Famous Deaths on January 5, Who Died on January 5

Here is a list who died on January 5. Famous deaths for the 5th of January. See which celebrities, musicians, actors, historical figures, scientists and other famous people were died on January 5. Also you can find some answers for the following questions;
Famous people who died in January 5th?
Who died on the 5th January?
Who died on January 5?

Date Name
1066 Edward the Confessor, English king (b. 1004)
1173 Bolesław IV the Curly, High Duke of Poland (b. 1120)
1382 Philippa Plantagenet, Countess of Ulster (b. 1355)
1400 John Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, English politician (b. 1350)
1430 Philippa of England, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (b. 1394)
1477 Charles, Duke of Burgundy (b. 1433)
1524 Marko Marulić, Croatian poet (b. 1450)
1527 Felix Manz, Swiss martyr (b. 1498)
1578 Giulio Clovio, Dalmatian painter (b. 1498)
1580 Anna Sibylle of Hanau-Lichtenberg, German noblewoman (b. 1542)
1713 Jean Chardin, French explorer and author (b. 1643)
1740 Antonio Lotti, Italian composer and educator (b. 1667)
1762 Empress Elizabeth of Russia (b. 1709)
1771 John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford, English politician, Secretary of State for the Southern Department (b. 1710)
1796 Samuel Huntington, American jurist and politician, 18th Governor of Connecticut (b. 1731)
1823 George Johnston, Scottish-Australian colonel and politician, Lieutenant Governor of New South Wales (b. 1764)
1845 Robert Smirke, English painter and illustrator (b. 1753)
1846 Alfred Thomas Agate, American painter and illustrator (b. 1812)
1858 Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, Austrian field marshal (b. 1766)
1860 John Neumann, Czech-American bishop and saint (b. 1811)
1883 Charles Tompson, Australian poet and public servant (b. 1806)
1885 Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, Norwegian author and scholar (b. 1812)
1888 Henri Herz, Austrian pianist and composer (b. 1803)
1899 Ezra Otis Kendall, American professor, astronomer and mathematician (b. 1818)
1904 Karl Alfred von Zittel, German paleontologist and geologist (b. 1839)
1910 Léon Walras, French-Swiss economist and academic (b. 1834)
1917 Isobel Lilian Gloag, English painter (b. 1865)
1922 Ernest Shackleton, Anglo-Irish sailor and explorer (b. 1874)
1933 Calvin Coolidge, American lawyer and politician, 30th President of the United States (b. 1872)
1942 Tina Modotti, Italian photographer, model, actress, and activist (b. 1896)
1943 George Washington Carver, American botanist, educator, and inventor (b. 1864)
1951 Soh Jaipil, South Korean-American journalist and activist (b. 1864)
1952 Victor Hope, 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow, Scottish colonel and politician, 46th Governor-General of India (b. 1887)
1954 Rabbit Maranville, American baseball player and manager (b. 1891)
1956 Mistinguett, French actress and singer (b. 1875)
1963 Rogers Hornsby, American baseball player, coach, and manager (b. 1896)
1970 Max Born, German physicist and mathematician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1882)
1971 Douglas Shearer, Canadian-American sound designer and engineer (b. 1899)
1974 Lev Oborin, Russian pianist and educator (b. 1907)
1976 John A. Costello, Irish lawyer and politician, 3rd Taoiseach of Ireland (b. 1891)
1978 Wyatt Emory Cooper, American author and screenwriter (b. 1927)
1979 Billy Bletcher, American actor, singer, and screenwriter (b. 1894)
1981 Harold Urey, American chemist and astronomer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1893)
1982 Hans Conried, American actor (b. 1917)
1985 Robert L. Surtees, American cinematographer (b. 1906)
1987 Margaret Laurence, Canadian author and academic (b. 1926)
1990 Arthur Kennedy, American actor (b. 1914)
1991 Vasko Popa, Serbian poet and academic (b. 1922)
1997 André Franquin, Belgian author and illustrator (b. 1924)
1998 Sonny Bono, American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and politician (b. 1935)
2000 Kumar Ponnambalam, Sri Lankan Tamil lawyer and politician (b. 1938)
2003 Roy Jenkins, Welsh politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer (b. 1920)
2004 Norman Heatley, English biologist and chemist, co-developed penicillin (b. 1911)
2006 Merlyn Rees, Welsh educator and politician, Home Secretary (b. 1920)
2007 Momofuku Ando, Taiwanese-Japanese businessman, founded Nissin Foods (b. 1910)
2009 Griffin Bell, American lawyer and politician, 72nd United States Attorney General (b. 1918)
2010 Willie Mitchell, American singer-songwriter, trumpet player, and producer (b. 1928)
2012 Isaac Díaz Pardo, Spanish painter and sculptor (b. 1920)
2013 Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Pakistani scholar and politician (b. 1938)
2014 Eusébio, Mozambican-Portuguese footballer and manager (b. 1942)
2015 Jean-Pierre Beltoise, French racing driver and motorcycle racer (b. 1937)
2016 Pierre Boulez, French pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1925)
2017 Jill Saward, English rape victim and activist (b. 1965)
2018 Asghar Khan, Pakistani three star general and politician (b. 1921)
2019 Dragoslav Šekularac, Serbian footballer and manager (b. 1937)
2020 Tafazzul Haque Habiganji, Bangladeshi Islamic scholar and politician (b. 1938)
2021 Colin Bell, English footballer (b. 1946)
2022 Kim Mi-soo, South Korean actress and model (b. 1992)
941 Zhang Yanhan, Chinese chancellor (b. 884)