
1974 Tommy Phelps, South Korean-American baseball player and coach
1974 ICS Vortex, Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1974 David Wagner, American tennis player and educator
1974 Bill Young, Australian rugby player
1973 Massimo Brambilla, Italian footballer and coach
1973 Phillip Daniels, American football player and coach
1973 Valery Kobelev, Russian ski jumper
1973 Penny Mordaunt, English lieutenant and politician, Minister of State for the Armed Forces
1973 Linus of Hollywood, American singer-songwriter and producer
1973 Len Wiseman, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1973 Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, Indian director and screenwriter
1972 Katherine Center, American journalist and author
1972 Nocturno Culto, Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1972 Robert Smith, American football player and sportscaster
1972 Ivy Queen, Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, rapper, actress and record producer
1972 Jos Verstappen, Dutch racing driver
1972 Alison Wheeler, English singer-songwriter
1971 Iain Baird, Canadian soccer player and manager
1971 Claire Baker, Scottish politician
1971 Anders Kjølholm, Danish bass player
1971 Satoshi Motoyama, Japanese racing driver
1970 Àlex Crivillé, Spanish motorcycle racer
1970 Will Keen, English actor
1970 Caroline Vis, Dutch tennis player
1969 Pierluigi Casiraghi, Italian footballer and manager
1969 Wayne Collins, English footballer
1969 Annie Yi, Taiwanese singer, actress, and writer
1968 Giovanni Carrara, Venezuelan baseball player
1968 Jorge Celedón, Colombian singer
1968 Patsy Kensit, English model and actress
1968 Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greek banker and politician, Prime Minister of Greece
1968 Graham Westley, English footballer and manager
1967 Daryll Cullinan, South African cricketer and coach
1967 Evan Dando, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1967 Ivan Lewis, English lawyer and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
1967 Terry Matterson, Australian rugby league player and coach
1967 Dave Rayner, English cyclist (d. 1994)
1967 Sam Taylor-Johnson, English filmmaker and photographer
1967 Kubilay Türkyilmaz, Swiss footballer
1967 Tim Vine, English comedian, actor, and author
1966 Emese Hunyady, Hungarian speed skater
1966 Kevin Johnson, American basketball player and politician, 55th Mayor of Sacramento
1966 Fiona Ma, American accountant and politician
1966 Helmut Mayer, Austrian skier
1966 Glen Nissen, Australian rugby league player
1966 Dav Pilkey, American author and illustrator
1966 Grand Puba, American rapper
1966 Mike Small, American golfer and coach
1965 Greg Alexander, Australian rugby league player and sportscaster
1965 Paul W. S. Anderson, English director, producer, and screenwriter
1965 Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-born American novelist
1965 Yury Lonchakov, Russian pilot, and cosmonaut
1964 Brian Crowley, Irish lawyer and politician
1964 Paolo Virzì, Italian director and screenwriter
1963 Jason Newsted, American heavy metal singer-songwriter and bass player
1961 Ray Mancini, American boxer
1961 Roger Wessels, South African golfer and educator
1960 Chonda Pierce, American comedian
1959 Rick Ardon, Australian journalist
1959 Plamen Getov, Bulgarian footballer
1958 Patricia Heaton, American actress
1958 Massimo Mascioletti, Italian rugby player and coach
1958 Tina Smith, American politician, junior senator of Minnesota
1957 Nicholas Coleridge, English journalist and businessman
1957 Ron Fassler, American film and television actor and author
1957 Mykelti Williamson, American actor and director
1955 Tim Costello, Australian minister and politician
1955 Joey Jones, Welsh footballer and manager
1954 Timur Apakidze, Russian general and pilot (d. 2001)
1954 Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Korean American author (d. 1982)
1954 François Fillon, French lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of France
1954 Peter Jacobsen, American golfer and sportscaster
1954 Irina Ratushinskaya, Russian poet and author (d. 2017)
1953 John Edwards, Australian director and producer
1953 Emilio Estefan, Cuban-American drummer and producer
