Famous People Born on February 29, February 29 Famous Birthdays

Here is a list who born on February 29. Famous birthdays for the 1st of February. See which celebrities, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were born on February 29. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Who was born on the 1st of February?
Which celebrities are born in February?
What celebrity has a birthday on February 29?
What famous person has a birthday on February 29?

February 29 Birthdays, Famous People born on February 1st

Year Name
1996 Nelson Asofa-Solomona, New Zealand rugby league player
1996 Claudia Williams, New Zealand tennis player
1992 Sean Abbott, Australian cricketer
1992 Ben Hampton, Australian rugby league player
1992 Caitlin EJ Meyer, American actress
1988 Lena Gercke, German model and television host
1988 Brent Macaffer, Australian Rules footballer
1988 Bobby Sanguinetti, American ice hockey player
1984 Rica Imai, Japanese model and actress
1984 Cullen Jones, American swimmer
1984 Nuria Martínez, Spanish basketball player
1984 Adam Sinclair, Indian field hockey player
1984 Rakhee Thakrar, English actress
1984 Dennis Walger, German rugby player
1984 Cam Ward, Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Mark Foster (singer), American singer, songwriter and musician
1980 ÿaĿdaſ Atan, Turkish footballer and coach
1980 Chris Conley, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1980 Patrick Côté, Canadian mixed martial artist
1980 Simon Gagné, Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Rubén Plaza, Spanish cyclist
1980 Clinton Toopi, New Zealand rugby league player
1980 Taylor Twellman, American soccer player and sportscaster
1976 Gehad Grisha, Egyptian soccer referee
1976 Terrence Long, American baseball player
1976 Ja Rule, American rapper and actor
1972 Mike Pollitt, English footballer and coach
1972 Sylvie Lubamba, Italian showgirl
1972 Antonio Sabàto, Jr., Italian-American model and actor
1972 Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain
1972 Dave Williams, American singer (d. 2002)
1972 Saul Williams, American singer-songwriter
1972 Pedro Zamora, Cuban-American activist and educator (d. 1994)
1968 Chucky Brown, American basketball player and coach
1968 Pete Fenson, American curler and sportscaster
1968 Naoko Iijima, Japanese actress and model
1968 Bryce Paup, American football player and coach
1968 Howard Tayler, American author and illustrator
1968 Eugene Volokh, Ukrainian-American lawyer and educator
1968 Frank Woodley, Australian actor, producer, and screenwriter
1964 Dave Brailsford, English cyclist and coach
1964 Lyndon Byers, Canadian ice hockey player and radio host
1964 Mervyn Warren, American tenor, composer, and producer
1960 Lucian Grainge, English businessman
1960 Khaled, Algerian singer-songwriter
1960 Richard Ramirez, American serial killer (d. 2013)
1956 Jonathan Coleman, English-Australian radio and television host
1956 Bob Speller, Canadian businessman and politician, 30th Canadian Minister of Agriculture
1956 Aileen Wuornos, American serial killer (d. 2002)
1952 Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush, American journalist and producer
1952 Tim Powers, American author and educator
1952 Raisa Smetanina, Russian cross-country skier
1952 Bart Stupak, American police officer and politician
1948 Hermione Lee, English author, critic, and academic
1948 Patricia A. McKillip, American author
1948 Henry Small, American-born Canadian singer
1944 Ene Ergma, Estonian physicist and politician
1944 Dennis Farina, American police officer and actor (d. 2013)
1944 Nicholas Frayling, English priest and academic
1944 Phyllis Frelich, American actress (d. 2014)
1944 Steve Mingori, American baseball player (d. 2008)
1944 Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Italian author and illustrator
1940 Bartholomew I of Constantinople
1940 William H. Turner, Jr. American horse trainer
1936 Jack R. Lousma, American colonel, astronaut, and politician
1936 Henri Richard, Canadian ice hockey player
1936 Alex Rocco, American actor (d. 2015)
1932 Gene H. Golub, American mathematician and academic (d. 2007)
1932 Masten Gregory, American race car driver (d. 1985)
1932 Reri Grist, American soprano and actress
1932 Jaguar, Brazilian cartoonist
1932 Gavin Stevens, Australian cricketer
1928 Joss Ackland, English actor
1928 Vance Haynes, American archaeologist, geologist, and author
1928 Seymour Papert, South African mathematician and computer scientist, co-created the Logo programming language (d. 2016)
1924 David Beattie, New Zealand judge and politician, 14th Governor-General of New Zealand (d. 2001)
1924 Carlos Humberto Romero, Salvadoran politician, President of El Salvador (d. 2017)
1924 Al Rosen, American baseball player and manager (d. 2015)
1920 Fyodor Abramov, Russian author and critic (d. 1983)
1920 Arthur Franz, American actor (d. 2006)
1920 James Mitchell, American actor and dancer (d. 2010)
1920 Michèle Morgan, French-American actress and singer (d. 2016)
1920 Howard Nemerov, American poet and academic (d. 1991)
1920 Rolland W. Redlin, American lawyer and politician (d. 2011)
1916 Dinah Shore, American singer and actress (d. 1994)
1916 James B. Donovan, American lawyer (d. 1970)
1916 Leonard Shoen, founder of U-Haul Corp. (d. 1999)
1908 Balthus, French-Swiss painter and illustrator (d. 2001)
1908 Dee Brown, American historian and author (d. 2002)
1908 Alf Gover, English cricketer and coach (d. 2001)
1908 Louie Myfanwy Thomas, Welsh writer (d. 1968)
1904 Jimmy Dorsey, American saxophonist, composer, and bandleader (d. 1957)
1904 Pepper Martin, American baseball player and manager (d. 1965)
1896 Morarji Desai, Indian civil servant and politician, 4th Prime Minister of India (d. 1995)
1896 William A. Wellman, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1975)
1892 Augusta Savage, American sculptor (d. 1962)
1884 Richard S. Aldrich, American lawyer and politician (d. 1941)
1860 Herman Hollerith, American statistician and businessman, co-founded the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (d. 1929)
1852 Frank Gavan Duffy, Irish-Australian lawyer and judge, 4th Chief Justice of Australia (d. 1936)
1836 Dickey Pearce, American baseball player and manager (d. 1908)
1828 Emmeline B. Wells, American journalist, poet, and activist (d. 1921)
1812 James Milne Wilson, Scottish-Australian soldier and politician, 8th Premier of Tasmania (d. 29 February 1880)
1792 Gioachino Rossini, Italian pianist and composer (d. 1868)
1736 Ann Lee, English-American religious leader, founded the Shakers (d. 1784)
1724 Eva Marie Veigel, Austrian-English dancer (d. 1822)
1692 John Byrom, English poet and educator (d. 1763)
1640 Benjamin Keach, Particular Baptist preacher and author whose name was given to Keach's Catechism (d. 1704)
1576 Antonio Neri, Florentine priest and glassmaker (d. 1614)
1572 Edward Cecil, 1st Viscount Wimbledon (d. 1638)
1528 Albert V, Duke of Bavaria (d. 1579)
1528 Domingo Báñez, Spanish theologian (d. 1604)
1468 Pope Paul III (d. 1549)