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This age calculator calculates age for a date of birth on any given date in years, months and days. Calculate age in months and calculate age in days. To calculate exact age from date of birth by using this calculator, we will follow the next steps: Select the month of birth; Select the date of born; Select the birth year;

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Age Calculation?

Age calculator is online tool to calculate age from date of birth to current date. This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age grows at the birthday. For example, the age of a person that has lived for 17 years and 11 months is 17 and the age will turn to 18 at his/her next birthday one month later. Most western countries use this age system. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Age calculator will give the age based on the date of birth and the current date. It also finds how old are we in years, or months, or days, or minutes, or seconds and it points out the number of days till next birthday.

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What Happened on This Day in History?
Famous People Born on November 27

Here is a random list who born on November 27. For full list please click on the link above.

Year Name
1859 William Bliss Baker, American painter (d. 1886)
1973 Twista, American rapper and producer
1976 Jean Grae, South African-American rapper and producer
1969 Ruth George, English politician
1980 Michael Yardy, English cricketer
1894 Konosuke Matsushita, Japanese businessman, founded Panasonic (d. 1989)
1942 Jimi Hendrix, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 1970)
1939 Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Congolese politician, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (d. 2001)
1941 Aimé Jacquet, French footballer, coach, and manager
1981 Matthew Taylor, English footballer
Famous People Deaths on November 27

Here is a list of some famous peope who died on November 27. For full list please click on the link above.

Date Name
1931 Lya De Putti, Slovak-American actress (b. 1899)
1958 Georgi Damyanov, Bulgarian politician, Head of State of Bulgaria (b. 1892)
2000 Uno Prii, Estonian-Canadian architect (b. 1924)
1981 Lotte Lenya, Austrian singer and actress (b. 1898)
1474 Guillaume Dufay, Flemish composer and educator (b. 1397)
1875 Richard Christopher Carrington, English astronomer and educator (b. 1826)
1592 Nakagawa Hidemasa, Japanese commander (b. 1568)
2014 P. D. James, English author (b. 1920)
2012 Jack Wishna, American photographer and businessman, co-founded Rockcityclub (b. 1958)
1346 Saint Gregory of Sinai (b. c. 1260)
Historical Events on November 27

Here is a list of some events happened on November 27. For full list please click on the link above.

Date Event
1944 World War II: RAF Fauld explosion: An explosion at a Royal Air Force ammunition dump in Staffordshire kills seventy people.
1978 The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is founded in the city of Riha (Urfa) in Turkey.
1863 American Civil War: Battle of Mine Run: Union forces under General George Meade take up positions against troops led by Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
1973 Twenty-fifth Amendment: The United States Senate votes 92-3 to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States. (On December 6, the House will confirm him 387-35).
1940 World War II: At the Battle of Cape Spartivento, the Royal Navy engages the Regia Marina in the Mediterranean Sea.
1703 The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703.
1830 Saint Catherine Labouré experiences a Marian apparition.
1992 For the second time in a year, military forces try to overthrow president Carlos Andrés Pérez in Venezuela.
1983 Avianca Flight 011: A Boeing 747 crashes near Madrid's Barajas Airport, killing 181.
395 Rufinus, praetorian prefect of the East, is murdered by Gothic mercenaries under Gainas.