1953 Paweł Janas, Polish footballer and manager
1953 Ray Price, Australian rugby player and sportscaster
1953 Reinhold Roth, German motorcycle racer
1953 Chris Smith, American lawyer and politician
1953 Agustí Villaronga, Spanish actor, director, and screenwriter
1953 Daniel Woodrell, American novelist and short story writer
1952 Peter Kuhfeld, English painter
1952 Ronn Moss, American singer-songwriter and actor
1952 Svend Robinson, American-Canadian lawyer and politician
1952 Umberto Tozzi, Italian singer-songwriter and producer
1951 Edelgard Bulmahn, German educator and politician, German Federal Minister of Education and Research
1951 Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, South Korean-American author, director, and producer (d. 1982)
1951 Kenny Dalglish, Scottish footballer and manager
1951 Pete Haycock, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2013)
1951 Sam Perlozzo, American baseball player and manager
1951 Chris Rea, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
1951 Glenis Willmott, English scientist and politician
1951 Zoran Žižić, Montenegrin politician, 4th Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (d. 2013)
1950 Ofelia Medina, Mexican actress and screenwriter
1950 Rick Perry, American captain and politician, 47th Governor of Texas
1950 Safet Plakalo, Bosnian author and playwright (d. 2015)
1949 Sergei Bagapsh, Abkhazian politician, 2nd President of Abkhazia (d. 2011)
1949 Carroll Baker, Canadian singer-songwriter
1948 Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, New Zealand-Australian author
1948 James Ellroy, American writer
1948 Tom Grieve, American baseball player, manager, and sportscaster
1948 Mike Moran, English musician, songwriter and record producer
1948 Chris Squire, English singer-songwriter and bass guitarist (d. 2015)
1947 David Franzoni, American screenwriter and film producer
1947 Jan Garbarek, Norwegian saxophonist and composer
1947 Bob Lewis, American guitarist
1947 Pēteris Plakidis, Latvian pianist and composer (d. 2017)
1946 Michael Ashcroft, English businessman and politician
1946 Danny Frisella, American baseball player (d. 1977)
1946 Haile Gerima, Ethiopian born US filmmaker
1946 Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, American journalist and author
1945 Tommy Svensson, Swedish footballer and manager
1945 Gary Williams, American basketball player and coach
1944 Harvey Postlethwaite, English engineer (d. 1999)
1944 Anthony Ichiro Sanda, Japanese-American physicist and academic
1944 Len Walker, English footballer and manager
1944 Bobby Womack, American singer-songwriter (d. 2014)
1943 Lucio Dalla, Italian singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2012)
1943 Aldo Rico, Argentinian commander and politician
1942 Gloria Gaither, American singer-songwriter
1942 Charles C. Krulak, American general
1942 David Matthews, American keyboard player and composer
1942 Lynn Sherr, American journalist and author
1942 James Gustave Speth, American lawyer and politician
1942 Zorán Sztevanovity, Serbian-Hungarian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1941 John Hancock, American film and television actor (d. 1992)
1941 Adrian Lyne, English director, producer, and screenwriter
1941 James Zagel, American lawyer and judge
1940 Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem, German scholar and judge
1940 David Plante, American novelist
1939 Jack Fisher, American baseball player
1939 Robert Shaye, American film producer
1938 Anton Balasingham, Sri Lankan-English negotiator (d. 2006)
1938 Alpha Condé, Guinean politician, President of Guinea
1938 Allan Kornblum, American police officer and judge (d. 2010)
1938 Don Perkins, American football player and sportscaster
1938 Paula Prentiss, American actress
1938 Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Polish academic and politician, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs
1937 José Araquistáin, Spanish footballer
1937 William Deverell, Canadian lawyer, author, and activist
1937 Graham Dowling, New Zealand cricketer
1937 Leslie H. Gelb, American journalist and author (d. 2019)
1937 Yuri Senkevich, Russian physician and explorer (d. 2003)
