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This age calculator calculates age for a date of birth on any given date in years, months and days. Calculate age in months and calculate age in days. To calculate exact age from date of birth by using this calculator, we will follow the next steps: Select the month of birth; Select the date of born; Select the birth year;

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Age Calculation?

Age calculator is online tool to calculate age from date of birth to current date. This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age grows at the birthday. For example, the age of a person that has lived for 17 years and 11 months is 17 and the age will turn to 18 at his/her next birthday one month later. Most western countries use this age system. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Age calculator will give the age based on the date of birth and the current date. It also finds how old are we in years, or months, or days, or minutes, or seconds and it points out the number of days till next birthday.

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What Happened on This Day in History?
Famous People Born on December 3

Here is a random list who born on December 3. For full list please click on the link above.

Year Name
1939 John Paul, Sr., Dutch-American race car driver
1953 Franz Klammer, Austrian skier and race car driver
1948 Maxwell Hutchinson, English architect and television host
1857 Mathilde Kralik, Austrian pianist and composer (d. 1944)
1951 Ray Candy, American wrestler and trainer (d. 1994)
1992 Cristian Ceballos, Spanish footballer
1940 Jeffrey R. Holland, American academic and religious leader
1943 Joseph Franklin Ada, Guamanian lawyer and politician, 5th Governor of Guam
1973 Holly Marie Combs, American actress and producer
1973 Charl Willoughby, South African cricketer
Famous People Deaths on December 3

Here is a list of some famous peope who died on December 3. For full list please click on the link above.

Date Name
1956 Alexander Rodchenko, Russian sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer (b. 1891)
2014 Ian McLagan, English-American singer-songwriter and keyboard player (b. 1945)
1999 Madeline Kahn, American actress, comedian, and singer (b. 1942)
311 Diocletian, Roman emperor (b. 244)
2014 Nathaniel Branden, Canadian-American psychotherapist and author (b. 1930)
1882 Archibald Tait, Scottish-English archbishop (b. 1811)
1910 Mary Baker Eddy, American religious leader and author, founded Christian Science (b. 1821)
1904 David Bratton, American water polo player (b. 1869)
2013 Paul Aussaresses, French general (b. 1918)
2015 Scott Weiland, American singer-songwriter (b. 1967)
Historical Events on December 3

Here is a list of some events happened on December 3. For full list please click on the link above.

Date Event
1898 The Duquesne Country and Athletic Club defeated an all-star collection of early football players 16-0, in what is considered to be the very first all-star game for professional American football.
1901 In a State of the Union message, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt delivers a 20,000-word speech to the House of Representatives asking Congress to curb the power of trusts "within reasonable limits".
1927 Putting Pants on Philip, the first Laurel and Hardy film, is released.
1997 In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, representatives from 121 countries sign the Ottawa Treaty prohibiting manufacture and deployment of anti-personnel landmines. The United States, People's Republic of China, and Russia do not sign the treaty, however.
1994 Taiwan held the first full local elections; James Soong elected as the first and only direct elected Governor of Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian became the first direct elected Mayor of Taipei, Wu Den-yih became the first directed Mayor of Kaohsiung.
915 Pope John X crowned Berengar I of Italy as Holy Roman Emperor.
1982 A soil sample is taken from Times Beach, Missouri, that will be found to contain 300 times the safe level of dioxin.
1979 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini becomes the first Supreme Leader of Iran.
1904 The Jovian moon Himalia is discovered by Charles Dillon Perrine at California's Lick Observatory.
1992 A test engineer for Sema Group uses a personal computer to send the world's first text message via the Vodafone network to the phone of a colleague.