Famous People Born on July 15, July 15 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on July 15. Famous birthdays for the 15th of July. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on July 15. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 15th of July?
Which celebrities are born in July?
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What famous person has a birthday on July 15?

July 15 Birthdays, Famous People born on July 15th

Year Name
2008 Iain Armitage, American child actor
1998 Noah Gragson, American racing driver
1997 Jil Teichmann, Swiss tennis player
1996 Vivianne Miedema, Dutch football player
1993 Håvard Nielsen, Norwegian footballer
1993 Harrison Rhodes, American racing driver
1992 Tobias Harris, American basketball player
1992 Wayde van Niekerk, South African sprinter
1991 Danilo, Brazilian footballer
1991 Derrick Favors, American basketball player
1991 Evgeny Tishchenko, Russian boxer
1991 Nuria Párrizas Díaz, Spanish tennis player
1990 Zach Bogosian, American ice hockey player
1990 Damian Lillard, American basketball player
1990 Tyler Young, American racing driver
1989 Steven Jahn, German footballer
1989 Alisa Kleybanova, Russian tennis player
1989 Anthony Randolph, American basketball player
1986 Tyler Kennedy, Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Angelo Siniscalchi, Italian footballer
1984 Veronika Velez-Zuzulová, Slovak skier
1983 Salvatore Iovino, American racing driver
1983 Nelson Merlo, Brazilian racing driver
1983 Will Rudge, English cricketer
1983 Heath Slater, American wrestler
1982 Julien Canal, French racing driver
1982 Alan Pérez, Spanish cyclist
1982 Neemia Tialata, New Zealand rugby player
1982 Aída Yéspica, Venezuelan model and actress
1981 Alou Diarra, French footballer
1981 Petros Klampanis, Greek bassist and composer
1981 Marius Stankevičius, Lithuanian footballer
1980 Reggie Abercrombie, American baseball player
1980 Jonathan Cheechoo, Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Julia Perez, Indonesian singer and actress (d. 2017)
1979 Laura Benanti, American actress and singer
1979 Alexander Frei, Swiss footballer
1979 Edda Garðarsdóttir, Icelandic footballer
1979 Renata Kučerová, Czech tennis player
1978 Miguel Olivo, Dominican baseball player
1977 D. J. Kennington, Canadian racing driver
1977 André Nel, South African cricketer
1977 Lana Parrilla, American actress
1977 John St. Clair, American football player
1977 Ray Toro, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1976 Steve Cunningham, American boxer
1976 Marco Di Vaio, Italian footballer
1976 Diane Kruger, German actress and model
1976 Gabriel Iglesias, Mexican-American comedian and voice actor
1975 Cherry, American wrestler and manager
1975 Danny Law, English cricketer
1975 Ben Pepper, Australian basketball player
1973 Brian Austin Green, American actor
1972 Scott Foley, American actor
1970 Tarkan Gözübüyük, Turkish bass player and producer
1969 Ain Tammus, Estonian footballer and coach
1968 Eddie Griffin, American comedian, actor, and producer
1967 Adam Savage, American actor and special effects designer
1967 Elbert West, American singer-songwriter (d. 2015)
1966 Jason Bonham, English singer-songwriter and drummer
1966 Irène Jacob, French-Swiss actress
1965 Alistair Carmichael, Scottish lawyer and politician, Secretary of State for Scotland
1965 Gero Miesenböck, Austrian neuroscientist and educator
1965 David Miliband, English politician, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
1963 Brigitte Nielsen, Danish-Italian actress
1963 Steve Thomas, English-Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1962 Nikos Filippou, Greek basketball player and manager
1962 Michelle Ford, Australian swimmer
1961 Lolita Davidovich, Canadian actress
1961 Jean-Christophe Grangé, French journalist and screenwriter
1961 Forest Whitaker, American actor
1959 Vincent Lindon, French actor, director, and screenwriter
1958 Gary Heale, English footballer and coach
1958 Mac Thornberry, American lawyer and politician
1956 Ashoke Sen, Indian theoretical physicist and string theorist
1956 Ian Curtis, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1980)
1956 Nicholas Harberd, British botanist, educator, and academician
1956 Barry Melrose, Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and sportscaster
1956 Steve Mortimer, Australian rugby league player, coach, and administrator
1956 Joe Satriani, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1956 Wayne Taylor, South African racing driver
1954 John Ferguson, Australian rugby league player
1954 Giorgos Kaminis, American-Greek lawyer and politician, 78th Mayor of Athens
1954 Mario Kempes, Argentinian footballer and manager
1953 Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitian priest and politician, 49th President of Haiti
1953 Sultanah Haminah, Malaysian royal consort
1953 Mohamad Shahrum Osman, Malaysian politician