1937 Barney Wilen, French saxophonist and composer (d. 1996)
1937 Richard B. Wright, Canadian journalist and author (d. 2017)
1936 Eric Allandale, Dominican trombonist and songwriter (d. 2001)
1936 Jim Clark, Scottish racing driver (d. 1968)
1936 Aribert Reimann, German pianist and composer
1935 Edward Dębicki, Ukrainian-Polish poet and composer
1935 Bent Larsen, Danish chess player and author (d. 2010)
1934 Mario Davidovsky, Argentinian-American composer and academic (d. 2019)
1934 John Duffey, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1996)
1934 Anne Haney, American actress (d. 2001)
1934 Barbara McNair, American singer and actress (d. 2007)
1934 Sandra Reynolds, South African tennis player
1934 Janez Strnad, Slovenian physicist and academic (d. 2015)
1933 Nino Vaccarella, Italian racing driver (d. 2021)
1932 Sigurd Jansen, Norwegian pianist, composer, and conductor
1932 Ryszard Kapuściński, Polish journalist, photographer, and poet (d. 2007)
1932 Miriam Makeba, South African singer-songwriter and actress (d. 2008)
1932 Ed Roth, American illustrator (d. 2001)
1932 Frank Wells, American businessman (d. 1994)
1931 Wally Bruner, American journalist and television host (d. 1997)
1931 Bob Johnson, American ice hockey player and coach (d. 1991)
1931 William Henry Keeler, American cardinal (d. 2017)
1931 Alice Rivlin, American economist and politician (d. 2019)
1929 Bernard Haitink, Dutch violinist and conductor (d. 2021)
1929 Peter Swerling, American theoretician and engineer (d. 2000)
1928 Samuel Adler, German-American composer and conductor
1928 Alan Sillitoe, English novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet (d. 2010)
1927 Phil Batt, American soldier and politician, 29th Governor of Idaho
1927 Thayer David, American actor (d. 1978)
1927 Jacques Dupin, French poet and critic (d. 2012)
1927 Dick Savitt, American tennis player and businessman
1926 Henri de Contenson, French archaeologist and academic (d. 2019)
1926 Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma, French businessman, soldier and racing driver (d. 2018)
1926 Richard DeVos, American businessman and philanthropist, co-founded Amway (d. 2018)
1926 Pascual Pérez, Argentinian boxer (d. 1977)
1926 Don Rendell, English saxophonist and flute player (d. 2015)
1925 Alan R. Battersby, English chemist and academic (d. 2018)
1925 Paul Mauriat, French conductor and composer (d. 2006)
1923 Russell Freeburg, American journalist and author
1923 Francis King, English author and poet (d. 2011)
1923 Patrick Moore, English astronomer and television host (d. 2012)
1922 Richard E. Cunha, American director and cinematographer (d. 2005)
1922 Dina Pathak, Indian actor and director (d. 2002)
1921 Halim El-Dabh, Egyptian-American composer and educator (d. 2017)
1921 Joan Greenwood, English actress (d. 1987)
1921 Dinny Pails, English-Australian tennis player (d. 1986)
1920 Jean Lecanuet, French politician, French Minister of Justice (d. 1993)
1920 Alan MacNaughtan, Scottish-English actor (d. 2002)
1919 Buck Baker, American race car driver (d. 2002)
1919 Tan Chee Khoon, Malaysian physician and politician (d. 1996)
1918 Kurt Dahlmann, German pilot, lawyer, and journalist (d. 2017)
1918 Margaret Osborne duPont, American tennis player (d. 2012)
1917 Clyde McCullough, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1982)
1916 William Alland, American actor, director, and producer (d. 1997)
1916 Giorgio Bassani, Italian author and poet (d. 2000)
1916 Hans Eysenck, German-English psychologist and theorist (d. 1997)
1916 Ernest Titterton, British Australian nuclear physicist (d. 1990)
1915 László Csatáry, Hungarian art dealer (d. 2013)
1915 Frank Sleeman, Australian lieutenant and politician, Lord Mayor of Brisbane (d. 2000)
1915 Carlos Surinach, Spanish-Catalan composer and conductor (d. 1997)
1914 Barbara Newhall Follett, American author (d. 1939)
1914 Ward Kimball, American animator, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2002)
1914 Robert R. Wilson, American physicist, sculptor, and architect (d. 2000)
1913 Taos Amrouche, Algerian singer and author (d. 1976)
1913 John Garfield, American actor and singer (d. 1952)
1912 Afro Basaldella, Italian painter and academic (d. 1976)
1912 Ferdinand Leitner, German conductor and composer (d. 1996)
1912 Carl Marzani, Italian-American activist and publisher (d. 1994)
1911 Charles Greville, 7th Earl of Warwick, English actor (d. 1984)
1910 Tancredo Neves, Brazilian lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of Brazil (d. 1985)
1909 Harry Helmsley, American businessman (d. 1997)
1909 George Edward Holbrook, American chemist and engineer (d. 1987)
1908 T. R. M. Howard, American surgeon and activist (d. 1976)
1908 Thomas Shaw, American singer and guitarist (d. 1977)
1907 Edgar Barrier, American actor (d. 1964)
1906 Meindert DeJong, Dutch-American soldier and author (d. 1991)
1906 Avery Fisher, American violinist and engineer, founded Fisher Electronics (d. 1994)
1906 Georges Ronsse, Belgian cyclist and manager (d. 1969)
1904 Luis Carrero Blanco, Spanish admiral and politician, 69th President of the Government of Spain (d. 1973)
1904 George Gamow, Ukrainian-American physicist and cosmologist (d. 1968)
1904 Joseph Schmidt, Austrian-Hungarian tenor and actor (d. 1942)
1903 William C. Boyd, American immunologist and chemist (d. 1983)
1903 Malcolm Dole, American chemist and academic (d. 1990)
1903 Dorothy Mackaill, English-American actress and singer (d. 1990)
1903 John Scarne, American magician and author (d. 1985)
1902 Rachel Messerer, Lithuanian-Russian actress (d. 1993)
1902 Russell Reeder, American soldier and author (d. 1998)
1901 Wilbur R. Franks, Canadian scientist, invented the g-suit (d. 1986)
1901 Charles Goren, American bridge player and author (d. 1991)
1901 Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Malagasy-French author, poet, and playwright (d. 1937)
1900 Herbert Biberman, American director and screenwriter (d. 1971)
1899 Peter Illing, Austrian born, British film and television actor (d. 1966)
1899 Emilio Prados, Spanish poet and author (d. 1962)
1898 Georges Dumézil, French philologist and academic (d. 1986)
1898 Hans Krebs, German general (d. 1945)
1896 Kai Holm, Danish actor and director (d. 1985)
1895 Milt Gross, American animator, director, and screenwriter (d. 1953)
1894 Charles Corm, Lebanese businessman and philanthropist (d. 1963)
1893 Charles Herbert Colvin, American engineer, co-founded the Pioneer Instrument Company (d. 1985)
1893 Adolph Lowe, German sociologist and economist (d. 1995)
1891 Dazzy Vance, American baseball player (d. 1961)
1890 Norman Bethune, Canadian soldier and physician (d. 1939)
1889 Oscar Chisini, Italian mathematician and statistician (d. 1967)
1889 Oren E. Long, American soldier and politician, 10th Territorial Governor of Hawaii (d. 1965)
1889 Pearl White, American actress (d. 1938)
1889 Robert William Wood, English-American painter (d. 1979)
1888 Rafaela Ottiano, Italian-American actress (d. 1942)
1888 Jeff Pfeffer, American baseball player (d. 1972)
1888 Emma Richter, German paleontologist (d. 1956)
1888 Knute Rockne, American football player and coach (d. 1931)
1886 Paul Bazelaire, French cellist and composer (d. 1958)
1884 Red Murray, American baseball player (d. 1958)
1884 Lee Shumway, American actor (d. 1959)
1883 Maude Fealy, American actress and screenwriter (d. 1971)
1883 Robert Emmett Keane, American actor (d. 1981)
1883 Sam Langford, Canadian-American boxer (d. 1956)
1882 Nicolae Titulescu, Romanian academic and politician, 61st Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1941)
1881 Todor Aleksandrov, Bulgarian educator and activist (d. 1924)
1881 Thomas Sigismund Stribling, American lawyer and author (d. 1965)
1881 Richard C. Tolman, American physicist and chemist (d. 1948)
1880 Channing Pollock, American playwright and critic (d. 1946)
1879 Bernhard Kellermann, German author and poet (d. 1951)
1878 Takeo Arishima, Japanese author and critic (d. 1923)
1878 Egbert Van Alstyne, American pianist and songwriter (d. 1951)
1877 Alexander Goedicke, Russian pianist and composer (d. 1957)
1877 Fritz Graebner, German geographer and ethnologist (d. 1934)
1877 Garrett Morgan, African-American inventor (d. 1963)
1876 Léon-Paul Fargue, French poet and author (d. 1947)
1876 Theodore Hardeen, Hungarian-American magician (d. 1945)
1875 Mihály Károlyi, Hungarian politician, President of Hungary (d. 1955)