1953 Alicia Bridges, American singer-songwriter
1952 John Cleland, British racing driver
1952 Celia Imrie, English actress
1952 David Pack, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer
1952 Marky Ramone, American drummer and songwriter
1952 Johnny Thunders, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1991)
1951 Gregory Isaacs, Jamaican-English singer-songwriter (d. 2010)
1951 Jesse Ventura, American wrestler, actor, and politician, 38th Governor of Minnesota
1950 Colin Barnett, Australian economist and politician, 29th Premier of Western Australia
1950 Arianna Huffington, Greek-American journalist and publisher
1949 Carl Bildt, Swedish politician and diplomat, Prime Minister of Sweden
1949 Trevor Horn, English singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer
1949 Richard Russo, American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter
1948 Twinkle, English singer-songwriter (d. 2015)
1948 Dimosthenis Kourtovik, Greek anthropologist and critic
1948 Artimus Pyle, American rock drummer and songwriter
1947 Lydia Davis, American short story writer, novelist, and essayist
1947 Pridiyathorn Devakula, Thai economist and politician, Thai Minister of Finance
1947 Roky Erickson, American singer-songwriter and musician (d. 2019)
1946 Linda Ronstadt, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
1946 Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei
1945 Jan-Michael Vincent, American actor (d. 2019)
1945 David Arthur Granger, Guyanese politician, 9th President of Guyana
1945 Peter Lewis, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1945 Jürgen Möllemann, German soldier and politician, Vice-Chancellor of Germany (d. 2003)
1944 Millie Jackson, American singer-songwriter
1943 Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Northern Irish astrophysicist, astronomer, and academic
1942 Vivian Malone Jones, American civil rights activist (d. 2005)
1940 Chris Cord, American racing driver
1940 Denis Héroux, Canadian director and producer (d. 2015)
1940 Ronald Gene Simmons, American sergeant and convicted murderer (d. 1990)
1940 Robert Winston, English surgeon, academic, and politician
1939 Aníbal Cavaco Silva, Portuguese economist and politician, 19th President of the Portuguese Republic
1938 Bill Alsup, American racing driver (d. 2016)
1938 Ernie Barnes, American football player, actor, and painter (d. 2009)
1938 Carmen Callil, Australian publisher, founded Virago Press
1938 Barry Goldwater, Jr., American lawyer and politician
1937 Prabhash Joshi, Indian journalist (d. 2009)
1936 George Voinovich, American lawyer and politician, 65th Governor of Ohio (d. 2016)
1935 Donn Clendenon, American baseball player and lawyer (d. 2005)
1935 Alex Karras, American football player, wrestler, and actor (d. 2012)
1935 Ken Kercheval, American actor and director (d. 2019)
1934 Harrison Birtwistle, English composer and academic (d. 2022)
1934 Eva Krížiková, Czech actress (d. 2020)
1934 Risto Jarva, Finnish director and producer (d. 1977)
1933 Guido Crepax, Italian author and illustrator (d. 2003)
1933 M. T. Vasudevan Nair, Indian author and screenwriter
1932 Ed Litzenberger, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2010)
1931 Clive Cussler, American archaeologist and author (d. 2020)
1931 Joanna Merlin, American actress and casting director
1931 Jacques-Yvan Morin, Canadian lawyer and politician, Deputy Premier of Quebec
1930 Jacques Derrida, Algerian-French philosopher and academic (d. 2004)
1930 Richard Garneau, Canadian journalist and sportscaster (d. 2013)
1930 Stephen Smale, American mathematician and computer scientist
1930 Einosuke Akiya, Japanese Buddhist leader
1929 Charles Anthony, American tenor and actor (d. 2012)
1929 Francis Bebey, Cameroonian-French guitarist (d. 2001)
1929 Ian Stewart, Scottish racing driver (d. 2017)
1928 Carl Woese, American microbiologist and biophysicist (d. 2012)
1928 Viramachaneni Vimla Devi, Indian parliamentarian (d. 1967)
1927 Nan Martin, American actress (d. 2010)
1927 Carmen Zapata, American actress (d. 2014)
1927 Håkon Brusveen, Norwegian cross-country skier (d. 2021)
1926 Driss Chraïbi, Moroccan-French journalist and author (d. 2007)
1926 Leopoldo Galtieri, Argentinian general and politician, 44th President of Argentina (d. 2003)
1926 Raymond Gosling, English physicist and academic (d. 2015)
1926 Sir John Graham, 4th Baronet, English diplomat (d. 2019)
1925 Philip Carey, American actor (d. 2009)
1925 Taylor Hardwick, American architect, designed Haydon Burns Library and Friendship Fountain Park (d. 2014)
1925 D. A. Pennebaker, American documentary filmmaker (d. 2019)
1925 Evan Hultman, American politician
1925 Antony Carbone, American actor (d. 2020)
1925 Pandel Savic, American football player (d. 2018)
1924 Jeremiah Denton, American admiral and politician (d. 2014)
1924 Marianne Bernadotte, Swedish actress and philanthropist