1875 Enrique Larreta, Argentinian historian and author (d. 1961)
1873 Guy Wetmore Carryl, American journalist and poet (d. 1904)
1873 John H. Trumbull, American colonel and politician, 70th Governor of Connecticut (d. 1961)
1871 Boris Galerkin, Russian mathematician and engineer (d. 1945)
1870 Thomas Sturge Moore, English author and poet (d. 1944)
1867 Jacob L. Beilhart, American activist, founded the Spirit Fruit Society (d. 1908)
1867 Charles Pelot Summerall, American Army officer (d. 1955)
1866 Eugène Cosserat, French mathematician and astronomer (d. 1931)
1864 David W. Taylor, American admiral, architect, and engineer (d. 1940)
1863 R. I. Pocock, English zoologist and archaeologist (d. 1947)
1863 John Henry Wigmore, American academic and jurist (d. 1943)
1862 Jacob Robert Emden, Swiss astrophysicist and meteorologist (d. 1940)
1861 Arthur Cushman McGiffert, American theologian and author (d. 1933)
1856 Alfred William Rich, English painter, author, and educator (d. 1921)
1854 Napier Shaw, English meteorologist and academic (d. 1945)
1851 Alexandros Papadiamantis, Greek author and poet (d. 1911)
1847 Carl Josef Bayer, Austrian chemist and academic (d. 1904)
1838 Paul Lacôme, French pianist, cellist, and composer (d. 1920)
1828 Owen Wynne Jones, Welsh clergyman and poet (d. 1870)
1826 August Johann Gottfried Bielenstein, German linguist, ethnographer, and theologian (d. 1907)
1826 John Buford, American general (d. 1863)
1826 Elme Marie Caro, French philosopher and academic (d. 1887)
1826 Theodore Judah, American engineer, founded the Central Pacific Railroad (d. 1863)
1823 George Caron, Canadian businessman and politician (d. 1902)
1822 Jules Antoine Lissajous, French mathematician and academic (d. 1880)
1820 Francesco Bentivegna, Italian rebel leader (d. 1856)
1817 Edwards Pierrepont, American lawyer and politician, 34th United States Attorney General (d. 1892)
1815 Mykhailo Verbytsky, Ukrainian composer of religious hymns and the national anthem of Ukraine (d. 1870)
1814 Napoleon Collins, Rear Admiral of the United States Navy during the Mexican–American War and the American Civil War (d. 1875)
1800 William Price, Welsh physician, Chartist, and neo-Druid (d. 1893)
1793 Karl Lachmann, German philologist and critic (d. 1851)
1792 Isaac Lea, American conchologist, geologist, and publisher (d. 1886)
1782 Johann Rudolf Wyss, Swiss philosopher, author, and academic (d. 1830)
1781 Rebecca Gratz, American educator and philanthropist (d. 1869)
1778 Robert Emmet, Irish republican (d. 1803)
1770 Joseph Jacotot, French philosopher and academic (d. 1840)
1769 Muhammad Ali, Ottoman military leader and pasha (d. 1849)
1760 William Payne, English painter (d. 1830)
1760 Hugh Ronalds, British nurseryman who cultivated and documented 300 varieties of apples (d. 1833)
1756 Henry Raeburn, Scottish portrait painter (d. 1823)
1745 Charles Dibdin, English actor, playwright, and composer (d. 1814)
1745 Casimir Pulaski, Polish-American general (d. 1779)
1719 George Pigot, 1st Baron Pigot, English politician (d. 1777)
1715 James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave, English historian and politician (d. 1763)
1706 Lauritz de Thurah, Danish architect, designed the Hermitage Hunting Lodge and Gammel Holtegård (d. 1759)
1702 Jack Sheppard, English criminal (d. 1724)
1678 Antonio Vivaldi, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1741)
1665 Philip Christoph von Königsmarck, Swedish soldier (d. 1694)
1655 Fra Galgario, Italian painter (d. 1743)
1651 John Somers, 1st Baron Somers, English lawyer, jurist, and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (d. 1716)
1634 Kazimierz Łyszczyński, Polish philosopher (d. 1689)
1526 Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon (d. 1596)
1519 Hindal Mirza, Mughal emperor (d. 1551)
1502 Elisabeth of Hesse, princess of Saxony (d. 1557)
1492 Francesco de Layolle, Italian organist and composer (d. 1540)
1484 George, margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (d. 1543)
1394 Henry the Navigator, Portuguese explorer (d. 1460)
1188 Blanche of Castile, French queen consort (d. 1252)
977 Al-Musabbihi, Fatimid historian and official (d. 1030)
895 Liu Zhiyuan, founder of the Later Han Dynasty (d. 948)