1923 Francisco de Andrade, Portuguese sailor
1922 Leon M. Lederman, American physicist and mathematician, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2018)
1922 Jean-Pierre Richard, French writer (d. 2019)
1921 Henri Colpi, Swiss-French director and screenwriter (d. 2006)
1921 Robert Bruce Merrifield, American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2006)
1919 Fritz Langanke, German lieutenant (d. 2012)
1919 Iris Murdoch, Anglo-Irish British novelist and philosopher (d. 1999)
1918 Bertram Brockhouse, Canadian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2003)
1918 Brenda Milner, English-Canadian neuropsychologist and academic
1917 Robert Conquest, English-American historian, poet, and academic (d. 2015)
1917 Joan Roberts, American actress and singer (d. 2012)
1917 Nur Muhammad Taraki, Afghan journalist and politician (d. 1979)
1916 Sumner Gerard, American politician and diplomat (d. 2005)
1915 Albert Ghiorso, American chemist and academic (d. 2010)
1915 Kashmir Singh Katoch, Indian army officer (d. 2007)
1914 Birabongse Bhanudej, Thai racing driver and sailor, member of the Thai royal family (d. 1985)
1914 Akhtar Hameed Khan, Pakistani economist, scholar, and activist (d. 1999)
1914 Howard Vernon, Swiss-French actor (d. 1996)
1913 Cowboy Copas, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1963)
1913 Hammond Innes, English journalist and author (d. 1998)
1913 Abraham Sutzkever, Russian poet and author (d. 2010)
1911 Edward Shackleton, Baron Shackleton, English geographer and politician, Secretary of State for Air (d. 1994)
1909 Jean Hamburger, French physician and surgeon (d. 1992)
1906 R. S. Mugali, Indian poet and academic (d. 1993)
1906 Rudolf Uhlenhaut, English-German engineer (d. 1989)
1905 Dorothy Fields, American songwriter (d. 1974)
1905 Anita Farra, Italian actress (d. 2008)
1904 Rudolf Arnheim, German-American psychologist and author (d. 2007)
1903 Walter D. Edmonds, American journalist and author (d. 1998)
1903 K. Kamaraj, Indian journalist and politician (d. 1975)
1902 Jean Rey, Belgian lawyer and politician, 2nd President of the European Commission (d. 1983)
1899 Seán Lemass, Irish soldier and politician, 4th Taoiseach of Ireland (d. 1971)
1894 Tadeusz Sendzimir, Polish-American engineer (d. 1989)
1893 Enid Bennett, Australian-American actress (d. 1969)
1893 Dick Rauch, American football player and coach (d. 1970)
1892 Walter Benjamin, German philosopher and critic (d. 1940)
1887 Wharton Esherick, American sculptor (d. 1970)
1883 Denny Barry Irish Hunger Striker (d. 1923)
1880 Enrique Mosca, Argentinian lawyer and politician (d. 1950)
1871 Doppo Kunikida, Japanese journalist, author, and poet (d. 1908)
1867 Jean-Baptiste Charcot, French physician and explorer (d. 1936)
1865 Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe, Anglo-Irish businessman and publisher, founded the Amalgamated Press (d. 1922)
1865 Wilhelm Wirtinger, Austrian-German mathematician and theorist (d. 1945)
1864 Marie Tempest, English actress and singer (d. 1942)
1858 Emmeline Pankhurst, English political activist and suffragist (d. 1928)
1852 Josef Josephi, Polish-born singer and actor (d. 1920)
1850 Frances Xavier Cabrini, Italian-American nun and saint (d. 1917)
1848 Vilfredo Pareto, Italian economist and sociologist (d. 1923)
1827 W. W. Thayer American lawyer and politician, 6th Governor of Oregon (d. 1899)
1817 Sir John Fowler, 1st Baronet, English engineer, designed the Forth Bridge (d. 1898)
1812 James Hope-Scott, English lawyer and academic (d. 1873)
1808 Henry Edward Manning, English cardinal (d. 1892)
1800 Sidney Breese, American jurist and politician (d. 1878)
1799 Reuben Chapman, American lawyer and politician, 13th Governor of Alabama (d. 1882)
1796 Thomas Bulfinch, American mythologist (d. 1867)
1793 Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps, American educator, author, editor (d. 1884)
1779 Clement Clarke Moore, American author, poet, and educator (d. 1863)
1704 August Gottlieb Spangenberg, German bishop and theologian (d. 1792)
1638 Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1693)
1631 Jens Juel, Danish politician and diplomat, Governor-general of Norway (d. 1700)
1631 Richard Cumberland, English philosopher (d. 1718)
1613 Gu Yanwu, Chinese philologist and geographer (d. 1682)
1611 Jai Singh I, maharaja of Jaipur (d. 1667)
1606 Rembrandt, Dutch painter and etcher (d. 1669)
1600 Jan Cossiers, Flemish painter (d. 1671)
1478 Barbara Jagiellon, duchess consort of Saxony and Margravine consort of Meissen (d. 1534)
1471 Eskender, Ethiopian emperor (d. 1494)
1455 Queen Yun, Korean queen (d. 1482)
1442 Boček IV of Poděbrady, Bohemian nobleman (d. 1496)
1359 Antonio Correr, Italian cardinal (d. 1445)
1353 Vladimir the Bold, Russian prince (d. 1410)
1273 Ewostatewos, Ethiopian monk and saint (d. 1352)
980 Ichijō, Japanese emperor (d. 1011)